We have news, updates and hello's this month from:
Holly, Mabel, Meisha, Romeo and Ludo, Loki, Branwell, Casper.

Some sad losses of Lenny, Tina Tina and Rexy Roodles, whom we wish to remember. 

Finally, we feature Jerrylee, who has been waiting a long time for his forever home.
Jules Hankinson shared a memory from a year ago.
We drove to Elswick a year ago and met Kev, who introduced us to a scared skinny little girl called Holly.

We fostered for 6 weeks then adopted her because no way was she going anywhere.

Holly is the 5th Shep that I have had and so different. I’ve had to be trained in how to deal with her issues and she is still a work in progress.  She has now put weight on; will tolerate dogs at a distance; loves everyone but hates cats !!!   

Just wrecked two garden panels trying to get the cat next door
but we wouldn’t swap her for anything.
Assessed and Adopted by the same person!
8 yr old Mabel hasn't had a particularly good life, and when assessed last week our assessor fell for her charms and she is now enjoying life as it should be!

So happy for Mabel and mum Elaine Gardner.

Myra Shuel received this wonderful update from one of her homes and it reminded her why "I do what I do and it makes everything so worth while".
We cannot imagine life without Meisha anymore. Of all our German Shepherds (and we’ve had 4 before her who were all loving, loyal and well behaved dogs) she is by far the best companion we could have wished for – even trades people are welcomed by her with open ‘paws’ and a loving kiss. Thank you again for making it possible for us to meet her and bring her home. She has grown a beautiful, lustrous and fairly long coat and, as you can see from the attached portrait, she is very photogenic. Of course, she has also allowed us to leave the house during lockdown keeping her and us fit, and rarely do we return home without somebody remarking what a wonderful and beautiful dog she is.

Kathryn Williams shared an update about 2 UK-GSR dogs 

Tripawd Romeo (long haired) & Ludo (short haired) loving life.

Romeo is now 3 years old & Ludo is 2 years old. Most of you remember these boys but Romeo came to me at 5 weeks old with a broken leg & had to have it amputated. Ludo came to  Lia (my sister) at 16 weeks old with a heart problem - he is on meds for life but is doing well.

These two don’t live together but love going on walks together. 
Taking it slowly, always pays off in the long run. Look at young Loki settling so well!

Hi Suzanne,
He's doing well thanks, still keeping him at home for now but wow... the walk will do him good when it's time!
Just as we think he's given us all his love he piles more on, he has a big heart.
He hangs on Lorna's words, and very responsive to me.
We're going gentle though, I don't want too much from him as he settles.

Carra Pet Foods who donated a massive box of natural treats for the rescue dogs, obtained by Yvonne Shepherd.
A £25 donation from Eddie Carpenter.
Danish Designs for the two big boxes of vet bedding.
Wendy Burgess for the bags and bags of stuff for the kennel dogs and biscuits for the humans and Dex of course!
ALL who donated prizes and took part in our 48 hour Easter Extravaganza which raised £238.
Michelle Pearson and customers at Towneley Garden Centre for the shaker which raised £21.
Lynette Shepherd for dropping off a food donation of Forthglade food.
Eric Lee for the parcel of Forthglade for our Buster - it's always a big help, so thankyou Uncle Eric.
Carol Bennett for the parcel of goodies from the Amazon wish list.

Buster would like to say a massive THANKYOU to #Harringtonspetfoods for their donation of a whole pallet of Wainwrights large breed food.  He & his kennel pals love their grub and they are enjoying this one for sure.
Jerrylee would like to say thankyou to The Barking Bakery for the boxes of cakes - he thinks they’re all for him!

Keep your eyes peeled on our social media for our Treasure Map, online fundraising event,                 launching early May.

JOIN the hunt for LOTS of hidden treasure including:
a chocolate hamper;  paw design jewellery and an agility tunnel!

Eight years Andrew and Emma Plaskitt drove 196 miles from High Wycombe to Wetherby service station to meet a German Shepherd.

A van door opened and a small bear jumped out!

Will he fit in the car,they wondered?

He did and here he is at 13, preparing for a steak dinner.

Happy 8th Gotcha Day, to dearest, most precious Branwell.
Casper was 10 recently.
He was a bit of a problem dog rehomed back in 2014 .
They worship the bones of him, his mum and dad Joy and Frank Humphreys.
Some sad losses to report, but they are so worthy of our remembrance.
You might need some tissues, for the next few items.
Bonded pair Lenny and Millie's Story

Lenny arrived in our care last spring after being saved from a kill shelter in Romania. He was overlooked due to his size and his nervousness.
He came to UK-GSR and Suzanne and Kevin spent months gaining his trust, so he would then allow them to touch him.
He became very bonded with Millie, also from the same kill shelter, and they became inseparable.
A few weeks ago Lenny started bleeding from his bladder and after trying various non invasive treatments, with little improvement, he was sedated and examined. Sadly this showed a horrendous mass of cancerous tumours around his groin area, and blocking his genitals.
With him in our arms, Suze and Kev, let him gain his angel wings and suffer no longer.
Lenny's nickname was Lynrd Skynrd and he had become a sweet, gentle boy, who trusted us.
Millie is now learning to live without him.
Very Sad news folks, our beautiful old girl Tiny Tina has gained her angel wings and passed away after her back legs finally gave up on her.
Her mum is heartbroken, but kindly sent us Tina's ashes as she is going to be scattered on Winter Hill with her Dad Alan's ashes, by his family.
Tina was a true cheeky character & is now back with her Dad for the first 6 yrs of her life, and Alan who had her for the remaining years up until his sad passing last year.
Reunited with Maximillion & Hugo Huge Foot.
God bless TT, no more pain now sweetheart.

We also wish to say a special thankyou to Lynda, who has given Tina the best possible love and care this last 9 months.
More heartbreaking news. The wonderful Rexy Roodles has sadly passed away.
The 2 pics of him above are him in Romania.
The 2 below are  in the UK, in loving homes and loving life.

He had the loveliest retirement home, and will be sadly missed.
His journey from arriving in kennels, to foster with Jennifer Claire and then to Elaine Crawley, was a remarkable one.
God bless you Roodles x

Rex was loved by many and we send special hugs to his foster Mum and his current Mum - We are deeply saddened for your loss, but thank you for the hilarious updates they were something we all enjoyed. Thank you for caring for him. x
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Getting a pet should never be an impulse decision. 
Always consider its long-term welfare needs.
This extremely handsome boy is 8 year old Jerrylee, who was originally rehomed by us over 6 years ago, a nice easy dog - but sadly came back into rescue a few months ago, showing some issues with people and other dogs.
We have since worked hard with Jezza and he is now ready to look for his forever home.
Jezza is neutered, vaccinated and microchipped.
Jezza has had cruciate ligament surgery, and has now fully recovered. He does not need any treatment at all now, but may need pain relief for possible arthritis in later years.
Jerrylee has not been socialised a great deal in his life, so does bark and come across as aggressive with strangers. However, with calm, steady, slow introductions he does settle, and once he realises you aren't a threat, he quickly relaxes and will happily accept love and attention, and give the best hugs!
Jerrylee has had to be kept separate from dogs for the last couple of months due to his surgery and recovery. Now he does react to dogs on walks etc, but has previously lived with another dog, and we feel with time, training and a lot of work he will eventually be fine to mix with other dogs. He is muzzled at the moment around dogs and strangers, and he is very accepting of the muzzle.
Jezza travels ok in the car, but does need to be crated as he will chew the inside of the car if people go past.  He is completely housetrained. He adores toys of any sort, and normally carries one around.
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