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Video Tutorials Now Available!

We realise that some of our customers our visual learners so we have created a range of tutorials that are now available via the support tab on our website. They cover a range of functions from charging your watch through to setting up safe areas. Feel free to email us with suggestions for any other videos that you think may be helpful.  View the videos here.

3G TicTocTrack model - Prototype arrived!

We are excited to report that we recently received the first prototype of our new TicTocTrack 3G watch. The new model will boast some exciting new features including a touch screen for operation and WiFi positioning to help with locating your child indoors or where GPS signals are not usually available. Stay tuned for more updates and photos as we continue through our research and development stages. 

TicTocTrack Tips

This month we are going to have a look at the different states for your TicTocTrack watch. What exactly does 'inactive' mean when you look in your app and what is the difference between 'active' and 'located' continue reading to find out the answers to these commonly asked questions.


Watch states

The image above shows the 4 different states you may see displayed in your app when you check on the status of your TicTocTrack watch. Please read on for an explanation on each of these 4 states.


This state appears once an SOS alert has been triggered by someone pressing the SOS button on the watch and it will change to this state regardless of whether the watch can generate a location or not. At this time you will also hear an audible alarm from the app or the platform to alert you to the SOS that has been triggered. When in this state the watch will try to generate a location from a satellite every 20 seconds for a period of 5 minutes. After 5 minutes the state will return to 'Located' if the watch has generated a location or 'active' if the watch can't get a fix on a satellite to provide a location.



When your watch is first turned on it sends a message to the monitoring platform which sets it's status to 'active' it then tries every 5 minutes to generate a location. If after 30 minutes (6 attempts to generate a location) the watch still hasn't located the state will change to 'inactive'. As mentioned above this state is also displayed after an SOS timeout if the watch isn't able to generate a location. You may also find the watch in this state after it has been in the 'located' state but then been unable to locate for a period of 20 minutes - 4 attempts.



The 'inactive' state is displayed when the watch is switched off or when the watch has been in an active state and unable to generate a location after 6 attempts - 30 minutes. For example if you child is in their classroom at school and after 30 minutes the watch isn't able to generate a location as it can't communicate with a satellite from indoors then the state for your child's watch will change to 'inactive'.



The located state indicates that the watch has been able to communicate with a satellite and generate a location. By clicking on the avatar on the map you will be able to see the address, time and date of the location that has been generated by the watch. As mentioned above if the watch stops locating i.e the person goes indoors, is in a tunnel or somewhere a satellite connection can't be made then after 6 attempts the state will revert to 'active'.


Tracking Records Report

If you are ever unsure about the activity for your watch we recommend you run the tracking records report which can be accessed under the 'reports' tab from the iOS or Android app or via the desktop login on your computer. Simply select the report then choose the name of your watch and select the date range you want to cover and this report will show you every 5 minute communication the watch sends to our monitoring platform. If the watch isn't able to generate a location with the satellite you will see 'not located' displayed in the address column.

If the watch is switched off no data will come through to the monitoring platform so no activity will be recorded at all.

Sleep Mode

Finally we explain the 'sleep mode' function. If your watch is left stationary for a long period of time for example it is left switched on sitting on a kitchen bench then the watch identifies that there is no movement and goes into what we call 'sleep mode' To preserve battery during this time the watch won't send communication to the monitoring platform every 5 minutes as is normally the case. So if you were to run the tracking records report and see long gaps in the data when the watch is switched on this would indicate that it has been left somewhere and isn't being worn. Once the watch is moved it then goes back into the normal operating mode again.

We hope these tips help explain the various states of your TicTocTrack watch, however if you need further clarification please do not hesitate to contact our customer service team on 1300 872 256.

Stay Safe!

Karen Cantwell
Founder & CEO
iStaySafe Pty Ltd

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