Subject: Rolling Change - Ridge Rider Mechanical Gearing

Models: Ridge Rider; Ridge Rider Patroller Edition

Overview: This bulletin identifies a rolling change for the Ridge Rider detailing a drivetrain specification move from 2 x 10 to 1 x 10.

Details: Due to a Shimano component groupset change we are no longer able to source a front derailleur suitable for the Ridge Rider. We have moved to a single 38T chainring/chain-guide combination from a 44T/32T sprocket set. The effective gearing ratio is fairly close to the original specification and we feel that this system will simplify the experience for the Pedego customer.

Please note item codes for Ridge Riders are as follows:
3700002 - 48V 14AH Ridge Rider 1x10
3710002 - 48V 14Ah Ridge Rider Patroller Edition
(price lists on dealer portal have been updated)

Effective: This change will be shipping on Ridge Riders from April 2019 and on.

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