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Leadership scotoma

While discussing our Next Leader Now program with our President at Solutions 21, Buddy Hobart, I was introduced to a new word that has since expanded my vocabulary. The word: Scotoma. Simply defined, the word scotoma refers to a blind spot. Something we all have, no doubt. Those things we do that we are unintentionally unaware of doing. Things that can sometimes tremendously impact not only ourselves, but those around us.

We are all guilty of falling victim to blind spots. How could we not be? After all, we are oblivious to them until someone brings them to our attention. And up until that point, our ignorance is acceptable. When we are made aware of our blind spots, however, it is our own individual responsibility to disallow the continuation of the action, behavior, or thought.

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Muscle Memory Challenge 

Consider this: How often does a meeting end and you stick around and talk to colleagues to fill in the rest of the scheduled time? Mentally we are bound to the time frame that is put aside for the meeting, and sometimes we end up discussing things not on the agenda to fill in the time. For this week's MMC, try reducing your meeting time by 25%. By taking this chunk of time off of the calendar, you will increase your productivity.

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Quote of the Week 

“Culture is about performance, and making people feel good about how they contribute to the whole."

– Tracy Streckenbach

What People are Saying...

I followed through with the three personal appointments that I had this past week. This may be the first time in months that I did not cancel any meetings! 
- Dan K 
I made it a point to turn off my email notifications during the workday. I set aside a half hour to go through them after lunch and found myself less stressed out the rest of the day.
- Blake C 

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