Hi, Friends! Happy National Poetry Month!

Poetry holds a special place for us as a popular and informative medium to check-in with Youth during ArtVan sessions. As a vehicle for self-expression, poetry, words and pictures help us make sense of the world. Our emotions and experiences can be validated when we narrate through shared poetry in a group setting. 

ArtVan Alumni & Contract Artist, Jalin Coleman, is both the poet behind some of the original works found within ArtVan's handmade journals and the painter of the extraordinarily unique journal covers! Newly restocked at Mockingbird Books in Bath, find your next journal today and/or gift one to a friend!

Pathway Forward
By Jalin Coleman

Taking things to heart while listening to my peers
Striving to move forward and conquer all my fears, I take everything in.

Steadily improving, slow though it may be
My heart is open after all that I've been through.

And though the pathway forward will always have twists and turns
I will not give up hope.

From Tension to Trust: Stories from Rumford
"It has been especially heartwarming to see the transformation in some of our high school students who were initially resistant to engage in art. They have developed an interest and return week after week to create amazing works of art and discover new methods of expressing their feelings."  - Krissa Emery OTR/L
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"As the Expressive Arts Therapist gently placed plaster strips on his hand, one by one, molding each to the shape of his hand, his demeanor began to change. I observed tension, stress, and anxiety leave him and be replaced by calm, care, and happiness. This was the first time I've ever seen him in such a content state." - K. Chiasson, Teacher
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'Bridge Messy, Emerge Ignited' is on its way!
Over 100 artists, including ArtVan Youth Artists, have created original works of art and are sharing personal reflections from their creative processes. The exhibit runs April 27 to July 30, 2022 at Frontier Cafe & Theater in Brunswick. All art is for sale and supports both artist & ArtVan. We'll be in touch next week with exhibit updates! All event tickets will be found at

Opening Night: Thurs. April 28
ArtBar: Thurs.  May 26
Artist Talks: Thurs. June 23
Closing Night: Thurs. July 28
"My work as a stonemason allows me to be creative almost every day.
When I go too long without creating something with my hands, I feel off.
When I’m doing my best work, whether it’s building a stone wall or a mosaic, 
I feel most like myself."

Joe Norton
10x10 Artist


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