Did you decide to read this because the headline promised salacious details about what you find to be a difficult demographic?
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These kids today

by Rob O'Donnell | Originally posted on October 22nd, 2015

Did you decide to read this because the headline promised salacious details about what you find to be a difficult demographic? Is engaging and motivating the Millennial workforce a struggle? How’s your company’s ‘Gen Y’ retention record? Had enough of this generation? Read on, my friend!

In the interest of full disclosure, Solutions 21 is a leading Millennial advocate. Why? Because we’ve seen example after example of ‘emerging talent’ stepping up and successfully tackling big responsibilities and accomplishing more than what their leadership thought was possible. That’s our experience anyway. Your perception may be a little different.

Here’s a simple test we’ve used to predict a company’s success with Millennials: Ask company leadership (or yourself, if that’s you) to write down 3 words that describe this cohort. We’ve literally asked that question of business leaders around the world. ‘Tech savvy’ comes up a lot and then it typically goes downhill from there. After we get past ‘pierced and tattooed’, the most frequent responses are slackers, instant gratification seekers, disloyal job-jumpers, self-centered narcissists, pampered and spoiled, disrespectful, and entitled. Not exactly descriptive of your perfect employee.

However, we’ve found a different set of beliefs in client companies that are ‘killin’ it’ with Millennials: Read the rest at the Solutions 21 Blog >

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