The first physician-led PPS in NY State and in the country.

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June 2015                                                                             Vol. 1, No. 1


Ramon Tallaj, M.D.
Chairman of the Board


Caring for the neediest is the highest calling.  We have been blessed to attract the company of so many physicians with the highest commitment to care for the neediest in our communities. This journey which has culminated in the creation of ACP in response to DSRIP began with the creation of Health Homes and ACOs in response to the changes taking place in health care for Medicaid recipients. I welcome the opportunity as the Chairperson of ACP to continue this work, to involve and support our most committed physicians, health institutions and community partners in the creation of an Integrated Delivery System for the most vulnerable in our communities.

Henry Chen, M.D.



It is an honor and privilege to have the opportunity to serve as the President of Advocate Community Providers, Inc., one of the largest and physician-led PPS’s in New York State.

We are excited to implement new DSRIP projects in areas that are most critical to our patients, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, asthma and smoking to name a few, that will enhance how we provide care to our Medicaid patients and improve the overall care of the patients we serve. We look forward to working with each and everyone of your organizations to achieve our DSRIP goals and metrics. I thank you in advance for everything you, your team and organization will do to enable ACP to be successful. 


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"My Community, My Health"

 Lidia Virgil

Director of Programs
and Care Management

Physician engagement is underway and doing well.

  • We have disseminated the evidence based protocols, protocol summaries and cheat sheets to all physicians that attended our physician engagement meetings.
  • Training and "how to" manuals have been created and disseminated for current staff retraining. This is part of the project implementation which also meets our Workforce requirements on current staff retraining. An attestation statement is attached to every manual that is signed by staff members upon completion of the retraining. ACP retains the signed attestation as proof/documentation for Workforce reporting as well as Physician Engagement and implementation progress.
  • Our staff has started to visit the individual physician practices to help and support with the implementation and the processes.
  • Reporting metrics have been developed in order to monitor progress and to serve as the foundation for reporting to the state. This will also serve as progress in Performance reporting progress.
  • PAC has been once again solidified, recently having a very successful meeting.
  • Care Teams have been established based on county.
  • 10 Clinical Quality Committees have been put together in compliance with NYS DSRIP requirements. Members have already been assigned and more are to be added. Make up of Clinical Quality committees is: two members from PAC, two physician leads, two Care Team members, CBO and Project manager.
  • FTP site set up for IMPACT, 3.a.i implementation, buy in obtained with three psychiatrists for the project. NYC DOH has provided ACP with full support and guidance.
  • Hospital collaborations are already in place. Medysis is taking the lead with project 2.b.iii, ED Triage. Project 2.b.iv Care Transitions is also currently in implementation, using MCO feeds and Medysis feed. Protocols are already in place. 
  • Meetings have been scheduled with several hospitals in the ACP catchment area regarding PPS to PPS collaborations for better, more efficient patient care.
ACP LAUNCHING at Terrace on the Park.
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John Dionisio

Director of IT/Informatics


ACP is working hard to ensure that our IT infras-tructure can manage all of the demands of DSRIP. The idea of integration is not a new concept within health-care, but it isn’t as wide-spread as we would like it to be. Many providers continue to operate in silos but with the help of the program, ACP hopes to bridge these silos together. Just as important, we will incor-porate data and analytics into operations and provide the tools needed to manage the day-to-day activities in order to achieve the goals of the triple aim. The triple aim looks to reduce costs, im-prove outcomes and have better patient experience – ACP hopes to do exactly this.


Capital Restructuring Finance Program Update

Advocate Community Provider (ACP) submitted a total of grant applications for the Capital Restructuring Finance Program.

The CRFP will be Awarding $1.2 billion over seven years will support capital projects that help strengthen and promote access to essential health services including projects that will improve infrastructure, promote integrated health systems and support the develop-ment of additional primary care capacity.
Attribution Process and Valuation Results Update
The NYS DOH has comp-leted the attribution process and will release the maxi-mum valuation results for each Performing Provider System (PPS) participating in the DSRIP Program through an upcoming press release.
Making the move to value-based payments
Dr. Josephine Wu, ACP's Director of Operation for the Downtown Division, was a panelist at the May 5th Crain's Health Care Summit where the discussion fo-cused on the challenges that physicians are facing in the shift from fee-for-service to value-based payments.
ACP, Downtown Update:
We will hold a Physician Engagement Meeting for the Downtown Division on Wednesday. June 10th at 7pm at the Water Club Restaurant, The East River at 30th Street, New York, NY 10016. Please click here to download the flyer.
Balance ACO

Balance Medical IPA

Breukelen Community Physicians IPA

Chinese Community Accountable Care Organization (CCACO)

Corinthian Medical IPA

Eastern Chinese American Physicians IPA (ECAP IPA)

Excelsior IPA

MediSys Health Network Center

North Shore-LIJ Health System 

Queens County Independent Practice Association (QCIPA)


Moisés Pérez-Martínez
Director of Workforce, Community and Government Relations


The Division of Workforce, Community & Government Relations is working on several closely related goals:  To insure the integrity of the workforce in the midst of transformative changes to the health system; to prepare the workforce for maximum performance under a value based system of care and payment; to insure that our communities at large become full participants in the change process taking place in health care; and to educate and inform our appointed and elected officials about ACP and the needs and concerns of our physicians, health providers and community at large.

This summer ACP will be launching an Outreach and Education campaign to introduce ACP to residents of numerous communities considered “hotspots” throughout the 4 boroughs in conjunction with the NYC Department of Youth and Community Development (DYCD)/Summer Youth Employment Program for 16-24 yr olds.  The campaign will be conducted by ACP in conjunction with non-profit, community based organizations (CBOs) that contract with DYCD throughout the City.  Please stay tuned for greater details.


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