Subject: Software changes

Models: All models excluding Elevate and Conveyor

Overview:This bulletin identifies changes to the software on all bikes except Elevate and Conveyor to meet US and Canadian federal and state regulations, and to bring a better riding experience for the customer.

Details: System changes have been made to adhere with Federal Regulation in the United States and Canada limiting top speed to 32 kph for both the PAS function and the throttle. The customer can now no longer have assisted speed above 32 kph or increase throttle function speed through the display above 32 kph. Pedego has also realigned the pedal assist to have more consistency and better feel when using each respective PAS level.

It is now setup as follows -
PAS1. 13 kph
PAS2. 18 kph
PAS3. 23 kph
PAS4. 28 kph
PAS5. 32 kph
Additional changes made to the software will include:

  • Power now engages immediately when changing PAS levels up and rotating cranks
  • Power now engages immediately when rotating cranks after the user has stopped accelerating.
  • Top Speeds (in PAS levels) are now consistent with expectations
  • Gives the user the ability to not have to scroll up to 6 to get throttle only function
    • Bike turns on at “0” function, user can click down arrow 1 time to go to throttle only mode
  • Throttle top speed options on settings (SET2) can now no longer go above 32 kph
  • Now when you have the backlight on and go into settings and back out of settings into the interface it will no longer default to backlight off
  • Added software version number to show on display (after last SET functions)

There is a new file versioning that will be rolling out with this new release. Controller software will be releasing from V1.00.04 and the LCD software will be releasing from V1.00.01.  As Pedego continues to update and release newer versions, we will be better able to keep track and update customers bicycles when needed.

These rollouts began shipping on bikes (directly from Pedego) on December 10th, 2018. It is likely that you will still receive the odd bike with the old programming after that date and we will need to manage that on a case by case basis.

If you have existing inventory (with the all-in-one harness) that you would like upgraded, please make a list of your controllers and displays in an Excel document and email to The Excel document can be downloaded hereWe will arrange to get a set of updated controllers and LCD consoles sent out. You will be required to send the full set of old controllers and LCD consoles back as on as possible after receiving the new version.

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