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Urgent actions you need to take NOW on PQS and CPCS
Delivering the Community Pharmacist Consultation Service - Coding, Locums, GP escalation and more...
Are you able to provide flu' vaccinations for children? NHSE would like to know...
Controlled Drug Accountable Officer - updated information now on LPC website...
Primary Care Networks Latest 
NHS England - breaches and financial withholdings
CPPE Update November 2019 - including support for CPCS and Pharmacy Quality Scheme
Virtual Outcomes - supporting you and your teams to understand Primary care Networks
Transfer of Care Around Medicines is coming - what you need to know!
Reporting Mandatory Public Health Campaigns - PharmOutcomes update

Community Pharmacy South Staffordshire News - 

Please find below our latest News Update - as usual all of our recent Newsletters can be accessed via our here to view other recent issues!

A View from the Chair...

As should be the case, Primary Care Networks (PCNs) are high up on the LPC agenda of priorities at the moment. Therefore the afternoon was a combined meeting and training event for LPC members and South Staffordshire PCN leads – the people voted to represent other contractors at PCN level. We have 13 PCNs in South Staffordshire with the largest covering a population of over 140,000. Please keep an eye out in the coming weeks for communication from your area PCN lead, and respond if you want to collaborate with your fellow contractors...

Whilst the afternoon session of our meeting was dedicated to PCNs the morning was for normal LPC business. We discussed a proposal to decrease the size of the LPC committee from 14 to 11 members which was voted for unanimously. We hope this will make our committee more effective as well as being better value for money for our contractors. There will be further communication about this from the LPC very soon as an EGM will need to be held before the change can be made. At the meeting we were also informed of the independent review of PSNC that is currently taking place. We are all facing uncertain times so it is right that we review what we are doing to ensure that we are fit and ready for the future.
Some time was also spent discussing how the Community Pharmacy Consultation Service (CPCS) is going at a local level. We are pleased there has been some activity locally although this currently appears to be skewed towards the minor ailment aspect rather than the emergency supply side. As of last week, there had been 12, 000 referrals to CPCS (excluding London) which sounds like a positive start to the service. I attended a Community Pharmacy West Midlands meeting the evening before LPC, where information was shared about the CPCS guides on PharmOutcomes. One of the guides describes codes that could be used in the referral from NHS 111 to community pharmacy. Some of these codes could be misinterpreted. Therefore I would urge you to read these guides if you haven’t already done so. If you have any feedback or issues with CPCS then please share these with the LPC so that we can escalate them locally where appropriate.  
On the subject of PharmOutcomes, the LPC and other commissioners send out important information via the PharmOutcomes messaging portal. Whilst we appreciate how tight everyone is for time, please make sure you read these messages because there may be information there which is advantageous for the future. We don’t want anyone to miss out! 
Another thing of note if you are interested in some postgraduate training - January will be the last enrolment for the HEE fully funded post graduate modules. Please sign up if you are interested whilst the opportunity is still available.
Finally, well done to you all. We have already done more flu jabs than we in did the whole of the season last year!
With best wishes.
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Update on CPCF Actions - dates for your diary!

  • The window to update your NHS Website profile as per the PQS Gateway Criteria is now open. The window CLOSES  on 30th November 2019 at 11.59pm
  • The window is now open for contractors to update their NHS 111 DoS profiles, as per the PQS Quality Criteria for Digital Enablers. The window CLOSES on 30th November 2019 at 11.59pm.
  • CPCS (see below!) To receive a Transition Payment supplement of £900 you MUST register to provide CPCS by 30th November 2019 at 11.59pm. Alternatively register by 15th January 2020  to receive a £600 supplement.
  • The very last day you can start the Lithium audit to meet the Quality Criteria is 29th November 2019.
  • The very last day you can start the Valproate audit to meet the Quality Criteria is 29th November 2019.
For action between now and your Declaration date:
  • The window is now open for contractors to demonstrate access to SCR, as per the PQS Quality Criteria for Digital Enablers. You MUST access SCR between 1st October  2019 and your declaration date.
There are a number of charts/calendars available to support contractors in meeting all of the relevant deadlines - you can access a Timeline  produced by our colleagues at North Staffs LPC (thanks Tania & Simon!) at:

