This month as well as our usual doggie stories, we have the results of our summer dog show which never fails to deliver lots of photos of lovely dogs and we feature the winners here. Also this month, we start our new feature meet the Voliie!
Teddy here reporting from my holidays in Scotland.

My hoomans chose a house right by the sea for me to swim in. I’m a very good kayaker now, with my smart life jacket. I stand on my Dad’s kayak and howl at the rest of the pack whenever they get too far away, then jump in for a swim when it gets too hot.  Hoomans caught lots of mackerel which they have promised to cook for me and I think I might like it. This holiday thing is good fun.

Woofs, Teddy, the Salty Sea Dog and mum, Ceri Wyn Morris.
Taking it slow - don't rush, IS the best advice

Happy Gotcha Day Xena, says Mum Denise Powell.  What a difference 12 months can make!
From spending the best part of her day shut alone in a little gated area at the bottom of a garden to being part of a family and loving life and learning how to play!
From being scared of everything on a walk (people, vehicles, wheelie bins, plant pots, street signs...) and after 5 minutes dragging me home, to now getting excited to put her lead on for three good walks a day and sleeping soundly when she gets back!
Xena has taught her two human brothers patience and respect and in return she has learnt to trust them. Xena is now learning to trust other friends and family who visit, we're taking it very slowly but she's already started nudging their hands to give her a tickle, little steps but good progress.
A big thank you to UK-GSR and especially to Jennie Claire for being on the end of the phone when we first brought Xena home from Sheffield and for regularly keeping in touch over the last 12 months, excellent support and very much appreciated.
To anybody new to adoption, listen to the advise from UK-GSR, don't rush anything and don't expect miracles! It can takes months to work out behaviour triggers and more months to reduce the anxiety. Be patient and reap the rewards.

Karen Poole responded: What a transformation, it just goes to show that when people listen to the great advice given by the rescue that things turn around. These rescue dogs need time; too often people rush . Well done Denise and family. Reaping your time and effort now. Happy Gotcha Day beautiful Xena xx 

Happy 8th Gotcha Day Bentley Bear
Michelle Pearson recalls...
8 yrs ago we travelled to Derbyshire to visit a 5mth old pup with a view to adoption. We were greeted by the lovely Tim Thaw who was fostering him, this bundle of fur came rolling down the steps to greet us. I remember very nearly coming home without him when we were told he had Alaskan Malamute in him, I knew nothing of the breed but the more time I spent with him the more I felt he needed me, he was a bundle of joy who wanted to play with my other 2 dogs, 1 took a couple of weeks to accept him but once she did, she acted like his mum.
Fast forward 8 yrs, Bentley Bear (formerly Bear) has taught me so much about the Alaskan Malamute, he's accepted 2 male sheps into the home, though there were a few issues we worked through them, BB is now a caring bro to his adopted fur siblings, he's also taught me so much when it comes to training him sometimes refusing to do anything until his favourite ball comes out
Happy 8th gotcha day Bentley Bear, steak for tea with pan fried carrots, love you to the moon and back monkey chops.
Massive thanks to Suzanne Syers, Debs Blyth, Lisa Tennant & Tim Thaw and  everyone else who played a part in guiding Bentley Bear into my life.
A quick update from Carol Bennett about our latest rescue rascal, Zara.
Zara (was Jess), has been with us for 4 months now, and thankfully settled in without any issues. A brief post - 3 photos - Zara in my office - with her death stare - "BISCUITS, now"...
Next - taken a couple of days after being spayed a fortnight ago, a bed in the kitchen for her, she wasn't allowed to climb the stairs. She was death shaking her penguin (so difficult to keep her quiet!) it flew through the air and landed on the kitchen table - she's willing it to jump off.
Finally allowed to climb the stairs, she's snoozing outside my office - 2 minutes peace - spot the stolen red sandal.
Life isn't dull when there's a shepherd sharing it.
Happy 2nd Gotcha Day to Khali our beautiful baby girl.
What a two year journey we have had. She was found on the streets of Cheshire and then went to the pound before finding her way to Kev and Suzanne at Elswick (who still look after her for her holidays).
It’s not been easy! She hadn’t been socialised and didn’t realise small dogs were dogs. She pulled like a steam train but after lots of time and training now walks fairly well!!
She’s the best pet for our boys whom she is fantastic with and we love her so much.
Couldn’t imagine life without her.
Thank you to everyone at the charity and to our Rehomer Nia who was amazing too.
Louise Rae and Stephen Moore.
It's a 2 year Gotcha Day for Shakira, says mum Donna Donald MacPhee.

So 2 years ago today we picked up our new baby Shakira aka the rascal.
She is an absolute darling and fitted into our family you can see from our pictures.
This time last year we were at the vet and due to an infection we had to consider the worst and having to put her to sleep, fortunately she’s a strong girl and pulled through.
Today she goes wherever dad goes, if I’m going to site, she is there with me, to the shops, right by my side and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

She is our baby and we’re so fortunate to have such a special girl to make our family complete. x
Marianne Lynch recalls...3 years ago today we travelled to Elswick kennels to see Benny, with Jason Chambers telling me that we were only going to see him and not to get our hopes up as we had to take our time in our decision to rescue a dog.  Well it was Jason's heart that melted instantly when Benny came into the room and sat at his feet. The decision was made in that split second.
In the 3 years, Benny has tested our patience so many times but we would never give up. He has his forever home here with us.
A huge addition to our family and his snuggles of affection melt our hearts everyday.
Can't imagine a day without Benny in our lives or home. Happy Gotcha Day Benny.
Cromford Steam Rally - Mud battle weekend!

