The 'Bridge Messy, Emerge Ignited' Exhibit is open!
Over 100 artists, including ArtVan Youth Artists, have created original works of art and are sharing personal reflections from their creative processes. The exhibit runs April 27 to July 30, 2022 at Frontier Cafe & Theater in Brunswick. All art is for sale and supports both artist & ArtVan. We'll be in touch next week with exhibit updates! All event tickets will be found at

ArtBar: Thurs. May 26
Artist Talks: Thurs. June 23
Closing Night: Thurs. July 28
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Benefits of Art Therapy

Staff and Ed Techs recently shared their gratitude for ArtVan's presence in the schools. Art Therapy has made shifts in student’s behaviors:
  • increasing trust levels
  • encouraging artistic abilities
  • promoting interpersonal skills
  • supporting healthy risk-taking

"My Heart Over My Lifespan"

We recently completed a three-week project: “My heart over my lifespan.”  Using clay over a nail hammered into a wood block, youth represented their heart in three parts:

  1. What your heart looked like when you were born.
  2. How your heart may look between when you were born and today.
  3. How your heart looks today. 

Youth hammered a nail into the center of a wood block that would be the base to sculpt the clay.  Each Youth made three bases, one for each stage of their heart representation. They spent three weeks working on these clay heart-interpreted sculptures. On the last project day, youth embellished these hearts using glue guns, sea glass, bobbles, colorful wire, and paints.


This project was designed to encourage youth to think beyond their virtual reality worlds that so many of them have latched onto in the past couple years as a way to identify who they are and to release feelings of anger and fear.  

Although there was some resistance, all the youth took the risk to engage in a more authentic relationship with their art and each other.  ArtVan staff’s encouragement and guidance led to deepen their artistic experience and to express underlying emotions, which have become so layered in anger and superficial content that is particularly dark and violent.  

Youth ended this project with a sense of completion and accomplishment, pride, along with a deeper sense of trust of staff and an uncovering of self.

ArtVan in the News

"Artists new and old unite for ArtVan's exhibit at Frontier" Press Herald 
John Terhune from the Times Record interviewed ArtVan staff and a few participating artists. Featuring Nikki Pilgrim, and her daughter Juniper right on the cover of The Coastal edition!

The Cryer's May 2022 Issue with Front(ier) & Centre's feature on artist reflections and upcoming events. For the past year, The Cryer have been huge supporters in getting ArtVan news and inspiration out to thousands of neighbors!

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