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This year marks my father’s final season as the head coach of West Allegheny High School’s varsity football team. It’s also the end to a tenure that was nothing short of hall-of-fame material. His statistics and credentials are firmly planted in the record books, which is undoubtedly worth mentioning, but not the primary concentration of this blog. My intention is to focus on the championship mentality and enthusiasm that my father brings to every situation he encounters. The attitude with which he attacks each day.

Allow me to set the stage.

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Muscle Memory Challenge 

Consider this: How often do you opt for technology to communicate with someone in your office instead of face-to-face interaction? Emails and messages can leave team members confused and needing more detail. For this week's MMC, skip the technological communication in your office and talk with your colleagues face-to-face. Meet with your co-workers in person and watch the whole team's productivity rise.

We want to hear from you! Give it a try this week and shoot us an email ( to let us know about your experience with the MMC. Your stories will be published in next week's newsletter!

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Quote of the Week 

“Leadership contains certain elements of good management, but it requires that you inspire, that you build durable trust. For an organization to be not just good but to win, leadership means evoking participation larger than the job description, commitment deeper than any job contract's wording."

– Stanley McChrystal

What People are Saying...

Cutting my meeting times has increased my productivity. I never realized how much time I wasted talking at the end of meetings!
- Katie S
Bringing a more optimistic attitude to the events on my schedule has made my days less stressful. I never realized that a simple switch in my approach could make my day that much better. 
- James O

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