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What's on in 2018?
Scottish Coaching and Mentoring Collaborative
Exploring Evaluation

Join the Scottish Coaching Collaborative for Exploring Evaluation - 26 April 2018 in Edinburgh!

We know that it is important to evaluate coaching interventions, to ensure the quality of our coaches and the impact coaching makes on individuals, and on the wider system. But how should we evaluate coaching to ensure we balance the needs of the coach, client and the organisation? Join the Scottish Coaching and Mentoring Collaborative for Exploring Evaluation to share best practice and help contribute to the emerging guiance for the network.

This event open to coaches and coaching/OD leads working within Scottish Public Services. Sign up today! 
Networking Events

Dates are now in the diary for networking events and workshops for the Scottish Coaching and Mentoring Collaborative for the rest of the year. Venues and topics are still to be finalised, but you can view the dates and hold them in your diary by visiting our eventbrite page.
Dialogue Community of Practice
Core Concepts Training

The Dialogue Community of Practice is currently offering Core Concepts training, where we focus on Dialogic Principles. The next two-day training will take place in Edinburgh on 25 April and 23 May 2018; facilitated by Donata Caira.
Participants will learn about the underpinning theory and concepts of dialogue and how to use it to improve the quality of conversations. The course will offer a mix of theory and practice allowing participants to identify their own preferences and patterns in conversation, their impact and how to change these dynamics.
If you are interested in joining this course, please register before the end of March.
Introduction to Dialogue Concepts Webinar

Interested to learn a little more about what dialogue is and how you can use it? Join Leadership Links webinar 'Introduction to Dialogue Concepts' on 27 March 2018.

In this webinar we will explore the theory underpinning dialogue; help you assess the pattern in conversations; and help you identify what is needed to enhance your effectiveness in conversation with others. For more information please contact
Fire Starter Festival
Conversation Cafes  

Following on from Fire Starter Festival 2018, and the success of our breakfast clubs, we are planning on hosting a few 'conversation cafes' through the year.

These events will be an opportunity to meet with others to have an informal discussion exploring a theme, topic or issue.

The first conversation café will meet at Brewhemia, Market Street, Edinburgh on 9 May from 9.30am, and will be an opportunity to chat about hosting creative events and using spaces creatively. If you would like to come along, please sign up via eventbrite.
Facilitation Network
New Network Dates
The Facilitation Network is back, with new dates for Glasgow and Edinburgh in 2018. This network is open to anyone who uses facilitation skills within their job, regardless of their role or organisation.

The Glasgow Facilitation Network will be meeting again in June. This will be an open space session, so please do bring along topics or questions you want to share or discuss with the network. If you want to join in, please add you name to the mailing list.

The Edinburgh Facilitation Network will meet again on the 4 September 2018. This will be an open space session, so please feel free to bring along a tool, topic or question to share with the group.
Please register for this event via our eventbrite page.
Breakfast Clubs
Join us for the Breakfast Club - the creative way to start your day!

The Breakfast Club is open to anyone who wants to have a chat about mischief making and system shaking. Come along, buy a coffee (and a pastry is you fancy) and have a chat with a really interesting mix of people about whatever topic emerges that morning.

We run monthly breakfast clubs throughout the year, in both Edinburgh and Glasgow. For more information please visit our eventbrite page.
  • 11 April - 8.30 - 10.00 - Brewhemia
  • 19 April - 8.00 - 10.00 - Café Fame
Collective Leadership
Workforce Scotland is now launching a Collective Leadership offer, building on our established Pioneering Collaborative Leadership programme. Collective Leadership is offered to cross organisational groups who are grappling with a complex issue and are open to learning and doing things differently.  This offer includes:
  • Skilled facilitation to work with the group of leaders
  • Individual and team coaching
  • Opportunities to develop and share learning
            “Transforming systems is ultimately about transforming relationships among people who shape those systems” Peter Senge
In order to further explore the Collective Leadership offer, we will be hosting Taster Sessions during the spring, for individuals and potential participant teams to understand and experience the theory and practice of Collective Leadership, and the commitment it will require in advance of applying to be a participant team: Please have a look at our offer booklet for further information of the Collective Leadership or contact to set up an exploratory conversation.
Scottish Co-production Network
Join the Scottish Co-production Network and Evaluation Support Scotland in Glasgow on 12 April to share experiences about how we should best evaluate co-production.

We are thinking about what methods we should use to measure co-production, asking:

  • Do you have good tools to share?
  • Can we evaluate in a co-productive way? 
  • Can we measure if we are sharing power?
  • Do you think there’s an evaluation gap to fill?

This will be a discussion event with an input from Steven Marwick, Director of Evaluation Support Scotland. Register your interest to attend here.

Do you want to enable your community or team to take steps in creating change? And do you want to run a hub to bring people together to collectively discover what is needed?

As a hubhost you can create the space to do this. We invite you to join us at Edinburgh College from 12 to 14 of April 2018 for the second u.lab hub host programme in which you can learn about hub hosting, deepen your skills and/or learn how support a group through a change process based on Theory U. The intention of this second edition of the programme is to support you in realizing the change you want to see, using u.lab and the U process.

For more information please visit
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