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More pharmacies needed for the updated Palliative Care Service in Staffordshire - deadline now Friday 17th May!
NHS England update - MUR and NMS reporting reminder; Oral Health campaign materials; Quality Payments due in the May payment; Medicines Safety Group posters.
Virtual Outcomes - FREE training and support for National Smile Month campaign
CCG Update - New focus on polypharmacy & COPD; more prescribing switches; Freestyle Libre on FP10; Self Care support materials due in June.
Healthy Living Pharmacies - what does the future hold?
Asthma Focal Point, Atrial Fibrillation workshops, All-day events - all from CPPE in the coming months.

Community Pharmacy South Staffordshire News - 

Please find below our latest News Update - as usual all of our recent Newsletters can be accessed via our here to view other recent issues!

A View from the Chair...
May marked a new era for the LPC – the first of our new schedule of bi-monthly whole day meetings. We had a new venue as well – Tesco at Hednesford - thanks to Tesco for agreeing to host our meetings going forward.
The day was action packed and included visits and reports from Andy Pickard at NHS England and Emma Bryant at the CCG, as well as a short presentation on clinical training and career options for pharmacists from Judith Atherton, Pharmacy Ambassador for Health Education England (HEE).
The LPC discussed encouraging our contractors to take part in as many services as possible. We are anxious that contractors should be trying to complete 200 MURs before the end of September deadline as part of the interim funding arrangement currently in place. Remember that, the fate of MURs is being negotiated as part of the long-term funding negotiations taking place now between PSNC and NHS England. As a committee, we would like to support our contractors to make sure that they don’t miss any service opportunities, especially considering the ongoing pressures on contractor income. We are exploring the idea of sharing some figures with you which explain how much money you could be making if you were fully engaged with the service on offer; this is based on an idea from another LPC area (thank you Cheshire & Wirral). As ever, if you have any questions about any of the services you can provide or are providing please look at the LPC Services webpages or get in touch.
As would be expected in the aftermath of the NHS Long Term Plan published in January, we also talked about Primary Care Networks (PCNs). Our conversations around this will be ongoing over the next few months and we expect to have a clearer understanding of where the PCNs are in our patch by the time we next meet as an LPC in July. In the meantime, I would encourage everyone to check out the short introduction below, watch the short video and read the PSNC resources and guidance on PCNs so that you understand what PCNs are, and why you need to be aware of them…they come into existence on 1st July 2019!
With best wishes
Retirement - Carol Lumby
As reported in April our Administrator and Treasurer Carol Lumby will be retiring from the LPC at the end of the month; at our  LPC meeting last week Carol was given a very warm "send-off" by LPC members and officers along with a gift from them of a hand-made silver braclet. Carol said in response:
"I would like to thank you all so much for my lovely retirement gifts. I love my flowers and beautiful bracelet and will think of you all whenever I wear it.
 I really appreciate all your kind words and well wishes. I am looking forward to my retirement, but will miss the LPC. All your support and friendship has made working here such an enjoyable and rewarding experience.
 Wishing you all the best and every success going forward." 
Primary Care Networks - what do I need to know?

Primary Care Networks (PCNs) are a key part of the NHS Long Term Plan, with all general practices being required to be in a network by June 2019, and Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs) being required to commit recurrent funding to develop and maintain them.

The networks will have expanded neighbourhood teams which will comprise a range of staff such as GPs, pharmacists, district nurses, community geriatricians, dementia workers and Allied Health Professionals such as physiotherapists and podiatrists/chiropodists, joined by social care and the voluntary sector’.

PCNs are based on general practice registered lists, typically serving natural communities of around 30,000 to 50,000 patients. They should be small enough to provide the personal care valued by both patients and healthcare professionals, but large enough to have impact and economies of scale through better collaboration between general practices and others in the local health and social care system, including community pharmacies.

This short NHS England animation below explains the concept of PCNs and how this new way of working enables health and other services to work together to provide better access for patients.

Primary Care Networks animation
New Palliative Care Drugs Service – Expressions of interest
Deadline Extended to Friday 17th May - more pharmacies needed!

