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April 5, 2017

We Congratulate All
Certificate of Excellence Winners!
Dear CWA Members:
Start booking your travel plans NOW to attend the CWA/BlogPaws Conference in Myrtle Beach on May 17-20. Think of this as the feline version of the Academy Awards -- it is your time to shine in the spotlight!

For complete info on registering for the Conference, including info on making your hotel reservations, go to the CWA web site and click on the "2017 Conference" tab.
To earn a Certificate of Excellence, an individual needed to average 90 points or higher, based on the scoring from three judges. The field was quite competitive and there were many stellar submissions!
At the Awards Banquet, the Muse medallion winners in each category will be announced (selected from the finalists: the Certificate of Excellence winners), as well as the winners of the Special Awards provided by our wonderful sponsors. So, yes, even if you did not earn a Certificate of Excellence or win a Muse medallion, you could still win a Special Award (and a few of you did) that comes with a monetary award,
And... here are the certificate winners per category:
2016 Certificate of Excellence Winners
I.1 Magazine – National Circulation
Cat Talk, editor Teresa Keiger
I.2 Magazine Article – Health and General Care
Dusty Rainbolt, Litter Box Basics
Denise Fleck, Torn Nails, Limping and High-Rise Syndrome
Denise Fleck, Water: A Cat’s Best Friend
I.3 Magazine Article –Behavior and Training
Sally Mullen, Training An Aggressive Kitten
Phillip Mlynar, Ooh, It’s a Box!
Susan Logan-McCracken, Kitty Quirks
I.4 Magazine Article – Rescue/Advocacy
Phillip Mlynar, Adventures in Giving Back
I.5 Magazine Article – Any Other Topic
Deborah Barnes, Kitten Introduction
Ramona Marek, One Health and The Human-Animal Bond
Ramona Marek, The Human-Animal Bond: A Biological Imperative
Shery Clark, Holidays and Heartbreak
I.6 Magazine Column
Mollie Shutt, Su-PURR-Stions
Anthony Nichols, Showtime
JaneA Kelley, Keep It Clean
II.4 Newspaper Article – Any Other Topic
Jen Reeder, Back in Black
II.5 Newspaper Column
Deborah Camp, The Best of the Pet World
Amy Shojai, PETiQuette
III.2 Newsletter – National Circulation
Alley Cat Mews, editor Louise Holton
III. 4 Newsletter Article – Health and General Care
Ramona Marek, Cancer Treatments for Cats
Ramona Marek, Hospice Care for Our Pets
Kim Thornton, When Compounding IS Right for Your Cat
Kim Thornton, Fewer Heartworm Cases, More Severe Signs
III.5 Newsletter Article – Behavior and Training
Kim Thornton, They Climb Curtains, Scratch the Sofa
III.8 Newsletter Column
Lyn T. Garson, Technically Speaking
IV.2 Poem
Susan Willett, Haiku by Cat: Attraction
Susan Willett, Haiku by Cat: Yoga
IV.3 Humor
Heather Marcoux, 5 Father’s Day Gifts from My Unemployed, Moneyless Cats
Jeremy Greenberg, Sorry I Slept on Your Face
IV.4 Brochure, Pamphlet or Short Publication
Amy Shojai, My Cat Hates My Vet!
Matt Carl of Alley Cat Mews, Saving Cats’ Lives Through Trap-Neuter-Return
IV.5 Annual or Long Publication
Dusty Rainbolt, The Healthy Cat 2017 Calendar
IV.6 Opinion Piece, Essay or Editorial
Amy Shojai, Eight Common Aging Cat Conditions and What to Do
Deborah Barnes, Break Out of Your Blogging Niche to Make Strides in Cat Welfare
IV.7 PR/Humane Education/Press Kits
