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Grants are put to use to help dogs like TANYA & MIA-ROSE 

These sisters who recently came into care, had their 1st vet visit yesterday, the 1st of many.
They were quite stressed, but they both trusted Suzanne and Kev as they had already started to bong and so and they got through it.

Tanya - long coat, weighs a hefty 48kg.  She is in ok condition apart from a couple of cysts that need monitoring, very long claws and a badly matted coat.  She has either had puppies recently or is beginning a phantom pregnancy - will be closely monitored, to see if she needs any treatment for this.

Mia-Rose - short coat, weighs 31kgs, which is a good weight for her size. Claws the worst we or the vet have ever seen. Ears - deep rooted infections, left untreated resulting in very swollen, sore, hardened ears - so drops and tablets for them.  A skin scrape didn't show any mites, so unlikely mange on her skin.  Vet feels it was possibly originally allergies, left untreated, then infections set in on top of that, and now she has odd sores, which could indicate a more sinister condition,. She has a large tumour on one of her legs, which needs removing and biopsies doing - but until we can get her other infections under control, she cannot be operated on. The cyst hanging from her rear end - the vet doesn't feel is anything cancerous and will be removed when she goes under for all her other things to be addressed. She is on a cocktail of medication, medicated baths daily and will be reviewed again in 7 days.

They are the sweetest girls, so affectionate It is heartbreaking that such trusting girls were left to get into this sorry state and Mia Rose is now facing a possible battle against skin cancer amongst other issues. They have a long road ahead of them but we will look after them and provide for all the veterinary treatment and give them lots of love, at UK-German Shepherd Rescue.
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Thank you so much.  From us all at UK-German Shepherd Rescue.

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