Please be aware that even if you have offered this service under the current SLA, you will need to complete the EOI to show you wish to offer the service going forward.

Following a recent review, NHSE & NHSI wish to commission a service from approximately 40 pharmacy contractors across Staffordshire which will require them to hold stock of a range of medicines for palliative care purposes. Since there can be up to 24/48 hour delays between ordering and delivery of some medications, these palliative care medicines will need to be readily available for immediate completion of a prescription so that patients requiring them do not have any delays in treatment initiation or continuation. Providing certain criteria are met, out-of-date products will be reimbursed and NHSE will pay an annual retainer of £100.
A letter with full details (including the EoI form) has been emailed to all pharmacy contractors' shared NHS mailboxes, along with a copy of the Service Level Agreement (SLA).
Reporting MUR and NMS activity

Pharmacy adviser for NHS England and NHS Improvement (NHSE&I) Andy Pickard was at our LPC meeting this week - and a key item on his agenda was about missing MUR and NMS reports. Across Shropshire and Staffordshire there are 44 missing MUR reports, and 28 missing NMS reports. Reports are matched against the information provided by NHS BSA on those who have claimed for these advanced services; those contractors yet to submit a report will receive a further notification from NHSE&I to submit - remember ALL NHSE communications are now made by email to your shared NHS Mailbox. If after this reminder the report(s) have not been submitted, then the contractor will be deemed to be in breach of their Terms of Service. This then may potentially result in recovery of monies paid for services.
A reminder that information on record keeping and reporting for MURs and NMS can be found on the PSNC website.

Children's Oral Health Campaign
This mandatory campaign is due to run from 13th May to 13th June, to coincide with National Smile Month - however some pharmacies have experienced delays in the main display materials arriving. These are coming direct from Colgate-Palmolive, and although these will be coming PSNC have shared some guidance on running the campaign in-pharmacy, which is NOT reliant on receiving the Colgate-Palmolive materials.
CLICK HERE for further information on the PSNC website; don't forget to record your interactions on the template form, and report via PharmOutcomes at the end of the campaign. 

Quality Payments in your May payment
If you engaged in the recent round of Quality Payments then you will pleased to hear that you will receive payment in the contractor pay run at the end of May. 

Medicines Safety Group - Medication without Harm Posters
Andy Pickard also mentioned the Staffordshire STP Medicines Safety Group - and their ongoing work in improving medicines safety across the county. As a result of this, a number of posters for use in your pharmacies have been produced - three variants for public-facing areas of your pharmacy, and one to use within your dispensary. We have added copies of the posters to our website, and a selection will be distributed direct to contractors very soon  - as will a copy of the Staffordshire Medicines Safety Newsletter (which also gets emailed to your shared NHS mailbox!) which this month will focus on Opioid patches.
Medicines Optimisation News...from Emma Bryant, Staffordshire CCGs
CCG Medicines Optimisation pharmacist Emma Bryant was at our LPC meeting last week to bring us the latest from the MO team:
  • The latest round of activity in practices will focus on polypharmacy and COPD. In COPD in particular there will be a move towards the "triple therapy" inhaler devices, and patients being switched in practices will be advised to seek NMS consultations with their cvommunity pharmacist - so be prepared! We're just waiting to see how the messages may be conveyed to pharmacy contractors - one of our LPC members did suggest use of clinical messaging in the EPS system - however, it may well be best to liase with your local practices to seek more information about both timescales, and the number of patients likely to be affected.
  • Further work is being undertaken on "switching" - however where in the past this has been done across the whole CCG geography, it is now possible to target practices switches to the items that will give them the best chance of "saving" money. Your LPC has always argued against switching, as it adversely affects the individual contractors in that area, can result in local shortages and impacts negatively on the whole contract funding element related to "retained margin" - which (perversely) ultimately sees the Category M prices rising in the Drug Tariff to maintain the agreed retained margin - which then encourages further switching! HOWEVER - CCGs are determined not to be left behind, and we have no expectation that without some central intervention switches will continue - so best to be aware what is happing in your locality, and to be fair, there are some on this list which are brand to generic switches. The full list can be found on the LPC website.
  • Prescribing of Freestyle Libre - as we have detailed on our website, Freestyle Libre "Flash" Blood Glucose montoring system patches are now available to prescribe and dispense, within the guidelines set down by NHS England (and endorsed by local CCGs). PLEASE NOTE - whilst you will be reimbursed for prescriptions dispensed, the product is ONLY available via the Abbott pharmacy "portal" and not via your usual wholesalers. This supply route offers NO DISCOUNT from list price, so contractors WILL be dispensing this product at a loss - for the average contractor around £90per annum for each patient - something we will be arguing for PSNC to make a case to NHSE and DHSC for addition to the "ZD" list as soon as possible.
  • As you know, the Pharmacy First Common Ailments service is expected to end at the end of August this year (Please Note: You will receive formal notice from NHSE about the end date for the common ailments service).    Emma noted that patient information materials on self care are being developed, and the expectation is that they will be available for all healthcare providers from mid-June onwards.  This work is being done by CCGs in conjunction with Andy Pickard and also the LPCs as we are hoping to make patients aware not only of the end of the Common Ailments Service but also that GPs are being asked by NHSE not to prescribe for certain acute, self-limiting conditions which are treatable with OTC medication - see the NHS guidance here
Any problems which the CCG Medicines Optimisation team can help resolve - and to provide feedback on issues arising from the above items - please use their "generic" email address:

