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Spring 2018
Things are changing! What’s the need for Organisational Development in the emerging future?
Workforce Scotland invites you to take part in 'Things are changing! AI, driverless cars, self-organising teams – what’s the need for OD in the emerging future?', shaping how we work collectively to develop the public service workforce of the future.
Over the past few years a number of vibrant networks, collaborations, and learning and development opportunities have emerged, seeking to address diverse organisational and cross-boundary development needs.

We feel that now is the time to reflect and ask:
  • What skills do individuals need to support them working in this complex public service system?
  • What processes and opportunities are needed to deliver national/collaborative work?
  • What interventions are needed - training, peer learning?
  • What resources could we share?
  • What do we need to let go of?
The event will take place in Edinburgh on 20th March 2018 from 9.30am  - 3.30pm. Please register for this event by 9th March using the button below.
This will be an opportunity to explore the future for Organisation Development, share our collective learning and ask the question what, if anything, do people need now?

This event is aimed at those we who would recognise that they have a role to develop organisations whether formally in an OD or learning and development (LD) role within public services or increasingly carrying out these roles and tasks as part of their everyday work
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Collective Leadership
We know that we face a number of complex, wicked issues in Scotland, such as poverty, an aging population, climate change, and we know that no single organisation or agency will be able to tackle these alone.  We understand that we must work collaboratively to affect change, and that this work is often complex, messy, unpredictable, and can be difficult to achieve. We know that creating the time and space to work collectively can be challenging.  The day to day work can override our best intentions, and we can get stuck in our traditional habits and ways of thinking and doing.
            “Transforming systems is ultimately about transforming relationships among people who shape those systems” Peter Senge
Workforce Scotland is now launching a Collective Leadership offer, building on our established Pioneering Collaborative Leadership programme. Collective Leadership is offered to cross organisational groups who are grappling with a complex issue and are open to learning and doing things differently.  This offer includes:
  • Skilled facilitation to work with the group of leaders
  • Individual and team coaching
  • Opportunities to develop and share learning
In order to further explore the Collective Leadership offer, we will be hosting Taster Sessions during the spring, for individuals and potential participant teams to understand and experience the theory and practice of Collective Leadership, and the commitment it will require in advance of applying to be a participant team: Please have a look at our offer booklet for further information of the Collective Leadership or contact to set up an exploratory conversation.
Fire Starter Festival 2018
Fire Starter Festival 2018 came to a close on Friday 9th February.

The Festival, which celebrates and illuminates creativity and innovation in public services saw 70 events take places over two weeks, attended by over 2000 people from public services all across Scotland.
2018's Festival was kicked off in style with the First Minister speaking to participants at 'The Silent Launch' at Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum.
After this keynote speech, participants were encouraged to put on headphones and explore the galleries and exhibitions whilst listening to podcasts, music and a series of speakers hidden away amongst the works of art.
Over the following two weeks, between 29 January and 9 February, events took place right across Scotland, from Kirkwall to Kilmarnock and everywhere in between. We saw a huge diversity of topics, from understanding data, exploring performance and reigniting evaluation to demonstrating pop-up parks, engaging with communities around health and care services, pitching for social enterprise funding and asking big questions about climate change.

If you want to find out a little more about this years Fire Starter Festival, you can catch up on twitter using #FSF2018.

We also have some really great blogs, written by participants and event hosts on
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