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April 1, 2015

Hi, CWA members!
Breaking news from Amy Shojai, CWA’s Events Chair:
Some time ago CWA member Dr. Jane Brunt expressed interest in having the CWA partner with a veterinary event. She and CWA member Lea-Ann Germinder suggested the Central Veterinary Conference that they both attend, and put Amy in touch with the principles for discussion. This morning, April 1, 2015, Amy attended a conference call discussing the possibility of a "CWA mini event" at the Central Veterinary Conference/Kansas City August 28-30. 
CWA members Dr. Jane Brunt and Lea-Ann Germinder were also on the call, along with CVC Exec Dir. Peggy Shandy and Brenda Anderson, PR for CVC.
1. CVC: Many veterinarians remain concerned about misinformation going to pet owners, and how to create "informed voices." They liked the idea of CWA members attending sessions to gain credentialed info to pass on to their pet owner reader/audience.
2. CWA: Agree with #1, because CWA conferences historically focus more writing/publishing craft than veterinary or other content. CWA members' writing/publishing expertise would benefit vets and vet techs seeking 1) writing/publishing help for themselves 2) partnering with credentialed writers (to write for their websites/blogs/etc). Rather than CVC simply giving CWA access to vet speakers (wonderful!), CWA could also offer a (panel?) beneficial to vet techs/veterinarians which could also gain CWA some potential new members. CVC loved this idea and believed a solid number of attending vets and techs would indeed be interested.
3. CVC Registration Cost $299 (yikes!) for "non practice based individual." This covers 4 days, CD of proceedings, breakfast and lunch each day and full access to trade show floor. Hotel fees/travel for members would add cost. Press Credentials: apparently they offer very few--and when they do, "press" does not have full access which is what they want to offer CWA. 
4. CWA suggestion: Fees much too high, so only interested if substantial reduction. If they can't greatly discount or offer "special" press privileges, offer CWA a 1-2 day pass (instead of 4-day) at significant discount, in exchange for CWA providing the panel. Note: If the proposed panel happens, the topic/participants will be chosen by CWA Events Chair, assisted by Lea-Ann Germinder, since she is very familiar with CVC principles involved, based on member availability/expertise.
5. CWA NOTE: Since this is a "mini event" we don't expect ALL members to be interested/able to attend. This discussion simply offers a potential value-added option, particularly for those in the Kansas City region. 
6. SPONSORS: Lea-Ann says this would be an opportunity to set up meetings with potential CWA Conference Sponsors.
CVC will speak further with veterinarians/staff planning the event to 1) ensure CWA members would be welcome to attend all speaker events; 2) how to manage this; 3) they'll look into discounting the regular $299 fee. Their website says "early registration" ends the end of May, so that probably will figure in.
Another conference call will be scheduled in the next couple of weeks, to share what each party has found.
OK, CWA Members, what do YOU think? The biggest question for the next conference call: Is there enough member interest to pursue this exciting opportunity?
Send your comments and/or questions directly to Amy Shojai ( or to any other Council member. See for contact information for all CWA Council members
We’ll summarize member comments and questions for distribution on the ProList, and via future DigitalMEOW dispatches.
Amy Shojai
CWA Events Chair

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