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Options for therapists working online

This has continued to take up a lot of my time. 

Google forms

In the end I had to give up on Google forms as the default settings Google use for form sharing, combined with some technophobia or simple overwork & stress, meant that some therapists didn't follow the instructions nor respond to Emails which meant they risked sharing their clients data with each other with nothing I or they would be able to do to stop this.   As it became clear that I simply couldn't rely on therapists to follow the instructions I had no choice but to pull the forms entirely.  A few who did follow instructions and replied to Emails are still using the forms successfully so I guess it wasn't all disaster but it was hugely time consuming. 

Microsoft forms

Following a lead from Marco Branco of Family Psychology Mutual who created early forms and made them available to others then with help from UDLA (La Universidad de Las Américas) in Quito, Ecuador who kindly enabled me to use Microsoft forms, and from Dr. Clara Paz (from UDLA) and Victor Montenegro, who did most of the work to create these form I can offer these and have created an instruction page.  Sadly, Microsoft forms are only an option if you have the necessary Microsoft Office licence, see my instruction page for details.

Other options

Meanwhile people continue to download the fillable PDFs, in both English and Spanish, see if here you want the daily download history!

Other cv-19 related CORE news

It's good that CORE measures are being used in various cv-19 related activities.  Dr. Paz, in UDLA, is using the Spanish CORE-10 to monitor the well-being of volunteers in Ecuador's impressive online support system that draws on psychology student, and qualified alumni, to offer telephone support and mental health first aid.  The Greek GP-CORE has been used in an online survey out of the of the Laboratory of Applied Psychology at Aristotle University of Thessaloniki ( which got over 1,800 responses in its one week.  It looks likely that the English GP-CORE will be used in another online survey about cv-19 in the UK and the Brazilian CORE-OM in a survey in Brazil I think.

Other CORE news, not cv-19!

I am getting intermittent equiries about putting CORE measures into software to support practitioners and sometimes for research and it is clear that such embedding is increasing with examples in Finland, Belgium, Canada and the UK in the last few weeks.

The cv-19 work has eaten a huge amount of my CORE time in the last two months but I am pleased that I am at last getting these Emails out and I think the frequency will stay a bit under monthly (so don't worry about being swamped by them).  I have fixed things on the site so you can also sign up to get an automatic notification every time there is a new page or blog post, the sign up is at the bottom of the menu on the site (

The translation work and making up of PDFs continues but slowly.  The only substantive development to report here is that I've finished the Greek GP-CORE PDFs (male, female and unisex as the Greek language changes some words by gender).

I think the only other thing to report is that I am finding the search function on the site useful to find things and usually quicker than the menu.  There's been a search box on the menu for a long time but I don't think people see it as I can't move it from where it is, near the bottom of the menu, so there is now a search page: and a link to it at the top of the menu.  Recommended!

That's it for this month.  Very best wishes for these challenging times for you all.


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