Drug Tariff Update related to the CPCF:
One of our members noted that the Transitional Payment bands are quite close together - ref Part IVA paragraph 6 of the November DT - you may wish to note this in your financial planning:
6. Transitional Payments (England only)
All pharmacy contractors will receive Transitional Payments from October 2019. Transitional Payments will be paid monthly on the basis of the number of prescription items submitted and reimbursed by the NHSBSA, in the relevant month as set out in the table below:
Number of items per month from 1 October 2019    Monthly Transitional Payment from 1 October 2019
0 - 2,500    £100.00
2,501 - 5,000    £700.00
5,001 - 19,167    £780.00
19,168+    £833.33

Secondly, although the Pharmacy Access Sceme (PhAS) is to stay unchanged until April 2020, the review highlighted as part of the new CPCF may have an impact on those currently in receipt of the payment. As yet details of the review are not known, however we urge contractors in receipt of PhAS payments to be aware of the potential impact when planning for 2020-21 onwards.
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Community Pharmacy Consultation Service Update...

Locums and CPCS

Please note that if you have signed up for the CPCS you must ensure that you provide the service throughout your opening hours. We are hearing of many contractors who - having signed up for CPCS - are engaging locums who are not prepared to provide the service. We remind you that it is the contractors's responsibility to ensure locum pharmacists are able to provide all services usually provided at the pharmacy, and it is only in exceptional circumstances that those services (including CPCS) would not be available throughout your opening hours.
PSNC have produced a guide for locums on CPCS - you can download a copy at:
And check out our CPPE update at the foot of the email for information of funded training to equip you with Clinical Assessment Skills in support of CPCS!

CPCS Coding - confusing?

Note that there are a number of referral codes used within the NHS111 processes of referral, and some of these appear at first glance to be directing patients to see their GP, rather than attend the pharmacy. However, this is NOT the case - all of these have been deemed suitable for pharmacy referral - the PharmOutcomes CPCS User Guide - Introduction lists these and reminds contractors:
Please note that it has been decided that all of the above outcomes are suitable for a pharmacy referral. Please be aware that the referral information will contain an outcome description, and this may well be a direction to see their GP (Dx09, Dx16 and Dx75). These patients should be managed at the pharmacy and the patient referral is in line with the service arrangements i.e. they do fall within the scope of the CPCS service for support via their chosen pharmacy. Please do not turn patients away where any of the above outcomes appear as part of the referral information.

GP Practices and CPCS
We are hearing that some GP practices are unaware of CPCS and that they may start to get referrals of patients from pharmacies should you consider it necessary. Our advice is to brief your local practices on CPCS, and check how they manage patients in need of escalation for an urgent appointment with their GP. You can find a useful one-page summary of CPCS and a short animation produced by the DoS team which could help you with this at:

CPCS Problems

We know with any new service that there can be teething troubles...and colleagues within the LPC and beyond tell us CPCS is no different. So, if you are registered to provide CPCS and have encountered ANY problem in providing the service, PLEASE LET US KNOW using the form on our website at:
Please though keep the nature of these to examples that can be prevented in the future - we don't need to hear about patients not turning up at the pharmacy! An example might be - being unable to refer a patient back to NHS111 using the info on the local "Annex C" document.

We'll collate these and pass them to PSNC without your details - if in doubt, report it!

Management Email addresses on PharmOutcomes
Please see our note below on this under the TCAM section.

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The school aged immunisation team have been in touch to ask if any pharmacies are providing flu vaccines to those aged under 18years.
Contractors should provide info on the following:
•    If providing private flu vaccine to under 18s, what specific age groups are covered by their PGD
•    Which vaccines/nasal spray are being used
•    What are their current stock levels

Please email the information to Andy Pickard at - much appreciated!
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We have been advised recently that the information on the CDAO was out of date, and we have now updated the relevant page - please see:
The CD Resources page has also been updated:
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We are now able to confirm the following PCN Community Pharmacy Leads:

