The Queen's reign, Snapchat ads and mobile ad revenue
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Hey Ash,
Queen Elizabeth II, as of yesterday, became the longest reigning monarch in the history of the UK.

To put this in context, here’s some things that have happened during her reign:
  • The internet was invented (in Britain) and became... erm... a thing
  • Blogs were going to kill email, and didn’t
  • RSS feeds were going to kill email, and didn’t
  • Facebook was going to kill email, and didn’t
And guess what? Email’s still alive and kicking… and will be for the next 23,226 days.

The Queen is actually the queen of technology...
Who knew that the Queen sent her first email in 1976? One may not think of the Queen as being a technophile. And yet - she’s been a trailblazer for numerous technological revolutions.
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The Queen’s reign really is amazing, and here’s the statistics to prove it.
This article from the BBC puts the Queen’s 63 year reign into perspective. It really is quite a long time! And she’s been married for 68 years. Which is no small feat in itself.
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Snapchat ads aren’t viewed for more than a couple of seconds.
OK, perhaps this isn’t really surprising. But, this anonymously-quoted ad exec puts numbers to the argument. Will Snapchat find a durable revenue model? It’s one to watch.
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52% of mobile ad revenue is either Google or Facebook. But they forgot about email.
See, here’s the thing. Email marketing is online advertising - and over half of it is mobile! Why don’t reports like these include email? Asking for a friend...
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... erm... running out of Queen puns...

Boh-email-ian Rhapsody?


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