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Greg Diesel Walck, "Story Told after Midnight" (May 18, 2013)

Meet Wonderful Moon, a mini-Moonday on Wise + Well

After two years of publication, Moonday has shifted to biweekly.  There are many reasons – to get out from under weekly deadlines and hopefully make progress on writing a related book and on social media initiatives, entering yoga teacher training, contributing the bimonthly Wonderful Moon column to Wise + Well . . .
Launched in early 2017, Wonderful Moon is shorter and written for a broader audience than Moonday.  The column is attracting a fan base, particularly for
Greg Diesel Walck’s beautiful lunar photographs on the W+W Instagram page.  Wise + Well offers much to read on healthy and natural living, including recipes, fitness advice, aromatherapy and DIY beauty tips, environmental savvy, and on other topics in an attractive format.

Wise + Well
Stella, the Cat on the Mat

Stella, the Cat on the Mat:
among other furry yoga stars on earth
Feeling Gravity,” the Wonderful Moon column that posted last weekend on Wise + Well, features my cat Stella.  Stella has her own Facebook page, The Cat on the Mat.  I share her story with zen photos, and include links to photos of Stella from kittenhood, when she showed early promise as a yogini.

Even for a cat, Stella is unusually flexible and agile.  She shows no signs of slowing down, and particularly enjoys her
Feline Yogi mat in adulthood.  I get to brag about my precious furry yoga star.  Other cat owners do the same on the Feline Yogi Facebook page.

We’re hardly alone.  Yoga with cats and dogs is
becoming increasingly popular.  Some communities have cafes that welcome cats and dogs, often to benefit shelters, help loving participants find forever homes, and support those who require service dogs.  Yoga studios may offer special classes.  Sometimes there are “doga” classes in parks, such as recently in Greensboro, NC.
Cat and dog yoga classes may be offered through
shelters and community centers.  At the Global Breath Studio in Durham, NC, master yoga teacher and specialist in trauma therapy Nina Be often brings her adorable little dog Pema, named after Buddhist teacher and nun Pema Chödrön.
Benefits include exercise for all ages and mindfulness training, therapeutic (there is something about a cat’s purr, a dog’s lick, and all those hugs, rubs and headbutts), and educational.  For instance, children learn about animals and respecting lives other than their own.  Participants learn about yoga and the benefits of stillness.  Cats have much to teach us about savasana.
Plus it’s fun!  Who can resist a smile when eager critters wriggle beneath you or climb on your back?  I’ve yet to be on all fours around cats or dogs without seeing their eyes light up.  They often join in for spontaneous partner yoga.  It’s a great way to shake off stress and share loving-kindness with a four-footed friend.
Check out Wonderful Moon and kitty yogini Stella.  See you next week for Moonday!
Wonderful Moon
Wise + Well
Wise + Well
astra inclinant, sed non obligant: the stars incline us, they do not bind us

masthead photograph by Greg Diesel Walck, "
The Story Told after Midnight" (May 18, 2013)

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