Virtual Outcomes - Childen's Dental Health Training 

As announced in January your LPC has funded access to Virtual Outcomes for ALL pharmacies in the South Staffordshire LPC area, and is ready for you to log in and use!
VirtualOutcomes is committed to delivering high quality online training and support for community pharmacies.
To support the National Pharmacy Public Health Campaign - National Smile Month
The UK's biggest and longest running oral health campaign which takes place annually between 13th May and 13th June.
Not only does excessive sugar intake affect dental health, but it also relates to obesity in children.
To find out how you can help, watch our FREE online training - CLICK HERE!
We've mentioned above about the delay in the Colgate-Palmolive sponsored resources; however you can still start the campaign locally, with great ideas highlighted in the Virtual Outcomes training video and resources.

FINALLY, we would like to remind contractors that there a a number of resources available which can help signpost patients and members of the public to dental health services locally, particularly for accessing an NHS dentist if they aren't registered, and for getting dental treatment out-of-hours. Samples of these were previously circulated to pharmacies across the area however you can click the relevant links to download a copy of
covering letter that accompanied the samples, the poster and patient card/leaflet.
For further supplies (as described in the letter), please email and include:
  • a contact name
  • your pharmacy’s address
  • whether you need cards and/or additional posters

Healthy Living Pharmacies - what does the future hold?

This was a question posed at our LPC meeting this week - so we thought we'd bring you up to date on what we do know already - and a few reminders along the way!

The future of HLP?
PSNC's Chief Executive Simon Dukes referred to HLP in his recent comments in Community Pharmcy News (April edition) about the ongoing funding negotiations

"While I am not going to talk about our negotiating positions in public, there are some things that we can share. As per the details set out in the NHS Long Term Plan and GP contract, the Government is looking to better use the clinical skillset and reach of community pharmacy, so you can expect discussions around urgent care, prevention and medicines safety. Specifically, we will be considering...The future of the Healthy Living Pharmacy (HLP) programme and effective use of the Pharmacy Integration Fund..."
So, HLP is a concept which supports the aims of the NHS Long Term Plan, and the GP contract - and PSNC want to see this platform for effective interventions with patients and public continue.

So - if HLP continues to be part of the community pharmacy contract - are you registered?
Many pharmacy contractors achieved their RSPH registration in time to claim for Quality Payments - and the accreditation as Level 1 HLP expires after two years. 
ACTION - Check the RSPH West Midlands regional list to ensure you know when your accreditation expires, and can plan your actions needed to re-accredit before that date..

