NZ Independent Book Festival, 2015

April Update

North Shore Events Centre
Auckland - Free Entry

October 3rd,  12 pm to 4 pm
October 4th,  10 am to 4 pm

Books for Sale, Author Signing, Publishing Professionals, Workshops, Seminars, Café, Entertainment.

430 Facebook Likes

Thank you to everyone who has Liked our NZIBF facebook page. Did you know that by Liking our facebook page you are promoting the festival to your family and friends. It lets them know that you support this project. If you haven't already we'd love your facebook support.

Have you let your readers, customers and clients know that you'll be at the festival yet?
Please help the festival to be a huge success not only for you, but for other exhibitors but especially our visitors. The more noise we can make the more attention we'll get for publishing in New Zealand. The best promotion is through the contacts you already have. Use email, facebook, twitter, pinterest or whatever platform works for you.

Thanks for 430 FaceBook Likes.
Tanya McQueen of Global Spirit Films is filming the video for our Boosted project. Watch this space!

Nielsen Book Services New Zealand is sponsoring the seminar room. By doing this all the festival's visitors can attend the seminars and discussions for free. To find out how Nielsen Books Services can help you please check out their website:

NZIBF is getting BOOSTED

As you know, good things take time ... and money. We not only need to raise awareness of the NZ Independent Book Festival but we also need funds to promote ourselves in mainstream media. This includes getting our message in front of the noses of the public through paid advertising and editorials.

To do this we are using the crowd funding platform to raise funds to help the festival become a 'must attend event.' We'll let you know when we go live on Boosted so you show your  support for this initiative by donating funds and/or sharing the video. NZIBF only receives the money once the target is reached or exceeded. If it's not reached we don't receive any funds and all pledges are wiped.

I met up with Tania McQueen of Global Spirit Films in early March to discuss how best to promote the festival using Boosted. She is currently interviewing some enthusiastic exhibitors about why they think this book festival is important to them, to independent and self publishing authors, literary business, private publishers and independent bookstores.

To find out more and Tanya McQueen and Global Spirit Films click on the following link:

Book Design is supporting the NZ Independent Book Festival by designing our marketing material.  Please support our supporters. Find out more about Book Design on their website:


Sign up at the festival

Thanks to John Cranna, director of 'the creative hub' is offering a place at the National Summer Fiction School, right on Auckland's waterfront
Jan 16th-18th (valued at $475)

Have fun with a like-minded bunch of scribblers in a beautiful room on the waterfront in January 2016! This is the fourth year our popular Summer Fiction School has run, and the course has its own unique atmosphere in this magical waterfront location.

A start-out writing course for anyone who wants to have a bit of fun, and learn some new fiction writing skills. 10am to 4pm daily. We show you the basic writing techniques used by professionals, such as creating memorable scenes, transforming your own life experiences into fiction, choosing the right point of view, and writing great dialogue. What is the Hero's Journey? What is Show, Don't Tell? What is the best way to end a story?

We offer a supportive group environment in which you can explore your writing ideas and connect to other aspiring writers. To find out more about 'the creative hub' and the writing courses refer to the NZIBF facebook page and their website

This is the only time when you can hide your books under the stairs.  If you've got your own published books needing to see the light of day why not sell them at the next NZ Independent Book Festival.

Enthusiastic Readers love Passionate Writers, and who better to sell your book than you!

To find out how you can get you books under reader's noses and not hidden under your stairs.

Contact the festival organiser Louise de Varga by email 

Other News

Domain Name Secured for NZIBF

I have secured which will be the new website to go to in future. This site is not currently live as it is still being worked on. Please refer to for further information on the NZIBF including speakers. I'll let you know when the new website is up and running.


Haven't received your NZIBF Trade Exhibitor Application Form. Get in touch with the festival organiser and I'll get one out to you pronto. Louise de Varga -

Helpers on the Day

Please contact the organiser if you are able to offer assistance at the festival. A couple of hours or a full day would be much appreciated. I need set up people for the Friday, a MC for the seminar room, a welcome person, a run-about (not a boat) to assist me on the day with exhibitor queries. Love to hear from you.
Louise de Varga -

January & March Newsletters

Missed out on receiving January & March newsy NZIBF updates. Please email me so I can get them off to you. Louise de Varga -


Due to the complication of supplying EFTPOS machines for exhibitors and of course the cost, no EFTPOS machines will be supplied at the festival. I suggest contacting your bank to find out if there is an app available for your phone to accept payments.

As per last year I will be hiring at least one ATM for cash withdrawals. This machine accepts all cards and charges a small handling fee for the service. This handling fee goes back to the machine owner and not to the festival itself.

Printing Company Required

Book Design are have kindly offered to design our marketing material as a major sponsor of the NZIBF. Do you own a printing shop willing to sponsor the NZIBF by printing our flyers and posters. I'd love to hear from you to discuss possibilities.

Facebook Promotion

If you would like to let me know of a facebook link promoting your books or services I'm more than happy to share it onto the NZIBF facebook page. It will be at my discretion on what I will post as I don't wish to overload people with the same information.

I am also able to boost posts on the NZIBF facebook a week at a time. This could be to promote your company through facebook or a particular 'call to action' facebook post.

Costs are as follows:
$7.00 + $1 admin fee = 1,500 - 3,900 relevant facebook users
$10.00 + $1 admin fee = 1,900 - 5,100 relevant facebook users
$15.00 + $1 admin fee = 3,000 - 7,800 relevant facebook users
*$1 admin fee covers credit card bank charges and my time to ensure your boost is correctly targeting the correct audience.

Exhibitor Spaces Available

As mentioned before we still have spaces available in courts one and two. If you'd like to pick your own special spot on these courts please email. I'll send you a spreadsheet showing which spaces are still available.


Please feel free to contact me by email if anything is worrying you or you are unhappy about something to do with the festival. I will do my upmost to find a solution that works. Louise de Varga -

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