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.“Gun” legislation Summary
One thing is very clear: This is a very emotional and complex topic. There are strong feelings on both sides. The feedback in support of my votes has run ahead of those opposed. Thanks for your input and your feedback.  Please see my Newsletter from 4/14/15, link below:
Below is a link to article from Colorado Springs Gazette on April 14, 2015 concerning the “gun” bill legislation on 4/13/15. It focuses on the complexity and difference of opinion on how to deal with current laws.

Representatives Saine and McCann tell the story of Ellie Phipps of Grand Junction in support of HB15-1043. The bill makes the 4th DUI a felony. It passed the house on second reading this morning, 4/14/15.

HB15-1317 Pay for Success bill
In Business Affairs committee today, 4/14/15, we heard HB15-1317. It is called the "Pay for Success" bill. The concept is to set up a structure that will allow state government to in effect "farm out” work to private or nonprofit agencies. The state sets a price or a worth for the service. Private companies or nonprofits can bid on the work. They can also attract investors to finance the contract. They make money or lose money based on how well they execute the contract.

I think this is the best bill I have seen in my short time here. I voted yes. The billed passed out of Business Committee 13-0.
HB15-1316 Passed out of State Affairs Committee today. I am cosponsor or the bill along with Representative Steve Lebsock, House District 34 – Serving Thornton, Northglenn, Federal Heights and unincorporated Adams County. 
The bill is a deregulation of the Taxi Cab business. Currently, if you want to get into the Taxi business you must get approval from the Public Utilities Commission. Part of the approval process gives the current Taxi companies the ability to prove there is no "market need" for more Taxis. And, of course, the existing companies all believe that is true.

HB15-1316 removes that part of the approval process. The PUC will still regulate the industry safety. But the bill will allow market entry by new companies if they can show financial responsibility and abide be the safety regulations.

The bill made it out of State Affairs on a bipartisan vote of 9-2. I believe it will go to the floor on Friday. It fits perfectly with what I would like to accomplish in my time here. Get the government out of the way and let the market function.
From the Denver Art Museum
The Denver Art Museum (DAM) announced today that it will offer free general admission to all youth ages 18 and under for the next five years, thanks to a five-year gift from Scott Reiman and the Reiman Foundation. A one-year grant from Kaiser Permanente Colorado also will support the Free for Kids program. The Free for Kids program begins today, and will continue through spring 2020, with the goal of securing ongoing support for the program.

Free for Kids at the Denver Art Museum will fund general admission to all children, including school tours and other youth group visits. This incredible access opportunity also will seed a new transportation fund, providing bus funding assistance for Title I schools. Free for Kids funded admission gifts also enable the museum to cap youth pricing for all special ticketed exhibitions at $5 for the next five years.

We hope you will share this news with your friends, neighbors.

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Representatives Thurlow and Williams present HB15-1343


HB15-1343 Passed from Business Affairs


You may recall, the first bill I introduced in January, HB15-1040, was an attempt to reduce the licensing requirements for Home Owners Association (HOA) mangers that was mandated 2 years ago under HB13-1277. Our attempt was to exempt HOAs with fewer than 20 properties and reduce the number of licenses that would be required for one HOA management company. We were also trying to reduce the requirement for people such as accountants, that did some HOA work, to be licensed. That bill was killed in State Affairs on a 6/5 vote in January.


I am happy to report that HB15-1343, which I am cosponsoring with Representative Angela Williams, was passed out of Business Committee today. HB15-1343 addresses two out of the three issues. It exempts from licensure CEO’s that are not directly managing HOAs. And it exempts clerical, accounting, maintenance and other staff within those companies. Thus, a company doing HOA management need only license the manager directly in charge. It also exempts independent contractor that are not directly engaged in management of the HOA.


What it does not accomplish is to exempt even the smallest HOAs for the license rules. I still think this should be done. But I am learning that in this job, if you reach some of your goals, you should accept that and maybe try again next year.


HB15-1343 must still go to  appropriations committee and then go to the floor. I am cautiously optimistic that it will become law.