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Two months ago, I was invited to a debate with Lamar Smith, Michael J. Smith, and John Murphy, the contenders for the Congressional seat for CD 21.  I immediately accepted.  The invitation came from the Kendall County Tea Party Patriots, run by Earl Smith.  The debate is scheduled for November 9.  November 9 was chosen because that week Congress is out of session and Lamar Smith is in the district.
Earl Smith informed me that he had been contacting Lamar Smith’s office continually for the last two months, trying to get a response regarding the debate, without success.  Earl was finally able to ask Lamar about it in person at a public forum last Tuesday.  Lamar said it was the first he’d heard about it and that he would get back with Earl by the end of the evening.  He did not.
On Wednesday, an invitation went out by email for a private reception at a supporter’s home for Lamar Smith---scheduled for the evening of November 9.
There may be nothing in it personally for Lamar Smith to show up for a debate.  But it’s not about him.  It’s about the people and the future of the country and who the best person is for the job—the job of fighting for our values and getting results.
Lamar Smith’s office could have asked for another date to debate at any time over the last two months if November 9 was taken.  Now, no doubt, if he asks for a debate, it’ll be the day after the election.  If you want to see a debate between all parties fighting for your vote for CD 21, contact Lamar Smith’s office and ask for one.  It’s your seat, and you and your children deserve the best possible person in it. 
Matt McCall

Matt McCall for Congress
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