It takes a special kind of person to build an organization or strike out on his or her own.
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The 20/60/20 rule

by Rob O'Donnell | Posted on October 6th, 2015

It takes a special kind of person to build an organization or strike out on his or her own. We’ll call this an “owner” mindset: Driven, competitive, and independent (a “team of owners” just sounds wrong, doesn’t it?). They can literally own the company but “owner” mindsets can also be found in deeper layers of an organization. This mindset propels people into leadership positions. They know what they want, can tolerate risk, and are unafraid of the big decision because they know they have a better idea than anyone else. Where to spend their time is one of the most significant decisions owners make.

Owners recognize that they can’t dent the universe alone so they surround themselves with talented, driven believers that we’ll call “Zealots.” These are the do-whatever-it-takes specialists that can deliver on their own or in tandem with other Zealots. They champion key responsibilities and drive results through their assigned function. This group is the inner circle, the core, and the “A” team. They are the backbone of the organization. One of our clients only allows former Division 1 athletes into his executive team, and for good reason; they set the cultural tone. Read the rest at the Solutions 21 Blog >

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