Jamie's good friend, Marli Thibodeau “wanted to do something special this year”. She is pairing her latest collection launch with Giving Tuesday and recognizing Artists Doing Good!" To celebrate Jamie, and her work as the founder of ArtVan, 20% of the proceeds from this collection will be donated to her nonprofit.
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About Marli’s Art: "I create layered textures in acrylic and drawing mediums, applying opaque and transparent marks on paper or canvas. I perceive my painting practice as a visual dance, with my mark-making as gestures and my color choices as emotion. This approach requires me to remain open to possibility rather than having a set outcome in mind.Discover more.

He laid down in the grass,
looking up at the sky,
molding his clay
into different shapes.

Despite the dropping temperatures & shorter daylight, Youth are still showing up for ArtVan’s outdoor sessions at Kennedy Park in Lewiston, in collaboration with the Lewiston Public Library (LPL).

ArtVan staff have been discussing how to bring more spontaneity into the group process during our programs, by meeting youth where they're at and incorporating their imaginative ideas into the group work. This past week at our LPL program, we worked with clay - a medium with lots of potential for transformation and playful creativity.

As each Youth focused on their clay, we spotted two young boys watching from afar, looking curious but a bit timid to join in.  We sent them a wave, gesturing and letting them know they were invited to make art with the group. Still timid, one young boy got down on the grass and crawled toward the tarp on his hands and knees. Jamie exclaimed, "Oh, here comes a hermit crab coming to make art with us!" Smiling, he looked up at the group and made his way closer. "Here's some clay, you can make whatever you like with it," said Julianna, offering a handful of clay. He took it and ran back to his friend. Then he laid down in the grass, looking up at the sky, molding his clay into different shapes.

Shortly after, his friend came to the tarp and asked if he could have a piece of clay too. With big smiles on their faces, the two young boys sat together in the grass, sculpting, shaping, and sharing their clay creations.

"I see myself as an artist!"

For 44 weeks a year, ArtVan sessions are designed to create a safe and creative environment to explore topics that relate to Youth and neighborhood challenges such as ongoing COVID stressors. The goal beyond art-making is to:

  • Develop trusting relationships

  • Decrease anxiety and increase spontaneity

  • Build tools for self-regulating emotion

  • Expand thought to complement extra screen time 

  • Encourage deeper self-expression through art therapy techniques

  • Build connections, sense of belonging, encourage peer interactions

  • Reflect on gratitude and personal victories to build confidence

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With so many community-focused nonprofits out there, we are extra grateful when you choose to support ArtVan Youth artists!

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