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A View from the Chair...
Happy New Year to you all! I think we had all hoped for a more positive start to 2022 compared to 2021. Whilst we aren’t in a lockdown, like last year, I know many contractors have been struggling with staff absences because of the large number of COVID cases in the community. Please remember that, if you must close because of staff absences, you update your DOS profile and let your local surgeries and other local pharmacies know.
So, what does 2022 have in store for community pharmacy locally?
Work on the delayed Pharmaceutical Needs Assessment (PNA) is moving at pace. You will all receive a survey to complete at some point in the process. Please do fill this in when you receive it as it is important that the true picture of community pharmacy is reflected in the PNA.
We may finally get to vote on the proposals of the Review Steering Group (RSG) work. Remember, this group has been looking at the changes to pharmacy representation proposed in the Wright Review. The outcome of this work will impact us all. All the information on their work to date can be found on the RSG webpage. There are some more focus groups planned for the end of January. Please try to find time to take part if you can.
GP CPCS – we are seeing increased engagement locally. Please ensure any referrals are dealt with promptly and that you claim for your work! It is important that all members of the pharmacy team are engaged in the service so that it continues to run when the regular pharmacist is off.
We are expecting to see an increase in the number of DMS referrals from our local hospitals. Remember that technicians can also deliver this service.
The claim window for this year’s pharmacy quality scheme (PQS) will open at the end of January. Although the deadline for completing the work has been extended the claim window is still the same as announced at the beginning of the scheme.
Most importantly will be the development of the Integrated Care System (ICS) locally and how that affects community pharmacy. We are working hard on behalf of our contactors to ensure community pharmacy isn’t forgotten about.
One thing is for certain, 2022 is going to be another busy year in community pharmacy and your LPC, as ever, will be here to support you.
With best wishes
Hello, hope everyone is keeping well. I am Narinder Chahal, an Independent contractor from Burntwood for coming up to 28 years; and have been representing Independents in the area on the South Staffordshire LPC for over 10 years.
What a couple of years pharmacy has faced!
We have battled through unprecedented demand; staff absences; workforce issues and stock shortages; and still we have to fight to be seen as integral members of the primary healthcare team and are often not even acknowledged in Government strategic planning.
Hopefully we have shown our worth, resilience, reliability and willingness to action by our stellar efforts in helping to deliver the Flu and Covid vaccinations. Well done to everyone that has taken part.
As these now slow down it is time to concentrate our efforts to the other job at hand: PQS. There is lots of information on the PSNC website and the LPC can help with any queries:
To reiterate Lucy: the declaration period is still 31st January to 25th February 2022 but you still have until 31st March to complete any outstanding tasks. Evidence for the tasks have to be collated by end June 2022.
With the return of the ENT Extended Care service now delayed pending the Antimicrobial Stewardship review and GP-CPCS & DMS have had a disappointingly slow for many of us, but I feel services really are the way forward for high street pharmacies to survive the on-line onslaught; and they will come. Keep optomistic!
Here's to a much better year 2022 ahead
Services Update - from LPC Engagement & Support Officer, Simon Hay
  1. Central Health Solutions have announced that they have been awarded the new Sexual Health Services contract that was tendered by Staffordshire County Council. More information on the new contract will be available for contractors next month and the LPC will be working closely with them to ensure the new SLA works to the benefit of all parties.
  2. We have done some work on dropped GP-CPCS referrals i.e. when the referral is not completed. There are a number of reasons:-
    1. The patient is non-contactable. This is the most common reason, and we are asking practices to make sure that the contact details are correct. We would suggest that pharmacists attempt to contact the patient 3 times before dropping the referral.
    2. The patient has recovered or gone elsewhere. There's not a lot that a contractor can do other than correctly mark the reason for dropping the referral
    3. The patient is out of scope for an Extended Care Service. Remember, this is CPCS, not Extended Care at this stage. We would suggest you don't just take this on face value but contact the patient, verify they are out of scope for the Extended Care Service, provide supportive advice and if necessary refer them urgently /non-urgently to the GP. Accept and complete the referral marking it actioned as appropriate. This means pharmacists who are not accredited to offer extended care can still deal with the CPCS referral. We are also working with practices to help educate the GP care navigators as to what is and is not in scope of CPCS and Extended Care.
    4. We are still seeing a few dropped referrals marked as 'locum working today.' This should just not happen 
  3. Many pharmacies have now signed up to offer the new Hypertension Case Finding Advanced Service,  but have yet to see many/any patients. Before you go live please review the documents and checklist on the  PSNC website, or follow your internal company guidance. We are getting a few reports of practices who are not sure why they are suddenly getting BP reading sent to them, or who have a misconception about the service, and believe it will just cause them a lot of unnecessary work. A conversation with the practice manager BEFORE the service starts could turn a negative impression of pharmacy into a very positive one. To help explain the service Virtual Outcomes have produced a free training video for practice staff. This can be accessed at    The practice enters their practice code (M number) where it asks for the ODS code and they can then access the video.


