September 2021 Newsletter

September marks the transition from summer to fall.  

As the weather cools down, faith communities are figuring out how to hold sacred space both in person and online. This is a new frontier for many, but it doesn’t have to be done alone. Your Tech Chaplains are here to help you navigate this and other issues with technology that will help you do the work you have been called to do in the world.

Reach out to us if you would like to start your journey with a Tech Chaplain today!
Checking-In about
Hybrid Worship
Tech Chaplain Check-Ins are a part of an informative and engaging series through which we will explore various tech-based topics and share tech tips for your faith communities and organizations. These monthly sessions are great professional development opportunities for faith leaders and organizational staff.

Our next check-in will be on Friday, September 17 at 12:30pm MT. Our topic will be Hybrid Worship Services. Here's the schedule and list of topics for the rest of 2021:
  • October 15th - Safety and Security 
  • November 19th - Helpful Software
  • December 17th - Technology Planning for 2022
Check-Ins will be hosted on a new platform called On Zoom. Each session is $5. Click here to learn more and sign up to participate!
Hybrid Worship Resource
As we prep for our check in, we wanted to share a resource that could help you begin to think about hybrid worship in general and what it might look like in your specific context. 

Click here to access 
Jason Moore's 3 strategies to hybrid worship. Let us know if anything resonates or if you have any questions. We can talk about them in the webinar and/or set up a 1:1 conversation!

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