Together we reached $8,000!

$5,000 was our goal.

YOU directly contribute to therapeutic arts access for our local neighborhoods!  With community centers closing again to reduce the spread of COVID, surpassing our fundraising goal means that we will quickly adapt to the wildness of the winter months! This funding support ensures that in-person sessions, ArtBags, and online resources continue to be spark creativity & self-expression!
"When I feel sad or angry I draw and paint to let out my feelings. Sometimes I get angry and I slam the door. I don't want to, but I can't help it. It's like my body just has to do it."
- Luke, age 8

Weekly check-ins with ArtVan Youth are essential to our work and so is connecting directly with parents/guardians and community leaders. These relationships guide how we develop relevant, weekly themes & engaging art mediums that speak to what's happening individually, communally, and globally.

"I feel safe and confident ..."

"I would like to express my gratitude for having the ArtVan come to our neighborhood and give the children something positive and productive to do. My son is on the Autism spectrum and is considered high functioning. He is a sensitive boy and has a hard time keeping friends because of his social and emotional skills. Although he has shown great progress with the help from his school, having the ArtVan available is another great way for him to use his imagination and build his social skills.

I'm very grateful that he is always well-taken care of by the staff! Jamie [Jamie Silvestri, Art Therapist/Founder] and I exchanged numbers so that we can communicate if necessary. I feel safe and confident when my son is in their care. The ArtVan team is amazing and my son & I look forward to Mondays. Thank you, ArtVan, for sharing your materials and helping the children."

- Reflections from an ArtVan Youth's Mother


Thank you for our 2021-22 Funders!

The Onion Foundation
Maine Women’s Fund
Bath Savings Institute
Davenport Trust
Jane B. Cook 1992 Charitable Trust
The Aldermere Foundation
Alfred M. Senter Fund
The Irving Foundation
Stephen & Tabitha King Foundation

First Parish Church, Brunswick
Maine Community Foundation: Donor Advised Fund
Virginia Hodgkins Somers Foundation
LL Bean Charitable Giving
Maine Women's Giving Tree
Bates' Carignan Community Fund
Langwater Fund
Elmina B. Sewall Foundation
Anonimo Foundation



A new year offers new themes, new neighbors, and new discoveries, but before we head down this road, we'd like to give a shout-out to some very special community-minded folk who add an extra spark to how we keep rolling:

  • The Cryer News' Keith Spiro for helping us get the word out about ArtVan's mission & inspire art-making
  • Leslie Beattie's The Mix on Maine, an art & craft shop, became a staple drop-off location for art supply donations
  • Brunswick Rotaries & the Parks & Rec dept. along with community partners donated & constructed a pavilion at Perryman Village for ArtVan to gather outside through rain & summer heat
  • Kennebec Estuary Land Trust (KELT) for 15+ years of summer session collaborations
  • 20+ Artists shared their creations for 'Hats for Sale', a collection organized by Christine DeTroy of Altered Couture's annual fashion show
  • Maria Castellano-Usery's monthly 'Brushstrokes with Impact' fundraiser benefited ArtVan
  • Flight Deck Brewing hosted ArtVan's Artful August Fundraiser where 45 artists & local businesses contributed auction items
  • Mockingbird Books for selling our hand-bound & painted journals
  • Bath Art Hop's Beer Garden ticket sales benefited ArtVan
  • Collaborations with Union + Co, Bath's Main Street, Chocolate Church Arts Center, and news publications
  • Pitter Patter & Riley's Insurance who have been carrying ArtVan's Wilbur chocolate bars for years
  • Bath Printing Company subsidizes our annual appeal costs
  • United Baptist Church hosts the parking space for the van
  • Lee's Auto Tire subsidizes our van maintenance
  • Maritime Apartments staff hosts our office space
  • Carrot Signs ensures the van's window signage stays fresh
  • The Maine Association of Nonprofits (MANP) for their guidance on board development, professional trainings, and strategic planning

As a nonprofit, ArtVan's mission to bring co-facilitated Art Therapy directly to Youth at no-cost to families demands an incredible commitment from foundations, businesses, and individuals. So stay tuned for monthly stories from our direct programs including reflections from community collaborations and artful events!

"Bridge Messy, Emerge Ignited"

Participating artists must sign-up online by 1/7/2022. This exhibit brings together professional artists, ArtVan alumni, youth, and supporters to showcase original works of art created specifically for this show. Each work of art must be 10" x 10" in dimension and all mediums encouraged. The exhibit will be held at Frontier in Brunswick from April to July 2022 with an Opening & Closing event (TBA). Art sales will benefit both artists & ArtVan.
For more info & to sign-up

"I see myself as an artist!"

For 44 weeks a year, ArtVan sessions are designed to create a safe and creative environment to explore topics that relate to Youth and neighborhood challenges such as ongoing COVID stressors. The goal beyond art-making is to:

  • Develop trusting relationships

  • Decrease anxiety and increase spontaneity

  • Build tools for self-regulating emotion

  • Expand thought to complement extra screen time 

  • Encourage deeper self-expression through art therapy techniques

  • Build connections, sense of belonging, encourage peer interactions

  • Reflect on gratitude and personal victories to build confidence
To explore more ways to support Youth through volunteering, art supply donations, or sponsorships, email

If you would like to attend an ArtVan session in one of our neighborhoods, or hire ArtVan to come to you, please email
10 State Road, PMB 272
Bath, ME 04530
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