The NHSE National Antimicrobial Resistance (AMR) Programme Board has requested that the DHSC UK AMR Board’s Research Co-ordination Group commission an National Institute for Health Research (NIHR) programme of work to look at the quality, safety, effectiveness and appropriateness of new and existing clinical services to manage infection provided by community pharmacies and other care settings, including the supply of antimicrobials without a prescription under the legal direction of a PGD.

The Board has advised local commissioners to pause new services until this work has been undertaken.

Following this recommendation, a decision has been made regionally to suspend any new SLA sign up’s to the Midlands Region Extended Care Tier 1 and Tier 2 services with immediate effect.

Community Pharmacies currently providing Tier 1 and Tier 2 services can continue to provide services to patients as normal. As a current provider, if you have a change in pharmacist, then they also can sign the PGD’s and provide the service(s). The suspension relates to the sign up of new sites only.  

The current SLAs expire at the end the end of March 2022 but an extension will be issued in March to bring this in line with the expiration of the PGDs at the end of May 2022.  

As soon as we have a clearer position from the national team relating to this matter we will of course communicate this to all Community Pharmacies.

Action Required:  Bank Holiday Opening Intentions and Expressions of Interest - Easter & May/June 2022
Pharmacy contractors have been asked by NHSE&I to complete the Opening Intensions/Expression of Interest form for Easter, May and June Bank Holidays (linked below) by the deadline of 18th February 2022.
Bank Holiday Opening Intentions
Pursuant to paragraph 35(3)(b) of Schedule 4 to the NHS (Pharmaceutical and Local, Pharmaceutical Services) Regulations 2013, as amended, please provide your proposed opening days and times for the following bank and public holidays
  • Good Friday (Friday 15th April 2022)
  • Easter Sunday (Sunday 17th April 2022)
  • Easter Monday (Monday 18th April 2022)
  • Early May Bank Holiday (Monday 2nd May 2022)
  • Spring Bank Holiday (Thursday 2nd June 2022)
  • Platinum Jubilee Bank Holiday (Friday 3rd June 2022)
Bank Holiday Rota Expression of Interest
You will also have the opportunity within this form to express an interest to be included in a bank holiday rota for the above named dates. These expressions of interest will supersede any previous rota arrangements in place.
NHS England & Improvement has a duty to ensure that there is adequate pharmacy provision over all bank and public holidays (including Easter Sunday). If NHS England & Improvement believe that there is not adequate provision we may issue directions to one or more pharmacies, requiring them to open.
This in an opportunity to express an interest in opening under Direction on any/all of the dates above if required (Please check all dates that apply).  This is an expression of interest for consideration only and submission does not guarantee that you will be Directed to open.
Please note that if you are issued with a Direction to open, Christmas Day and Easter Sunday will always be paid at £275 per hour and all other holidays are paid at £210 per hour.
Only actual Christmas Day attracts the higher payment, substitute days come under all other bank holiday rates.
NHSE&I will only accept information provided on the link above.
Full information on opening hours - including on Bank and Public Holidays - can be found on the PSNC website at:
Mandatory Public Health Campaign - Weight Management

Community pharmacy contractors should have received their campaign materials last week for the weight management health campaign, which is the third mandated campaign agreed for 2021/2022 by NHS England and NHS Improvement and PSNC.

If contractors have not received their campaign materials, they should email with ‘Weight Management Pharmacy Packs’ in the subject line and include their pharmacy name and address in the email.

Upon receipt of the campaign materials, the campaign should run in pharmacies for five weeks with the start date being the date on which the pharmacy receives their campaign materials.

The campaign resource pack includes a guidance leaflet to support community pharmacy teams’ conversations with patients and display materials. Social media and digital resources for the campaign are also available on the Campaign Resource Centre website.

Contractors will not be required to record the number of people to whom information is provided or any additional information for the weight management campaign.

