KCCC Newsletter: Issue 4
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  1. A Word from the CEO
  2. New Requirements to Submit Tax Details to Pobal
  3. KCCC NEW online Events Calendar
  4. Budget 2016 - FAQ Updated
  5. Budget 2016 - FAQ Children with Special Needs
  6. Learner Fund 4
  7. ECCE/TEC Payments
  8. 2015/2016 Compliance Visits
  9. NEYQSS Eligibility Criteria - December 2015
  10. KCCC Annual Conference 
  11. Human Resource Management in Early Years Services
  12. Play2Read at Kildare Libraries
Welcome to the final addition of our 2015 newsletter.
There is no need to tell you that 2015 has been another year of investment and change in the Early Years Sector in Ireland with programme registrations moving on to PIP, the announcement of the Early Years Education focused Inspections, the roll out of the Leaner Funds 1,2,3 and 4, the development of the Siolta/Aistear practice guide, the commencement of National Early Years Specialist visits, the announcement of the extension to the ECCE year and additional supports for children with special needs to attend the ECCE year .  All are very welcome developments in working towards the provision of the highest quality early years provision for children.  However, none of the above could be achieved without the committed and dedicated early years work-force that exists in Kildare.
Every year I am humbled by the sheer passion that I come across on a daily basis by those working towards providing the best possible experiences for young children in Kildare. From our own staff here at KCCC, guided by our committed Board of Directors, who work so hard all year to keep you up to speed with information and who support you with developments from quality to business planning and HR management, to programme administration and grant applications.   To all of you who attend our workshops, quality visits, training, conferences, at weekends and evenings after long days in your own service.  To all the services who opened up your doors for the  community of practice  in 2015 and to those who visited you to learn from and share your practice and to the services who were awarded Siolta validation in 2015.  I would like to take this opportunity to thank you all for doing such an incredible job.
In 2016 I will continue to work with my CCC colleagues to bring the challenges and issues that continue to be experienced to the attention of the DCYA and Pobal.  2016 will see the start of the streamlining of the three national programmes into one which should greatly ease the level of administration involved.  Keep an eye on our website where we will keep you up to date on all announcements and events planned for 2016.
I hope you all get time to relax and unwind over the Christmas and myself, the staff and Board of Directors of KCCC would like to wish each and everyone of you a very merry Christmas and hope you all have a great 2016.

New Requirements to Submit Tax Details to Pobal

Tax Clearance is confirmation from the Revenue Commissioners that an organisation’s tax and customs affairs are in order at a particular date. From 1st January 2016, Revenue will be changing their tax clearance application and verification systems.  Revenue will move to providing for real-time ongoing tax clearance (to be known as eTax Clearance). This will involve processing tax clearance applications, the certificates issued by the Collector-General and the verification by third parties in an electronic format. From 2016, where a taxpayer is found to be non-compliant with their obligations, their tax clearance certificate can be withdrawn and the taxpayer will have to reapply online for tax clearance

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Kildare County Childcare Committee have update the events page on our website with an Events calendar. Over the course of 2016 it will be updated with KCCC events and training and other events and training in Kildare that will benefit childcare services. To view the calendar please click here
Budget 2016 - FAQ Updated

The FAQ on ECCE Budget 2016 have been updated are published on the DCYA website. These FAQ's change regularly as the DCYA receive further queries and issues as a result of the 2016 ECCE Expansion. 

(Click here for a copy of the FAQ's)

Budget 2016 - FAQ Children with Special Needs

Since the expansion of the ECCE Programme from September 2016 there has been a substantial number of queries from parents particularly in relation to children with Special needs and over-age exemptions. All the queries have been answered in the most recently updated FAQ document issued by the DCYA.

Click here to find FAQ's on ECCE for Children with Special Needs
Learner Fund 4

Children’s Minister James Reilly has recently announced funding of €1.5 million for the ‘Learner Fund 4’ to assist practitioners in Early Childhood Care and Education to upgrade their qualifications.
Children benefit most from pre-school when provision is high quality, and staff qualifications are a good indicator of quality. Today’s announcement builds on a range of initiatives to support better quality in the pre-school sector. To date more than 3,000 staff have been supported through previous Learner Funds to raise their qualification level in Early Childhood Care and Education.

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ECCE/TEC Payments Update

ECCE Payments
The main batch payment for ECCE was paid at the beginning of December taking services up to 22nd January 2016.  An ECCE Catch-Up Payment will be made week beginning 14th December to take in to account any newly approved and amended ECCE registrations.  This is the final payment before Christmas and is expected to be in services bank accounts on Friday 18th December.

TEC Payments
A TEC Catch-Up payment was made the week beginning the 7th December to take in to account any new approved and amended TEC registrations.  This payment will take those services up to 18th December.  The main batch payment for TEC will then be made week beginning 14th December taking all services up to the 15th January 2016.
2015/2016 Compliance Visits

The vast majority of childcare services will already be familiar with the compliance process, which involves a series of standardised on-site checks aimed at ensuring adherence with certain standards set out by Pobal and the Department of Children & Youth Affairs (DCYA) in respect of certain Early Years Programmes, namely:
  • Free Pre-school Year in Early Childhood Care and Education (ECCE) Programme
  • Community Childcare Subvention (CCS) Programme
  • Training and Employment Childcare (TEC) Programme

Pobal will continue to conduct unannounced compliance checks on behalf of the DCYA, For the 2015/16 cycle two categories have been introduced i.e. compliant / minor non-compliant or major non-compliant. 

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On the 17th October 2015 Kildare County Childcare Committee held their annual Childcare conference, “Meeting the Challenge “ Supporting Children's Relationships in the Killashee House Hotel, Naas. The conference was opened by Dr. Catriona O’Toole, lecturer in Educational Psychology at Maynooth University Department of Education, and a member of the Board of Directors of Kildare County Childcare Committee. Dr. O’Toole welcomed all of the participants and spoke about importance of interactions in the early years.   

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Human Resource Management in Early Years Services

In recognition of the value and benefits that good human resource management practice can add to early year’s services, KCCC developed a Human Resource and Leadership Training Programme in Childcare Services with Orla O’Carroll Ltd., Training Mentoring and Skills Development. This training was provided to services in Kildare in 2014 and 2015.  The programme has been a great success with strong positive feedback from participants.  In 2015 this programme was developed further to incorporate an additional module on Communication and Assertiveness, as participants identified this as a training need.

(Click here to read more about the training and an overview of the key elements to successful HR management) 
The National Early Years Quality Development Service has issued KCCC with an update to the criteria that a service must meet in order to secure the support of an a Early Years Specialist.They have also issued information on the flexibility they offer in exceptional circumstances. 

(Click here for more information)
Play2Read at Kildare Libraries.
Play2Read is a Kildare Library Services project where library staff, parents and pre-schools work together to prepare children for learning to read at school.    These sessions are designed to help children and their parents/carers to recognise and master 6 key pre-literacy skills. Research has shown that children with these skills, and who have positive reading role models, have significantly higher reading levels than children who don’t . It provides a vital head start for children in the year before school and prepares them for formal education. 

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