One of the hardest things about living away from home as I get older is not getting a chance to be around my aging grandparents.
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Lessons from Gram

by Tyler Palko

This blog was originally published on February 16, 2016.

One of the hardest things about living away from home as I get older is not getting a chance to be around my aging grandparents. I try to call them once a week on my way to work or the gym, but sometimes they are still in bed! Lazy! I’m only kidding. Believe me, anyone who is has worked as hard as they have throughout their lifetime has earned the right to sleep in.

In this particular instance I was talking to my 90-year-old grandmother, my father’s mother, the other day. My Gram has lived in her house by herself for the last ten years since my grandfather passed. She is a spark plug! She is still very active. She exercises all the time, is heavily involved in her church, and even does yard work in her garden. You get the point. She is one of my heroes. Actually, she is as close to a saint as a living person could be. I love my Gram very much. Over the years she has taught me many things. Believe it or not, this little old lady, lucky to be five feet tall, has taught me just about everything I know about toughness and sacrifice.

During a recent conversation, my Gram was telling me how she was cleaning out old things and getting her “stuff” in order. She told me she found this old basket of pictures that she’d saved of places she’d wanted to visit in her lifetime. The amazing thing to me is that she actually took the time to cut out pictures and save magazine clippings. Be it the Grand Canyon or the Eiffel Tower, my Gram filled a basket with pictures as a reminder that she’d wanted to eventually make it to see these places with her own eyes. It was once a goal of hers to witness these places in-person.

After we hung up, I started to think. Read the rest at the Solutions 21 Blog >

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