Welcome to 'Hats for Sale'

a fundraiser hosted by Altered Couture's Christine DeTroy featuring local artists who have created one-of-a-kind hats to support ArtVan!

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Art plays an important role in each of our lives, and for many, it's become an art form that helps give voice to what's happening within and around us. And for some, it's become a way of life and a trade. We're so grateful for the number of artists who have quickly answered the call to not only donate their talents to support ArtVan, but also to offer their own stories through the lens of hat-making.

Sophie Hill, artist behind the hat, 'Epiphany', shares, "In a world where many of us are taught to conform and get in line, it is so important to support and cherish those enterprises which support authentic individual expression, like the ArtVan. For me, creating things from seemingly random components, has helped me to have deeper appreciation for the chaotic aspects and expressions of myself and come into greater acceptance of being."

At the end of the month, some hats will be displayed in the windows of Riley’s Insurance on Maine Street in downtown Brunswick.

Vote to Help ArtVan Win $1,000

A big thanks to Miranda G. for nominating ArtVan in Atlantic Federal Credit Union's April campaign to gift the winning nonprofit with $1,000.
Cast Your Vote by April 30th
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We're Currently Seeking Sponsors!

With so many community-focused nonprofits out there, we are extra grateful when you choose to support ArtVan Youth artists! To explore ways to support ArtVan through sponsorships and fundraising events, contact Shannon Els, Development & Communications Director,

"I can't see my friends ... I'm glad ArtVan is here!"

Another big thanks to the Chocolate Church Arts Center in Bath, ME for featuring ArtVan in their Art4Good video series. In this 18-minute show, ArtVan Art Therapists, Jamie & Bailey, share how the mobile model has been adapted during the pandemic to still offer the therapeutic arts to core neighborhoods. Each ArtBag and session explore:

  • Safe spaces and feelings
  • Movement to balance screen time & shifting schedules
  • Process recent changes on family systems
  • Self-expression and voice through artistic practice
  • Gratitude and celebrating personal victories
Click to watch the video!

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