Let’s start with this idea: Simple things can make a huge difference.
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by Tyler Palko | Originally posted on July 21st, 2017

Let’s start with this idea: Simple things can make a huge difference.

I was playing golf with a client of mine the other day and before we teed off we ran into a friend of his who had just finished up. Several minutes of small talk and catching up ensued. During a break in the conversation, my client asked his buddy what he scored. After what seemed like almost 15 minutes of a dissertation describing bad luck, my client and I were left with a hazy answer of “almosts”, excuses, and justifications of why things didn’t go his way.

After we teed off the first hole, my client proceeded to tell me a story of his high school golf coach and the great example he set when he first started playing the game.

My client was a freshman and had not played very well in his first high school match. Following the match, his coach asked him what he shot. Without hesitation, my client started justifying all of the reasons why he shot the way he did and explaining why his score was as bad as it was.

Immediately following his excuse-laden response, my client’s coach looked at him sternly and said... Read the rest at the Solutions 21 Blog >

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