  • Burntwood PCN – Narinder Chahal (N&J’s Pharmacy)
  • Cannock South PCN – Martin Wilson (Well Pharmacy, Devon Court)
  • Cannock Villages PCN – Foram Patel (Well Pharmacy, Norton Canes)
  • Rugeley & Haywood PCN – Matthew Bryan (Northwoods Pharmacy, Brereton)
  • Seisdon PCN – Navjot Singh (Boots, Giggetty Lane, Wombourne)
  • Stafford Town PCN – Helen Watton (Cornwells Chemist, Holmcroft)
  • Stone & Eccleshall PCN – Andrew Morrison (Eccleshall Pharmacy)
  • Cannock North PCN – Chandan Bhogal (Tesco, Hednesford)
  • East Staffordshire PCN – Jane Woodthorpe (Dean & Smedley, Tutbury)
  • Stafford Central PCN – Jinish Patel (Well Pharmacy, Castlefields)
  • Stafford South PCN – Carol Haycock (Northwoods, Whitehouse/Penkridge)
Due to an administrative error we had been unable to complete the election process in the Lichfield and Mercian PCN areas; we have today (21st November) sent out voting papers to the relevant contractors - please check your shared mailbox and submit your vote before 5pm next Thursday 28th November.

A full list of the Primary Care Networks and associated pharmacies can be downloaded below.

South Staffs PCNs and Pharmacy Spread v3

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Transfer of Care Around Medicines (TCAM)
This is a national programme allowing hospital pharmacists to use PharmOutcomes™ to refer patients nearing discharge to the patient's chosen local community pharmacy. Patient information is sent electronically to the community pharmacy and includes: date of birth, postcode, NHS number, GP details and details of discharge medicines. A member of the community pharmacy team then contacts the patient (ideally within three days), to arrange for them to come in for a consultation. This visit may then result in the completion of a Medicines Use Review (until they are phased out), New Medicine Service and/or other suitable services; such as repeat dispensing, home delivery, stop smoking, flu vaccination etc...
Community pharmacy and hospital pharmacy colleagues in Staffordshire and Stoke on Trent STP have been working together with West Midlands AHSN to try and improve care for recently discharged patients where it is thought there would be potential benefit of a further intervention. Medicines Support (Hospital to Home) will be a new service which aims to ensure patients receive appropriate support from their community pharmacist soon after leaving hospital by using PharmOutcomes™ to pass messages securely to and from the hospital and community pharmacy.
Evidence has shown real benefits to patients receiving such interventions through reduced readmission rates back into hospital and improved health outcomes.  The summary of the outcomes of the use of TCAM in Newcastle Upon Tyne can be found in this BMJ article Transfer of care BMJ paper
The Pharmaceutical Journal has published an article about a similar scheme which you may wish to read:
Is the TCAM info meant to be a message to dispense medication from this list?
The information is to help community pharmacists who have patients who have recently been in hospital.  Your message may trigger NMS etc but the information sent is also great for checking the patient’s next prescription to see if the changes from the hospital are reflected in the new prescription.  
This extra information should help community pharmacists help ensure patients get the correct medication, they can check with the GP practice but will also have a contact name at the hospital pharmacy department too.   It’s great that we are finally going to get more information about our patients post-hospital stay, this should help us provide their medication in an accurate and timely manner.
Where will TCAM be used?
Some hospitals in our area will be launching their referral to community pharmacy service via the PharmOutcomes™ platform shortly.
From November 2019, University Hospitals North Midlands (County Hospital Stafford and Royal Stoke University Hospital) will be making referrals. In the New Year, it is likely that North Staffs Combined and the Haywood Hospital will also commence this service.
Queens Hospital in Burton are also expected to come on-line in the New Year.
Cannock Hospital is part of the Wolverhampton Trust which has just gone live and their first TCAM referral actually went through to a pharmacy on 29th October.  This has just come to the attention of South Staffs LPC and we are aware that Cannock pharmacies haven't had any information from Wolverhampton but they might start to receive referrals soon!  The documentation from the Wolverhampton area is available for download on this page so that you can see the info and FAQs that they prepared for their launch event in September.
Telford Hospital will be going live soon.
Other hospitals in the Midlands area are also either live or going live soon and this may have an impact on all of our pharmacies, you may get messages from these hospitals.
Management email address for PharmOutcomes
Please note that notifications from PharmOutcomes for both CPCS and TCAM will come to the management email address that you have saved in PharmOutcomes.  This is not the actual referral but it is a message to say you have a referral and to look at your PharmOutcomes.
You should use the shared email address for this so that this can be checked by whoever is in the pharmacy, it’s no good coming to an email address that only one person can access as this means the messages don’t get seen unless that person is in at work!
If you want to change this email you can do so by logging into PharmOutcomes
 The management email address can be set from the “Home” page. This email address DOES NOT need to be secure as no patient identifiable data is sent as part of this alert. The email will detail the referral centre details and the fact that the ITK message has been received and is awaiting action. The management email inbox should be accessible to all pharmacy team members involved with CPCS service provisions and TCAM referrals. 
Instructions (including screenshots)  can be found on the PharmOutcomes help document here:
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Virtual Outcomes - Primary Care Networks training

