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This month, things are "looking up" at Clockaudio with our focus on Ceiling Microphones

The fall is a great season to "look up" and really enjoy the visual beauty that nature offers us.  For many of us, the changing colors of the leaves, the autumn harvest of apples and pumpkins, and the crisp fall air, all make for an inviting segue that kicks off the holiday season.  

This month, we also are "looking up" ... indoors (in our boardrooms and conference spaces) with our focus on ceiling microphones and Clockaudio's  C303.  Check out more on this popular product favorite as well as our sound principles feature, teaser video and more!

Read on and enjoy!


It’s been over three years since the launch the C303W-RF and its popularity continues to rise.  Simply put, AV professionals around the world continue to be amazed by the sound quality of this tri-element suspended microphone and we know we have something here that is, like Clockaudio, "clearly different".

The C303W-RF's three cardioid patterns, pointing downwards and out, can cover a 16-foot diameter circular area adequately in a room.  Noted for having incredible front to back rejection (a staggering 20dB difference), it will attenuate any noise coming from the ceiling, exceptionally well.  In addition, the three separate balanced mic level signals are carried over a network cable, streamlining and simplifying cabling.

Performance wise, the C303 delivers a clearer, more intelligible reproduction of sound (conversation) than any other ceiling solutions.  It's 12-foot cable can easily be adjusted to accommodate any ceiling height.  In extreme applications, Clockaudio can customize the drop length of the C303 to your specifications.  The microphone is offered in black and in white.

Integrators often provide us with new ideas and opportunities for our products.  With regard to the C303, the industry suggested we might offer it as a retractable model.  With this idea, our design and tech teams went to work the C303 in the CCRM4000.  Within a year, our engineers launched the CCRM4000-C303 ceiling retractable tri-element microphone.

As a retractable, the C303 is the ultimate solution for end-users or designers who want clean sight lines and don't want to see microphones on the table or hanging from the ceiling.  Also, because it retracts, it lets you bring the mic down a little lower than a regular hanging mic, thus enabling the microphone to be closer to the participant and improving speech intelligibility.

The latest innovation for this popular product has been the integration with Dante protocol.  As more and more integrators call for the ability to include Dante, we designed a C303 Dante version with RGB color ring on the ceiling rose (grommet).  

For more information on the C303 - click here

Multi-room with C303 and/or CCRM4000S.

The C303W-RF is a one of a kind tri-element microphone that offers excellent intelligibility.  Other options for this coverage include its retractable motorized counterpart, the CCRM4000-M(SL)-C303(W)-RF
offered in plenum and non-plenum options. 

FROM THE TOP DOWN - Check out this teaser video on our C303W-RF ceiling microphones

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An omni-directional microphone is a good solution for surveillance in an observation or interrogation room. It can either be highly visible, or discreet and almost invisible. With its flat frequency response, the omni-directional microphone will capture EVERY bit of noise and sound in the environment, which is obviously the purpose.


Take the following circumstances for instance:

In a conference room setting, the end user or designer might not want microphones to be visible on the table.  In a multi-use room where the tables are modular and can be set-up in a variety of ways, permanent installation might not be possible. Or perhaps the seating arrangement changes from one meeting to the next.


For applications such as the afore-mentioned, ceiling microphones are relied upon to provide a constant level of clear and concise speech intelligibility. But as in any other application, good practices are required as the same rules of thumb apply if mic’ing a room from above.


Ceiling microphones are always a great alternative to table mics,
when the application calls for it. 

Additionally, suspended ceilings normally hide many different systems which generate noise at different levels. Motors, ventilation ducts, HVAC systems, speakers, even a projector or two can easily be picked up by the microphones and pollute the room’s silence. All these systems will raise the noise level of the room, and if the room is not acoustically tailored, it will greatly affect speech intelligibility.


Furthermore, even with the proper microphones in place, if they are not set up properly they will pick up the undesired noise instead of attenuating them. Lowering the position of the microphones will essentially point them further away from the noise source and reduce their level at the capsule, while raising the participants’ speech level by a few decibels.

When positioned properly, a cardioid hanging microphone will effectively pick up the voices of the participants below, at a higher level, and attenuate every other sound in the room.  When positioned over a large conference table, suspended microphones can offer optimal coverage while being totally unobtrusive. With the axis pointing at the heads of the participants, rustling paper noises from the table, or a tapping pen, will be significantly lower than speech being picked up on-axis.  When positioned hanging in front and just above the head, these microphones result in being very close to the source of speech, and that is exactly what good practice calls for.


The same rules apply to rooms with higher ceilings, however, these venues may require the microphones to hang slightly higher. Take an auditorium stage for example, where the participants generally stand up to perform, and sometimes stand on risers. Hyper-cardioid pattern microphones will effectively attenuate the noises around the stage while adequately capturing the performance with their longer reach, leaving them out of the way of the performers. Either hanging from trusses or installed on shock mounts, on the floor or on the walls, the ‘shotgun’ microphones will help capture the performance and be completely out of the way.


Clockaudio offers a wide range of ceiling microphones with different polar patterns and reach for every application. There is also a retractable option for a complete stow away of the mics when not in use. These retractable mics can be grouped and assigned to different areas of the venue.


Whatever your ceiling project calls for, Clockaudio will assist you every step of the way to make the system and the room sound “Clearly Different.”

Well, that's a wrap!  See you in November! 
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