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How to Write the End of a Chapter.
Before you can end a chapter you have to have an idea on how it will start.  You also need to have substance on which to hang the chapter on.  It’ll need some drama, excitement and a character who wants to take on the world.  Don’t forget to connect the reader to the story or you’ll be wasting your time.  Without these things your chapter ending will fall flat.

So here goes …

The Book Festival grew out of a crazy idea this woman had after struggling to sell her first indie book in 2014.  Let’s call her Louise.  She told others about her idea and they understood it to be a way forward in getting their own books under the noses of readers.  Before long Louise was swamped with requests from authors and small literary businesses wanting to take part in her idea of a once a year book festival.  Being overwhelmed by support helped to increase her own enthusiasm and confidence in the idea.

Devonport, being close to her home, offered a great literary history.  And so it was to be; the birthplace of a new concept of promoting and selling books by their authors to eager readers and writers.  The day went well beyond Louise’s expectations and planning immediately began on the 2015 event.

The second festival proved to be a mammoth task for Louise.  There was the bigger venue, the increased costs, advertising, and the needs and wants of exhibitors. Everything had to be considered.  Fortunately she had a small band of ‘go to’ supporters, and her family who all did their best to soften some of the bumps, smooth some of the hard edges, and iron out some of the pointy bits. But mostly she was on her own.

It proved to be a difficult weekend for not only Louise but also her family.  She continued to smile at everyone but her family saw the strain in her eyes.  It was her family who held her when it was finally over.  It was then the effort and tiredness overwhelmed their strongholds and tears rained incessantly for days. 

So here’s how this chapter will finish.  With so much to think about, including her precious family Louise realised she no longer had the courage or enthusiasm to run another book festival.  With her teenage boys getting older and starting chapters of discovery in their own lives she wondered how long it would be before they’d no longer be a constant in her life’s story.  Secretly she hopes somebody else will take on the book festival idea so it can be the premier book event it deserves to be.  Louise would be happy to assist but can no longer be the main support stay for the event. 
And with those final words this chapter comes to, ‘The End.’
Postscript – Thank you to the exhibitors and the visitors who supported the festivals by taking part or being there.

Special thanks to Vicky Adin, Rae McGregor, Keitha Smith and Claire Bunt.  Also a big thanks to my ever supportive husband, Danny and our sons Quinn and Toby.

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