Have you ever found yourself engaged in a conversation with a colleague prior to the Monday morning office meeting about yesterday’s game?
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C'mon man XI

by Tyler Palko | Originally posted on June 7th, 2017

Have you ever found yourself engaged in a conversation with a colleague prior to the Monday morning office meeting about yesterday’s game? Or maybe there was something on the news that struck a chord and they needed to vent? These Monday-morning quarterbacks or future Presidential candidates have a lot to say. And they undoubtedly have an opinion.

And while they bend your ear about what they would have done differently or irritate you with useless facts, nothing ever gets accomplished. There is literally no action taken. These types of conversations sure are entertaining – that is, as long as I’m just a spectator.

I see the same kind of conversations when it comes to leadership. Everyone wants to talk about it. Everyone has an answer. The truth, however, is that we have evolved into individual contributors. There is such a lack of development of new leadership that it’s actually alarming. This isn’t even my Monday-morning-quarterback opinion! It’s fact! Check the surveys and statistics.

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