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Date: 06.06.2022

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DigitalFUTURES seeks to democratize architectural education by making important architectural ideas available for free to architects and students across the globe, regardless of gender, religion, ethnicity, age or economic standing. Education, we believe, should be a human right, and not a privilege of the wealthy.

DigitalFUTURES is an online platform for the dissemination of educational ideas for architects and students worldwide. It addresses the latest developments in computational design, robotic fabrication and other related fields, including theoretical, environmental and social concerns. Importantly, everything is available for free. 



DigitalFUTURES 2022 Festival

The DigitalFUTURES 2022 festival will bring together some of the most talented architects and educators for the largest free online celebration of computation and architectural design. The festival will also include a series of lectures for the Doctoral Consortium, 4th International Conference on Computational Design and Robotic Fabrication, and an exhibition. Details of the workshops and a full schedule of events can be found on our new website.  


Opening Ceremony, 25 June 

The Opening Ceremony will feature keynote lectures addressing the theme of inclusivity and the presentation of the Mark Cousins Theory Award. This event will be live streamed on our DigitalFUTURES Youtube channel  


Workshops, 26 June - 2 July 

This year's DigitalFUTURES international workshops will consist of 130+ workshops, offered in eleven different languages, taught by leading instructors from around the world. The workshops address topics including: AI, AR/VR, Bio Design, Computational Design, Data Visualization, Interaction Design, Material Studies, Performative Design, Fabrication, Theory, Urban Design, Space Architecture, Design Fictions, Neuro Design. Students will have the chance of working with many of the world’s leading academic scholars, designers, and professionals. Registration for the workshops ends on 10 June.  The workshops are offered free, students must register to attend, although many workshops will also be offering livestreaming auditing options available on Youtube and Bilibili. A complete list is available on our website. The work produced in these workshops will be exhibited in a series of online and offline exhibitions.
Closing Ceremony, 3 July 

The Closing Ceremony will bring the festival to a close, and will include presentations for the 2022 DigitalFUTURES Project Awards, Coding Awards, Young Awards and the Matthias Rippmann Memorial Award. This event will be live streamed on our DigitalFUTURES Youtube channel  


Doctoral Consortium, 12-24 June

The Doctoral Consortium is an inclusive platform for doctoral students worldwide where they can come together to debate ideas and share knowledge. The principle behind the Doctoral Consortium is that it no longer makes sense to have individual professors in individual classrooms teaching individual groups of students, now that we can connect online in a single global classroom. 


Instructors invited for this series of the Doctoral Consortium include Li Shiqiao (UVirginia), Antoine Picon (Harvard GSD), Matias del Campo (UMichigan), Liam Young (SCI-Arc), Mette Ramsgaard Thomsen (CITA), Patrik Schumacher (ZHA/Tongji) and Mario Carpo (UCL). These lectures are organized by the College of Architecture and Urban Planning, Tongji University, for the DigitalFUTURES International Doctoral Program. This event will be live streamed on our DigitalFUTURES Youtube channel. A complete list of other series of the Doctoral Consortium is available on our website.


International Conference, 25 June

The 4th DigitalFUTURES International Conference on Computational Design and Robotic Fabrication (CDRF 2022) is an international conference of peer-reviewed papers addressing a range of topics, including Computation and Formation, Simulation and Optimization, Data Acquisition and Prediction, Perception and Interaction, Materialization and Construction. The theme this year will be ‘Hybrid Intelligence’. The proceedings will be published by Springer. For information about past years’ Springer publications visit CDRF 2019, CDRF 2020, & CDRF 2021.


DigitalFUTURES 2022 Schedule
Workshop Registration Opens: 26 May, 10:00am EDT / 4:00pm CET / 10:00pm China


Workshop Registration Closes: 11 June, 10:00am EDT / 4:00pm CET / 10:00pm China


Doctoral Consortium: 13 June - 24 June


CDRF International Conference: 25 June


Opening Ceremony: 25 June, 10:00am EDT / 4:00pm CET / 10:00pm China


Workshops: 26 June - 2 July (start dates and times may vary)


Closing Ceremony: 3 July, 10:00am EDT / 4:00pm CET / 10:00pm China 


Exhibition Opening: 9 July 10:00am EDT / 4:00pm CET / 10:00pm China 


The full schedule can be found here.


DigitalFUTURES hosts talks and tutorials in several different languages throughout the year, including the Doctoral Consortium series for doctoral research. It also hosts an annual summer festival of workshops, conferences and award ceremonies. In addition it publishes books and a peer reviewed journal. All events are live-streamed on Youtube and BiliBili and recordings are uploaded to YouTube



The DigitalFUTURES initiative was launched in 2011, when Neil Leach brought a group of students from USC to work together with students from Tongji University under Philip Yuan on a series of joint workshops. These continued on an annual basis with a summer festival of workshops, lectures, conferences, and exhibitions with a particular emphasis on computational design and fabrication techniques. Over the years, DigitalFUTURES grew into one of the largest educational festivals on the planet, spawning a series of books and an international PhD program. 


In 2020 DigitalFUTURES went online and became global in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. DigitalFUTURES World, the summer festival, called upon architects and instructors around the world to come together in a spirit of solidarity for the benefit of students across the globe. It hosted 80 workshops and 50 talks, and attracted over 12,000 applications. Importantly, it remained entirely free, a key feature of the DigitalFUTURES ethos. 


DigitalFUTURES World succeeded in breaking down the walls of the classroom, and opening up an extraordinary new online domain where educational ideas could be shared for free with students from all over the world. DigitalFUTURES then developed into a permanent online platform, hosting weekly sessions in English to a global audience, with all recordings uploaded to its online library. 


In 2021 DigitalFUTURES grew even further with the InclusiveFUTURES festival that hosted over 100 workshops, and began to address broader ethical and social issues. It also hosted the inaugural edition of the Doctoral Consortium, a global platform for the sharing of knowledge, now operating throughout the year. 


In 2022 DigitalFUTURES will host its largest number of workshops in the most number of languages. Also several language channels have been  inaugurated, and a peer reviewed journal, Architectural Intelligence, launched. 


DigitalFUTURES Website: DigitalFUTURES.International


GET INVOLVED: Join Our Discord Channel @ CLICK HERE



DigitalFUTURES would not be possible without the generous support of our dedicated organizational team, inspiring presenters, highly skilled workshop instructors, and motivated students, who selflessly give their time to explore the potential of our DigitalFUTURES.
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