Primary Care Networks and HLP
Even without any funding or contractual obligations agreed, the NHS Long Term Plan focusses very heavily on the formation of Primary Care Networks as the structures through which much of health care delivery will take place. We've already given you an insight into what PCNs are, and how they aim to bring together many health and care providers to improve health within their geography - and HLPs are particularly well-placed to support those looking to improve their health and wellbeing working with the local PCN, either for those hoping to prevent the onset of long-term conditions such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes or COPD - or indeed those living with these conditions. We'll be ensuring over the coming months that we engage with both the PCNs and you as pharmacy contractors, along with your teams, to help all understand how HLP fits in to local service delivery.

Finally, there's further information, ideas and resources in the latest HLP Newsletter published by Public Health England (PHE).

 Your West Midlands CPPE tutors and education supervisors have been busy planning a great programme of revalidation learning opportunities for you. Take a look at the great choice of events and book your place soon at or click on the titles of the events and login to the CPPE website to book your place. 
A light buffet will be served before the start of our evening workshops. 
Asthma Focal point - On completion of all aspects of this learning programme you should be able to: apply medicines optimisation principles in the context of asthma treatment, demonstrate how guidelines are used to provide optimum care for individual patients, examine whether a person’s asthma treatment is appropriate, recognise when treatment needs to be increased or decreased, implement a holistic approach to support people with asthma, consider all factors which influence their asthma control, enable people to self-manage their asthma with appropriate inhaler use and a personalised asthma action plan. #CPPEasthma

Local Asthma Focal Point events:
Telford Ramada Hotel Ironbridge 12th June 2019;
Lichfield Cathedral Visitor Centre 24th September 2019.

Atrial Fibrillation Wokshops
The aim of this event is to equip pharmacy professionals with the knowledge and skills required to identify and manage patients with atrial fibrillation.
On completion of all aspects of this learning programme you should be able to:
  • describe the pathophysiology of atrial fibrillation and outline the principal aims of management
  • discuss treatment options for stroke prevention, symptom control and the prevention of complications
  • describe medicines optimisation in the context of atrial fibrillation management
  • explore and discuss the role and contribution of pharmacy professionals in the management of people with atrial fibrillation
  • describe those communication skills required to undertake a person centred consultation when interacting with a patient who has atrial fibrillation.
It is a collaborative event led by West Midlands Academic Health Science Network (WMAHSN); local dates for AF training are:
Keele Hall, Keele - 5th June 2019
Cathedral Visitor's Centre, Lichfield - 26th June 2019
Click the link to book - you will need to be logged in to your CPPE account to do this.

Full day events across the West Midlands
Confidence in consultation skills (full day event) - with medical actors to practice and develop your skills.
Pharmacy professionals are spending more time than ever consulting with patients and the public. This workshop will support you in developing the key consultation skills needed to ensure you are confident in delivering high-quality person-centred consultations. This full-day workshop has been developed to support pharmacy professionals working in all sectors. #CPPEconsultationskills
•    22/9/19 (all day) – Birmingham Hallmark hotel (Booking ref. 47994)
Clinical medication review study day - with medical actors to practice and develop your skills.
This event will equip you with the knowledge, skills and confidence that you need to conduct effective clinical medication reviews. During the workshop you will apply evidence-based clinical medication review tools in a case study setting to make recommendations for optimising medicines use. #CPPEmedreview
•    20th June (all day) – Birmingham The Mac (Booking ref. 48579)
Clinical assessment skills and history-taking - This event will equip you with the knowledge, skills and confidence that you need to conduct effective clinical medication reviews. During the workshop you will apply evidence-based clinical medication review tools in a case study setting to make recommendations for optimising medicines use. #CPPEclinicalskills
•    8th September (all day) – Birmingham The Mac (Booking ref. 48579)
As ever, log in to CPPE to book these events; refreshments and lunch are provided for full-day workshops.

Possible Mental Health Events in Autumn.
We are hoping to offer a couple of events in the Autumn semester in Staffordshire and Shropshire, these would be on the topics of depression and dementia - more details to follow.
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