Contractors are reminded that as part of the Healthy living support domain of the 2021/22 Pharmacy Quality Scheme, pharmacy teams are required to proactively discuss weight management with a minimum of 25 patients and refer at least one patient (who meets the criteria for referral) to either a Local Authority funded tier 2 weight management service or the NHS Digital Weight Management Programme. Pharmacy teams could therefore consider using the campaign materials as a conversation starter to assist them with meeting these requirements.

The details for Staffordshire's Tier 2 Service can be found in their Partner Pack as recently shared - you can download a copy HERE.

Contractor support for new NMS conditions
Birmingham & Solihull LPC has commissioned some support webinars to help contractors with the new NMS conditions as announced last year, and the information for the three final workshops is as follows: 
  • Heart failure - Monday 24th January 2022
  • Epilepsy - Monday 31st January 2022
There is now just one registration for all three workshops, thus attendees will only need to register the once but will be allowed into all three meetings. As before, a video will be made available on each topic after the workshop via YouTube/CPWM website.

Register in advance for these meetings:
After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the meeting.
The first three of these are now available to access as recorded versions via the CPWM website as above, or directly using the links below:
Gout: - presentation slides can be downloaded HERE, additionally you can download a list of the relevant Gout medications.

Parkinson's disease links:,  presentation slides  and list of the Parkinson's medications

Glaucoma links: slides and list of glaucoma meds.

Keele University - Pharmacy Undergraduate Placements

This week's LPC meeting heard from Professor Katie Maddock, Head of Keele School of Pharmacy about current developments in the pharmacy undergarduate programme - which is due to come into operation (for years 1 and 2) from September this year. Part of the new curriculum relates to the requirement for undergraduates to undertake workplace placements in all sectors, with these probably increasing each year through the four-year MPharm degree. These placements will not just be "shadowing", but very focused on learning through practice, with related workplace assessments.
Prof. Maddock is keen to hear from community pharmacy contractors across Stoke and Staffordshire who would be willing to host these undergraduate placements; there will be support offered by Keele in providing training for tutor pharmacists.
To express an interest in being part of this programme, please contact Prof. Maddock by email:

 Medicine Supply Notification for Bambuterol (Bambec®) 10mg Tablets

A Tier 2 medicine supply notification has been circulated to all pharmacy contractors and GP practices for Bambuterol (Bambec®) 10mg Tablets - you can download a copy of this HERE.

Medicine: Bambuterol (Bambec®) 10mg Tablets
Out of stock details:
  • Discontinuation of product.
  • Stock expected to be exhausted by the end of June 2022.
  • Inhaled β2-agonist therapy is the preferred route of administration.
  • If ongoing treatment with an oral β2-agonist is deemed necessary, consider Salbutamol tablets; orTerbutaline tablets
See MSN for further details.

DHSC and NHSE/I have now launched an online Medicines Supply Tool, which provides up to date information about medicine supply issues. The contents of these MSNs can now be viewed on the Tool. To access the Tool you will be required to register with the SPS website.

SAVE THE DATE! Upcoming workshops and events...
In addition to the NMS workshops outlined above, please make a note of the following in your diaries:
Tuesday 1st March - Connected Pharmacy Launch Event

Unlocking and integrating pharmacy networks across the Midlands 

The world of pharmacy is in the middle of the biggest transformation of the NHS ever.  Amidst turbulence and uncertainty lies opportunity and innovation. For the first time we have the opportunity to connect and integrate pharmacists across systems, to serve patients more affectively. Take advantage of a fully funded NHS England developmental program to help you to manage conflicting priorities and connect with others in support of better patient outcomes.

You will learn to :

  • Understand how the new NHS priorities relate into your current daily activities;
  • Connecting Pharmacy teams across interfaces to provide seamless care;
  • Create protected time/headspace to highlight and address real challenges in your day to day work;
  • Building personal and team resilience through local connections and networks;
  • Improve your work/life balance whilst delivering a modern pharmacy service;
  • Improve your communication and influencing skills and techniques in line with GPHC competency framework;

Please keep a look out for the official flyer coming soon with booking information and if you want any further information, please do not hesitate to contact us.

More details on the following two events soon...

  • Monday 7th March - Listening Skills & Emotional Health Training (Samaritans) - online via Zoom
  • Wednesday 9th March - Optimising the Care of Respiratory disease (Chiesi) - (Moat House, Acton Trussell and online)
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