It has been awhile since I have lifted a pen to contribute to our blog.
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Timeless leadership

by Buddy Hobart | Posted on September 13th, 2017

It has been awhile since I have lifted a pen to contribute to our blog. I recently read an article that has motivated me to offer a very real-world example of timeless leadership. It is not often something strikes me as powerful — as this article has — and as you will see, there are some familiar names in the piece.

Just for some quick background: I have had the absolute good fortune to speak with business leaders around the world on how to attract and retain millennial talent. From the boardroom to military officers, our conversation always comes back around to timeless leadership.

I strongly believe that business leaders are really overcomplicating what it takes to attract and retain this next generation of talent. I have often said, “Millennials are looking to attach their wagon to a strong leadership horse”. The key strategic differentiator to attracting and retaining top talent is leadership. Timeless leadership. 21st-century leadership.

The next biggest differentiator is developing your 21st-century talent. Talent, in and of itself, is not enough. Talent is simply potential. Everyone knows people with unlimited potential who never actually achieve their goals. It is a leader’s job to develop the team and help the potential to blossom. In fact, helping develop the talent is timeless leadership.

Please take a moment to read this article as the remainder of this blog will aim to uncover five key points that can translate into any leadership situation. Read the rest at the Solutions 21 Blog >

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