Your LPC funds access to FREE ONLINE TRAINING for every pharmacy contractor across South Staffordshire through Virtual Outcomes – here’s their latest offering, essential learning for you and your colleagues!

  • Do you know what a Primary Care Network is?
  • How do you know which PCN your pharmacy is in?
  • What role is your pharmacy going to play in the PCN?
  • Why will relationships with local health and social care professionals be important?
Our comprehensive online training will cover all these questions.
Access the online training library
Download the course flyer
Just a reminder that if you are thinking about Healthy Living Pharmacy self-accreditation to meet the Pharmacy Quality Scheme criterion (and of course as a contractual requirement from 1st April 2020) then as the LPC funds your access to Virtual Outcomes you can also get a £5 discount on their Level 2 RSPH Award in Understanding Health Improvement - essential to train your Healthy Living Champions - more details are on their website!
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NHS ENGLAND - Financial withholdings following Breach notices
NHSE have been in touch to say that they have set a procedure for imposing financial withholdings on contractors as a consequence of a Breach notice. We understand that there may be a number of contractors likely to receive a notice of withholding soon, please contact the LPC if you receive one.
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Mandatory Public Health Campaigns

Andy Pickard at NHSE has just sent out the information for the latest PH campaign information to your shared NHS mail account, the campaign for this time is Help us Help You Winter Campaign.

The letter, information sheet and tally chart can be found on the LPC website at: 

The PharmOutcomes recording module has been changed this month - see below.  

Nov 2019: Updated PharmOutcomes module for recording data PLEASE READ
In an attempt to simplify recording of your public health campaign involvement we have now changed the question on PharmOutcomes which asks which campaign you are reporting on.  Previously you had to free-type a campaign title, this has now been replaced by a question with a dropdown list to choose from.  This should hopefully speed up entries for you.
You are NOT required to re-enter any data that was already in the system using the old free-type boxes, simply use this new question going forward.  All previous data is still in the system.  If you have any questions about the PharmOutcomes module please contact
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The Centre for Pharmacy Postgraduate Education

Dementia Focal point:
This learning event will help you develop your role in the early identification of dementia and to recognise signs and symptoms of its different types, while helping you to deliver improved outcomes and signposting.
  • Birmingham 28th November 2019
  • Keele 25th March 2020
Depression Optimise
Reflect on your confidence to engage in discussion with people with depression and your ability to listen to their concerns and respond to their needs. Use this programme to improve your consultation skills, encourage people with depression to seek your support and achieve better health outcomes.
  • Keele 27th November 2019
  • Telford 22nd January 2020
  • Lichfield 12th February 2020
As ever, booking is via the CPPE website.

Pharmacy Quality Scheme (PQS): Getting Started.

CPPE have a page dedicated to helping you with aspects of the PQS, follow this link for information on Risk Management, Sepsis Training, Look Alike Sound Alike (LASA) training and find out what your next steps should be.
Pharmacy professionals are encouraged to make a start on completing the learning and e-assessments as the next step for participating in PQS.

Further information is also available in this news story on the PSNC website.

Community Pharmacy Consultation Service (CPCS) - Clinical Assessment Skills
CPPE have also been commissioned to deliver some learning events focusing on the Community Pharmacy Consultation Service.  These are not compulsory but may be of interest to contractors - planned dates locally are:
Newcastle-under-Lyme (Holiday Inn J16) 26th January 2020
Stafford (Beacon Conference Centre) 29th February 2020

Download the CPCS Workshop flyer HERE.
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