The ILAI Fund Report- 

February 2016
Honoring Mr. Joseph Azizi


Dear friends,
Shalom U'vracha! 

Were back with some more exciting news!
Shavua tov to all of Am Yisrael!

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Mr. Azizi and I

Mr. Azizi - Angel of the month!

Joseph is a walking Angel. 
Five years ago I met him for the first time at his wonderful supermarket in Santa Monica, L.A.
From that moment,  he became a Donating Angel and is currently supporting two of our dear children. Joseph-Siamak is a walking miracle. We are thankful to HASHEM to have him among us.
We would like to give endless thanks to you and the Azizi family for your good heart and care for our children.

We bless you with all the health and happiness in the world.



Our mailbox from February 20th, 2016
This is the amount of letters we receive every week. Inside each envelope there are letters and documents of extraordinary children with special needs asking for our help.
Help us help these unique cases today !

Yael- -mother of the ILAI Fund
Within a day yael opens the envelopes to read about the special children to turn these cases into files. 
It's hard work, but extremely touching and inspiring! 

Don't fret - we now have a new activist to help  :)
Our dear daughter Malakhi is giving us more power and reason to work hard every day !


Many children suffer from physical injuries and disabilities
These expensive pediatric walkers have improved the immobile life for many of our children. Not only are the walkers adjustable, they are helpful to children who are just beginning to walk that have low endurance and that need frequent breaks.
These children learn to be independent and fearless therefore gaining much confidence.
Thanks for helping these children feel freer than ever!


Meet Ruti!
Our dear Ruti is due to have a major surgery on her spinal cord very soon. The surgery is a very unique and expensive operation that she needs to travel overseas for. We need your prayers for a successful outcome and recovery!
Please keep our little hero in mind and send her love and positive energy.
We love you Ruti!


Meet Hero N!
N' is a beautiful four year old boy who has five siblings! Unfortunately, his father and mother have low paying jobs and find it difficult to fully take care of their children. With all these difficulties, N' has a developmental and physical delay therefore attends a special needs Kindergarden where he receives physical and speech therapies once a week!

We thank you for your open arms  and willingness to help. 
We continue to aid the family with whatever comes their way.
Thank YOU!


Our dear Donating angels, 
As you care for and protect the Ilai children, may angels of the Almighty protect you and guard your children everywhere.