In a world, where power and authority are so often used as tools to oppress and violently abuse others, at times it can be difficult to associate power with something good. This can be specifically difficult for women. 

“We have no power like men in our society. It’s a male society.” –  Participant, Bethlehem Woman’s Group

Misuse of power can easily lead to the presence of injustice and oppression. However, in Musalaha’s Bethlehem Women’s Group this past month, women began to wrestle with a different notions of power. Continue Reading...

REASON FOR MEETING - סיבה למסיבה 

It was too hot. It was too far. It was a work day. It was difficult for us to get to.  We could list many obstacles to meeting like "I'm traveling. I'm working. I'm babysitting."

There were many, many reasons NOT to join a birthday celebration for one of the Musalaha women, but 10 women decided to put their plans on hold and make the journey to the Dead Sea beach where Israelis and Palestinians are both legally allowed to meet.

Eftat decided her birthday was a good enough "reason for meeting" (it rhymes in Hebrew: סיבה למסיבה). 

I was proud to notice how the woman took the initiative and responsibility for the trip. Ownership of events such as this one is necessary to affect change in society. It is important for the women in these groups to initiate relationships and "walk out" their desire for reconciliation. It doesn't happen without their effort. It doesn't happen without a moving force.

This time 10 women came to the Dead Sea. In Autumn, one of the ladies will invite the whole group to Nazareth.  
I'm hoping – and praying – that they will become and remain a moving force.

- Hedva Haymov, Musalaha's Projects Manager




Reflections of 2019 Young Heroes Camp Director, Hannah Belk

“I will stay.” The 10 year-old girl looked at me with clear conviction and great courage. She wiped her tears and walked boldly back to her room, back to a counselor from the “other” side. It was the second night of the camp and we had just finished a long conversation about her fears, her desire to move to another room, and her longing to just go home. It all just felt too hard. But, she stayed. Despite this young girl’s fear and uncertainty, she chose to stay. 

A couple of weeks ago, Musalaha hosted a summer camp with Israeli and Palestinian youth. Continue Reading....



Musalaha Executive Director Salim J. Munayer will be in the U.S. in October - the exact days & places are:

  • 15. & 16. October:  Santa Barbara | Teaching & Speaking at Westmont College and Chapel of Westmont
  • 17. - 21. October: Los Angeles, Orange County | Speeches & Lectures at Vineyard of Harvest 
  • Further meet & greet: If you would like to attend his speeches, meet with him in person or have him speak at your church group, please write to us at
  • On October 15-21st, Salim will be traveling to speak in California. Please pray for safe travels, Divine connections, and meaningful encounters with new and existing friends of Musalaha.
  • Following the negotiation training in Athens, the representatives from each of the four groups - business groups, political groups, community leaders, and women’s groups - will be meeting in the month of September to prepare recommendations for their teams. Please pray for vision and direction for them in how to move forward with negotiations in their spheres of influence.
  • Hedva, Musalaha's Projects Manager, will be forming a new women’s group in the following months. Please pray for the process of recruiting the right women to join this group as well as raising money for its establishment. 

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