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In the spirit of this month of Thanksgiving, we thank YOU!

With Thanksgiving headlining the month of November, our attitude is one of gratitude.  This month is truly a great time to take stock in the people and the things that we are most thankful for. 

When it comes to Clockaudio, our thanks go out to the fantastic reps that we have nationwide and to the consultant community and the system integrators that make our products an integral part of their A/V designs.

As for our newsletter, this month we are focusing on the TS 005 and the TS-C1, and going in-depth on the features that these products bring to the table - the conference table that is!  

Read on and enjoy!

THE TS 005

The TS 005 capacitive touch switch is specially designed for use with Clockaudio’s through-table microphones.

With no moving parts, low-profile mounting and encapsulated electronics, TS 005 provides multiple colors, clear and precise visual operational status, as well as protection from office contaminants affecting its operation.

The TS 005 comes with modular under-desk mount TS-C1 controller for easy install.  Other features include:

- Self-calibrating, low-profile mount-capacitive touch switch facilitating click / pop-free switching of a microphone from a DSP or control system.

- RGB LED provides multi-color combination for clear, precise visual status of microphone.

- Suitable for fitting Clockaudio’s C003E-RF, C004E-RF, C011E-RF, C012E-RF microphones, SM-10 and SM-20-RF stands.

- No moving parts and employing surface-mount technology ensures extreme reliability, longevity and trouble-free use.

- Electronic circuitry fully encapsulated to protect operation from spills or other contaminants.

- Terminated with RJ-45 connector and supplied with a touch-switch controller, (TS-C1) allows connection via CAT-5E patch cable back to CDT-100 or directly to DSP.

- Programmable via a DSP or control system to operate in PTT, PTM or latching modes.

- 12V DC operation using regulated power supply or CDT-100.

- Fitted with 200mm cable that connects to TS-C1’s TS-IN.

- RS-IN on TS-C1 provides connectivity to an external switch.

- Maximum current consumption 140mA.

- Backward compatible with CH32, providing Red/Green output.

- Finished in clear polycarbonate.

- Order codes: TS 005 (black) and TS 005W (white).

Some examples of our through-table mics using the TS 005 capacitive touch switch.


Check out the article in Commercial Integrator here


Continuing this month’s exploration of the products that meet the communication needs of today’s businesses, we share part two of an interview that our own Simon LeDuc did with Commercial Integrator. 

Are there certain rules of thumb that integrators can follow when choosing boundary microphones, suspended microphones and tabletop microphones to best meet the communication needs of businesses?

First: There are no “bad types” of microphones; every microphone has a specialty it is good at.
For Cardioid boundary microphones (C004E-RF, C012E-RF, CS1S-RF, C008E-RF, CRM102-RF, ARM102-RF, etc.) the ‘’sweet spot’’ is:

    -single person per microphone = 18 inch from the edge of the table
    -2 participants per microphone = 24 inch from the edge of the table
    -2 participants max per microphone capsule: 
Note:  If you go with 3 or more people per cardioid capsule, the person in front of the microphone will be much louder than everybody else, creating issues with your gain structure.
For Omni directional boundary microphones = Put on a table not larger than 4 feet (depending on the acoustics of the room).

-You can cover 3 participants per side of a table (not larger than 4 feet) per microphone.
-Never mix cardioid and omni microphones as their differences in polar pattern will create audio issues when mixed together
-Remember, omni microphones will capture more room noise than cardioid so keep your microphones close to your participants.
For our triple element suspended C303-RF & C303D-P microphones
-at 7.5ft from the ground, you can cover a 15ft circle or 10ft square (I find it easier to look at it as a 10ft square when overlapping many C303 in a room).

Read the full blog here.

Well, that's a wrap! See you in December! 
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