The ILAI Fund Report- 
October 2015

Honoring Mr. Yadid-Zion and Family


Dear friends,
Shalom U'vracha! 

We hope this finds you well as we have many exciting updates!

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Mr. and Mrs. Yadid-Zion

Mr. and Mrs. Pedram Yadid-Zion- true angels and donors to the ILAI Fund

It has been such a pleasure to personally know Mr. Yadid-Zion for 25 years. He has so kindly been part of our team and progression for 6 long years.
This Summer we celebrated the birth of a beautiful baby boy born to Mr. and Mrs. Yadid-Zion, Meir Menahem! Our blessing for you is that you grow up to be a Mench and a good hearted Jew just like your mother and father have been to us! MAZAL TOV! (picture below)

Dear Yadid-Zion family,
We are so thankful for your dedication to the ILAI Fund. P
lease accept our sincere gratitude for all your help!

May you be blessed and protected in all you do. Amen!


Our Hero Ayala

Ayala, a sweet 4 year old girl, has been experiencing developmental delays, mainly language, play and social communication. She loves the color purple and sits and plays with purple blocks all day long!
She is currently in a p.d.d. kindergarten that says her speech is strengthening and progressing while she learns new words.
Unfortunately, Ayala lacks linguistic abilities therefore has difficulty communicating. She has one or two vocabulary words and is in need of an application that was designed to help children just like Ayala. Sadly, her mother and father can not afford the full price of the Ipad so that they can download the 'touch chat' application recommended by their occupational therapist.
Help us help Ayala and donate today !


Ipad application called 'Touch Chat'

New Ipad's helping patients with cerebral palsy and autism

 These Ipad's are crucial for these special children's communication, especially because they have severe speech difficulties.

We have received 10 requests for Ipads this month alone!
Help us help these families and donate today !

Help us turn tears into smiles!

On the left you can see documents and cases of children's families requesting our help. All ofthe mail we received in one month.
Thankfully, we have allocated funds for therapies, medical equipment, medicine and more. Today we are sending out those funds- THANKS TO YOU! (Picture on right, below)

These children depend on the generosity of friends like you. You are all angels in our eyes...Todah Rabah !


Heroes of the month!

Peleg, Nevo, and Liav are nine year old triplets born to a single mother who cares dearly for her children. These boys have a blast together, they love singing and playing together as well as helping their Ima cook! 
Sadly, all three of them were born with severe hearing problems. Due to their lack of hearing it is difficult for them to function in school as well as at home. In addition to this, each brother is in need of speech therapy sessions as well as equipment for their hearing aids. 
Despite their difficulties in life, these brothers are true heroes and inspire us everyday to smile and be thankful for all that G-d has given us.


Help us make these difficult times easier for these three hansome boys!

The Generous Rodef family from Los Angeles
Ilai and I visited Dr. Rodef's beautiful Sukkah in Los Angeles over Succot and enjoyed the time we spent with the family.

Dr. Rodef not only donates to the ILAI Fund's children, he also currently uses his skills as a dentist to further assist children with different types of disabilities.

Goodluck Dr. Rodef! 

Our dear Donating angels, 
As you care for and protect the Ilai children, may angels of the Almighty protect you and guard your children everywhere.