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I attended a high school football game this past weekend. In fact, it was my father’s game. If you’re a subscriber to my blog, you know that my dad is the head coach at West Allegheny High School in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. This year is his 24th and final season as the head coach of his – and my – alma mater. As a football coach, my father has won countless games and has an overall record that is hall of fame worthy. What’s even more notable is the impact he’s made. Not only on the thousands of teenagers he’s coached, mentored, or taught, but on my hometown as a whole. To say that he’s left an impression is an understatement.

We had some time to chat before the game. This conversation, like so many before, was more philosophical than tactical. After all, my father has an unbelievably talented staff that always prepares the X’s and O’s for the week. Our discussion revolved around grit.

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Muscle Memory Challenge 

Consider this: Do you ever feel like you are not accomplishing anything at work? Many people feel overwhelmed with projects and never feel like they are making any progress. For this week's MMC, eliminate this feeling by starting a "wins" document. In this document, write down everything you have completed/accomplished in that day, week, month, etc. Look at this "wins" paper as a reminder to all of the work you have finished and all of the good things you have done for your organization.

We want to hear from you! Give it a try this week and shoot us an email ( to let us know about your experience with the MMC. Your stories will be published in next week's newsletter!

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Quote of the Week 

“If everyone is moving forward together, then success takes care of itself."

– Henry Ford

What People are Saying...

I never realized how much I used the phrase "i'm busy." Saying "i'm focused" compared to "i'm busy" has inadvertently made me focus more on whatever it is i'm working on  -Michael P on 9/3's MMC
Using the Pomodoro Technique has been tough! Twenty-five minutes with no distractions feels like an eternity. Although, I have seen bumps in productivity!
-Jon M on 9/10's MMC

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