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March 20, 2016

Hi, CWA colleagues!

Please join me in welcoming our new members who have joined CWA in the past month or so.

Sally Deneen – P809-16
720 N. 42 St.
Seattle WA  98103
206-547-9975 (home, business)
Sally Deneen, who was a CWA member in the past and is now rejoining us, is a journalist and freelance writer specializing in various feline health topics. She’s a Contributing Writer to CatWatch and VIN News Service.( She formerly wrote for Catnip and Cat Fancy. She’s the winner of the 2008 MUSE Medallion for “Find your Feline Match” (Catnip) and the 2008 Purina Cat Chow Nutrition Award for “Serving Safe Food for Cats” (Catnip). Her sponsor is Arden Moore.
Andee Bingham – P810-16
105-4 Bear Creek Lane
Asheville NC  28806
Andee Bingham is a writer and blogger specializing in cat behavior and rescue stories. Her sponsor is Wendy Christensen.
Pamela Hodges (aka ”Pooh Hodges”) – P811-16
505 Brook Run Terrace
Gilbertsville PA  19525
831-326-7377 (home, business)
Pamela Hodges is a writer and artist. She’s also the Typist for her cat on their blog. She’s the author and illustrator of the cat coloring book, “Color the Cats.” Writing as her cat, she had a regular column on “The Write Practice.” Her sponsor is Amy Shojai.
Claire Stares – P812-16
16 The Mallards
Langstone, Havant, Hampshire,
Twitter: @ClaireStares
Claire Stares is a freelance journalist, researcher and creative nonfiction writer. Her interests include rescue and feral cats, TNR, cat behavior and psychology, cat training, cat health and welfare, anthrozoology and the cat-human bond, wildcat conservation, cat advocacy and the history and mythology of cats. Claire holds an MA in Creative Writing, a BA (honors) in English and a Certificate in Biodiversity, Wildlife and Ecosystem Health. She also holds an International Cat Care Diploma in Feline Health and Welfare for both “Cat Rescue” and “Cat Boarding.” She has studied training with the Karen Pryor Academy for Animal Training and Behavior/Ken Ramirez, and feline behavior with Applied Pet Ethology. She has worked as a veterinary nurse for the past four years.She writes for a number of newspapers, magazines and veterinary journals in the UK and Ireland. She’s also contributed to book and multimedia projects, and provided copy for charities, including the Scottish Wildcat Association. She’s  an active cat shelter/TNR volunteer. Claire’s sponsor is BJ Bangs.
Jaimi Wolotsky – A813-16
28531 Breckenridge Drive
Laguna Niguel CA  92677
949-295-8185 (home), 949-209-0111 (business)
Jaimi Wolotsky’s specialty is “teaching life lessons that I have learned from both my ‘rescued’ animals and my own personal struggles by being optimistic and forgiving.” She’s affiliated with Open Door Publishing. Her sponsor is Patricia Fry.
Margaret M. Desjardins – P814-16
527 Madison Ct.
Sarasota FL  34236
Margaret M. Desjardins is a writer who specializes in children’s literature (Pre-K – 8). She’s the author of the “Rainbow Kitties” series of 7 chapter books. Her sponsor is Wendy Christensen, 
Mollie Hunt – P815-16
1022 SE 45th Ave.
Portland OR  97215
Facebook author page:
Mollie Hunt is a fiction writer and blogger. She’s the author of the Crazy Cat Lady Mystery series of books, and cat blogs including the “Kitty How-To Instruction Manual” and “Lux the 911 Cat,” a 34-part series. Her mystery book titles include “Cat’s Eyes” and “Copy Cats.” Her sponsor is Wendy Christensen.

Welcome, all!

Purrrrrs... wac

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