John Philip stuck it to the end for the love of dogs.

And lovely people put £300 in our buckets on the way to help dogs that desperately need our help.

ALL the donators and the fundraising team and everyone that bid in our auction helping us to raise a massive £3,135.  Special thanks to #dogandfield who donated lots of dog coats to the auction.
John Philip for raising £300 at Cromford Steam Rally.
#harringtongspetfoods for their donation of a pallet of dog food.
Dakota would like to say a massive thank you on behalf of all her rescue doggy friends for all who support us via Pets At Home VIP Lifelines - we received a huge pile of food/treats/toys etc all from from what you guys have raised. Thankyou #petsathome
Jerrylee would like to say a massive thank you to Mia Bastin and all the lovely customers of KFC Cleveleys for raising £200.  He’s thrilled it’s bought him and his kennel mates, some cooling mats  and coats but he’s not so thrilled it's also bought him a grooming brush.
ALL who sent treats to our kennel dogs from our Amazon wishlist.
#forthglade -  we came 2nd in the Forthglade50/50 charity food donation initiative for the month of July 2021, so YOUR voting for us meant we have received a pallet of Forthglade dog food. #powerofvoting.#forthglade
Jo Gurr & customers at Holland Pet & Garden Supplies for raising £30 via their collection shaker.
The Northwest team, Debbie Crane, Steve Crane and Myra shuel and her pup Paddy for their stand at the Dog Barn in St Helens raising £83.
John Philip who raised £577 at the Astley Park Steam Rally.
ALL who use #amazonsmile which raised £273.83 for us in the last quarter of 2021 and likewise for those who use #Easyfundraising which raised £132.40 for us.
ALL of you who responded to the plight of incoming dogs, Tanya and Mia-Rose, who will need a lot of veterinary treatment. You all donated £875.
A lovely surprise of a box of treats left at the gate by Tenille Halewood.
#ancolpetproducts for their lovely support for us.
Mel Johnson who sent a box of toys and meds after the passing of her Jessie J - these went straight to Tanya and Mia Rose. And to Chris Bentley who also sent a box of stuff too.
Diane Henson for running the whole shebang and ALL who took part in our fabulous Summer Dog Show which raised an amazing £1,128.
And the overall winners of the Summer Dog Show 2021 are...

Proud mum Anita Pailing says: 
Thank you! Huge thank you to the organisers and to everyone at the rescue for doing what you do as we would never have had the chance to have Gabi in our lives, if it wasn’t for you all..
With over 700 entries from as far afield as Australia, it was a fabulous show and the quality of entries made judging very difficult.

Head over to the group to see all of the entries and the class winners
Meet the Vollie - Diane Henson
A new feature to put a face to a name of one of our volunteers and what better volunteer to start with than the lady who ran our fabulous Summer Dog Show, Diane Henson. Here is what she tells us about herself.

I'm Diane Henson, I've volunteered since 2014 and have done a range of things including home checks, dog assessments and handovers, the dog show, and various fundraising bits and pieces. Dodgy health and work commitments have impacted over the past year but I work with teenagers in a secondary school full time. I have had three rescues and three non over the years. Of the dogs in the photo we have Noushy and Bella still with us and Bella is a UK-GSR rescue. Kayleigh and Della were rescue girls as well. I enjoy my four grandchildren, gardening (a lot), reading, walking, and listening to music.

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Hi Folks,  Max here, been back in kennels for a couple of weeks and settling in; patiently waiting for the right forever home. Not my fault that I'm back and I know the people I was with were sad that a health problem meant they were unable to give me the life they so wanted to give me.
My handler and friend Tom Arnott, at the kennels reckons that playing fetch, training and going for a walk makes his afternoon fly by. The other day he tried to confuse me by leaving my ball beside another two but of course I fetched my own one. He's tried the same sort of thing leaving my ball in different positions; even leaving mine behind a football but he just can't trick me. 

Well just keep me in mind folks. I'm in kennels in Sunderland. You can read all about me at and you can fill in an online application to adopt on the website if you have not yet been homechecked. 

Max is an affectionate and clever lad who responds well in play and in performing training exercises. In his short stay in his last home he quickly picked up on wait and sit at road crossings. Max needs a new home: preferably an adult home; older dog savvy children if any and needs to be an only pet. Oh and a good sized garden would be great.
This lad needs and deserves his forever home.
Some lovely thoughts about GSD ownership from Helen Titch
To have the love of a German shepherd is priceless and when you look deep into their eyes you see an old soul.
They don't fit into your life, you gladly change every part of your life to make them safe and feel loved and in return you get the world.
When they leave they leave behind a massive hole and a whole lot of heartbreak but you know deep down you will always be better off for knowing them.  Life will never be the same without them.
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