Bernadette Kazmarski, Making Life Better for Every Day of the Year
V.1 Books – Fiction
Clea Simon, The Ninth Life
Shirley Rousseau Murphy, Cat Shout for Joy
Stephen Chensue, The Nine Lives of Ichiban
Carole Nelson Douglas, Cat In An Alphabet Endgame
V.3 Books – Health and General Care
Ramona Marek, Cats for the Genius
V.4 Books – Behavior and Training
Dusty Rainbolt, Cat Scene Investigator
V.5 Books – Gift
Tamar Arslanian, Shop Cats of New York
V.7 Books – Other
Lonnie Hull DuPont, Kit Kat & Lucy
Deborah Barnes, Makin’ Biscuits
Laurren Darr, CatDala Coloring Book
VI.1 Video, CD, DVD or Television Production
Matt Carl, TNR Video                                 
Susan Willett, Elsa Clair’s Gold-Medal Purr-formance
VI.2 Broadcast – Audio
Denise Fleck, Pet Safety Crusader Radio
VII.2 Online Article – Health and General Care
JaneA Kelley, When a Horse is Really a Zebra
Kim Thornton, Lethal Lillies                                                  
Kim Thornton, Survival Guide to Traveling Cross-Country with Cats
Kim Thornton, Travels with Felix
Kim Thornton, Fat Cats
Kim Thornton, Feline Mammary Cancer
Jen Reeder, Kidney Transplants for Cats
Lisa Richman, Kidney Transplants for Cats? Yes!
Dawn White, Stressed by the Vet?
Julie McAlee, Anal Glands and Happy Cats
Jacqueline Munera, Behavior Consulting and Declawed Cats
Susan Willett, My Cat Suddenly Started Drooling
VII.3 Online Article – Behavior and Training
Janiss Garza, Cat Tricks
Janiss Garza, A Step-by-Step Guide for Harness and Leash Training for Your Cat
Janiss Garza, 10 Tips to Trounce Kitty Troublemaking
VII.4 Online Article – Rescue/Advocacy
Jen Reeder, Oskar the Blind Cat Rallies for Special-Needs Pets
Dawn White: Tabby’s Place
Jonathon Scott Payne, To Sterling with Love
Susan Willett, A #ClearTheShelters Cat Adoption Story
VII.5 Online Article – Any Other Topic
Deborah Barnes, Living in Comfort with Cats
Janiss Garza, Driving Miss Kitty
Janiss Garza, Five of the Biggest Cat Show Misconceptions
Heather Marcoux, Senior Rescued Cat Saved Her Diabetic Human
JaneA Kelley, Give Me the Old, Creaky Cats
Tracy Ahrens, Whiskers Stir Up Senses, Luck and Memories
Bernadette Kazmarski, Buddy Gets A Miracle
VII.6 Online Column
Phillip Mlynar, Monday Miracles
Phillip Mlynar, Social Cat of the Week
Kim Thornton, Pet Connections
VIII.1 Blog – Health and General Care
Mollie Hunt, Life Stages
Marc-Andre Runcie-Unger, Katzenworld Blog
BJ Bangs, Paws for Reflection
VIII.2 Blog – Behavior and Training
Amy Shojai, The Paw Print Blog
Amy Shojai, Amy Shojai’s Bling, Bitches and Blood Blog
VIII.2 Blog – Entertainment
Lisa Richman, A Tonk’s Tail
Bernadette Kazmarski, The Creative Cat
VIII.5 Blog – Any Other Topic
JaneA Kelley, Paws and Effect
IX.3 Color Photograph – Single
Andrew Mattila, Catster Cover Photo
Susan Willett, Double Trouble: Cat Reflection
Janiss Garza, Vancouver Portrait
Weems Hutto, Cat Scene Investigator
IX.5 Photographic Art
 Teresa Keiger, Cat Talk October Cover
IX.6 Cartoon
Stephanie Piro, Cat Woman
Stephanie Piro, Great Outdoors
IX.7 Illustration – Single
Stephanie Piro, Makin’ Biscuits Cover
IX.8 Illustrations – Series
Stephanie Piro, Cat Scene Investigator
Bernadette Kazmarski, Klepto Cat Mysteries

Paws up!
Arden Moore
CWA Contest Chair
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