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May 2016

Follow the progress of our #MOCAinventory as we delve into our collection...
The Gods of the Parthenon 3D: detail
Image Ⓒ Rui Nakamura

The Gods of the Parthenon: 3D


Temporary Display, Bay B

This exciting temporary display is curated by Rui Nakamura of Kochi University and Tokyo University of the Arts, and explores the gods represented on the Parthenon frieze from a new perspective by encouraging us to see them as fully-realised three-dimensional figures. The twelve Olympian gods from the frieze are visualised in miniature form, hand-carved and displayed in a semi-circle as if they watch the Panathenaic procession unfolding before them.

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Of Gods and Men: Cities and Sanctuaries in Archaic Greece

Thursday 12th May 2016, 1.10-1.50pm
Cast Gallery, Museum of Classical Archaeology

Discover the art and religion of Archaic Greece in this Museum tour led by Cambridge graduate student Michael Loy

The practice of dedicating monumental sculptures to the gods underwent a revolution in the mid-seventh century in Greece. This tour will explore how the changes in artistic style and of custom can be read alongside the other developing political, social, economic and social trajectories of the Archaic period - did they represent 'experimentation' towards a Classical ideal, or a world all of their own?

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Did you know the Museum has a collection of over ten thousand pottery sherds? We're currently checking Every Single One, and putting some of our most quirky finds on display in Bay C. Follow our progress on Facebook and Twitter under #MOCAinventory.

Fame at last...

The Museum made local news last month. Catch Susanne at Cambridge 105, chatting to Julian Glover about our collection:

Over at the Cambridge News you can read all about Jennie's event All That Glitters... and admire the golden gifts we made for the gods:

Bank Holidays & Saturday Openings

The Museum will be closed for the two May Bank Holidays (boo!) but we're now open on Saturdays 10am-1pm for Easter term (hooray!) - so there's no excuse not to drop in.

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