April 11, 2015 - This Week in the 
East Colfax / East Montclair Neighborhood
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East Colfax / East Montclair Neighborhood News - April 11, 2015



This last week in the neighborhood meetings were held with Pamlico Investments regarding their proposed self-storage facility at 7900 East Colfax Avenue. Below you will find out the latest information and timeline of the project.

The Denver Police Department, City Attorney and Councilwoman Susman's Office met with the refugee community in our neighborhood to foster a better relationship and understanding. Seven different language translators were on hand.

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The Colfax Cleanup is on April 25th, 2015 and we hope you can all help out to cleanup our historic East Colfax corridor!

Below are two great interviews with residents recalling our neighborhood 77 years ago!


Memories of East Colfax Avenue 77 Years Ago!

These are two oral interviews with past residents that were collected in 1993 recalling our neighborhood over 75 years ago!

Barbara and Marvin E. Taylor lived at 1435 Wabash St. Their house at this address was built by Marvin. Here is her account from Barbara of the neighborhood back in the 1940s and 50s. "I was born and raised on 26th St. and Jasmine I married and have lived in the 1400 block of Wabash since 1945. I spent a lot of time out in the East Montclair area and old town Aurora when I lived on Jasmine Street. I would ride my bicycle out here and then follow my boyfriend, who is now my husband, around on his Denver Post route. The roads from 26th and Jasmine to Aurora were all dirt with very few homes in between.

There was a drug store named Stokes Drug in the shopping center on Ulster and Colfax that had a soda fountain. They have the best Cherry Cokes; the kids from Aurora even came to get their coats there. They cost five cents, which was hard to come by in those days, but when we could we get one.

Also, there was a Davis dry goods next-door. Mrs. Davis had everything from paint, buttons, chock to Cotton print material. She was so nice and always welcomed children.

There was also a barbershop with the old-fashioned barber pole in front but none of us can remember the name of the place.

There was a state highway department building where the Wendy's is now, and where Burger King is on call back and Colfax a lady owned quite a bit of property and she sold eggs and irises. The irises were so beautiful people came from all over to buy them!

Most children had to work after school and on the weekends. Frank Couch had a filling station at Colfax and verbena street where Eddy Schwab worked.
The family still lives on Verbena Street. A lot of the boys would get together and shoot prairie dogs right on Colfax and seen yet to Yosemite Street.

That was at the Beacon supper club, run by Willie Hartzell and Gerry Balkie ; it was around Tamarack or Trenton Street. It was a high-class place where people pulled up in their Cadillacs in Lincoln's with evening gowns on to eat the wonderful food. They would always play "when the Saints go marching in" while everyone would march around the supper club.

The streetcar came up Colfax to Poplar Street where there was a little warm in shed, and it turned around there and went back towards Denver. A bus then took off from Poplar east on Colfax to Peoria where it ended.

Some of the kids who had some money went to the Aurora Fox theater which opened in late 1946 and was built for me Quonset hut from World War II.


This is the recollections of Eugene who lived at 14th and Valentia Street over 75 years ago!

I lived in the 1400 block of Valentia Street 55 years ago. I went to :-) school and East high school. The worst things that happened when we were kids was my brother would put Limburger cheese on the hot water heater registers and they had to clear the school out. Once in a while someone would sneak a smoke and we would all be shocked.

Swedburg grocery was in the little Ulster Street stores on the north side of Colfax Avenue. He had a big St. Bernard dog who walked around the store. Mr. Swedburg always said he used The meat from the meat market to feed the dog. He also had a little league baseball team for kids in the neighborhood and I played in it. The really wasn't much to do in this area or money to do it with. I work for the grocery delivering groceries to homes in the area. A lot of people in the area had the groceries delivered. One day I made a U-turn too fast and lost one box of groceries and was fired. I was the only person who had a car in the area it was a model a with a rumble seat. Everybody close to my house who went to East high school would run to get a ride. The first person inside the car sat in the rumble seat; the rest just held on the outside.


Proposed Development 7900 East Colfax


Pamlico Investments have proposed developing a self-storage facility on the currently vacant lot located at 7900 East Colfax Avenue (Trenton Street & Colfax, between Taco Mex and Trailer World). The storage facility would be an aesthetically pleasing 5 story facility that would be fronted on East Colfax sidewalk and have 50 parking spaces in the rear. The color scheme would be similar to the Phoenix on the Fax building located at Pontiac and East Colfax Avenue.

At our last meeting on Friday April 10, 2015 Tom Fesing, President of The East Montclair Neighborhood association, Hilarie Portell, Executive Director of the Colfax/Mayfair B.I.D., Luke Palmisano, City Council District 5 and Lieutenant Ernest Martinez with the Denver Police Department District 2 were present along with Pamlico Investment leadership team.

The possibility of a "CopShop" with meeting space was discussed along with additional retail/restaurant space and/or "incubator" business development offices as well as "shared work spaces containing cubicles/offices.

The concern was brought up that the community would like the firm to pursue with the Community Planning & Development Board of Denver to keep existing MS-5 zoning with a waiver rather than complete rezoning which sets a potentially harmful precedent on the corridor now and in the future.

The self-storage facility would have full-time employees on-site 7 days a week, between 8-5. The facility will have advanced security cameras CCTV with film retention along with perimeter fencing and lighting in the parking area in the rear of the building. With the addition of a District 2 "CopShop" on the Colfax side security should not be an issue.

Residents in the area will be approached regarding the proposed development via door-to-door conversation with both the investment firm and the East Montclair Neighborhood Association. All of the properties behind the facility are rentals.

The "CopShop" would be hopefully 1200 - 1500 sq ft and would include a front lobby, a private office and a meeting room where both Denver Police and Neighborhood Association meetings could be held. The front desk would be manned by trained civilian volunteers Monday thru Friday and possibly weekends. The "CopShop" would be a place that residents could meet DPD officers to file reports, report criminal activity or concerns and better engage with local enforcement. Officers would also drop in the office to complete their reports and documentation as needed.

75% of the self-storage facility's business would be residential and 25% commercial businesses. The lot has sat vacant for over 6 years and would be the first development in the area in over 2o+ years.

The timeline for the project and approval is from now until October of 2016. If approved by Community Planning and Development and than approved by City Council and Neighborhood Association by February 0f 2016 than work site readiness would occur followed by groundbreaking in June of 2016. The final opening would occur in the early Fall of 2016.

The project is estimated to cost 9 million dollars.

We believe that the new development would be a good addition to our East Colfax corridor as it would be the first new development in the area in over a decade. However, we would like to see at least one to two leased mixed-use retail/restaurant spaces on the ground floor facing East Colfax and Trenton to better align with the "Main Street" East Colfax Master Plan.

Pamlico Investments will attend our monthly community meeting on April 21st to present the proposal in person and answer the communities questions.

Make sure you are there to learn more!!!

We also encourage you to give us feedback via our online survey if you live in the neighborhood. We have had 35 responses so far.

Click HERE to complete a short survey on the proposed project.


East Montclair Neighborhood Association and City Councilwoman Mary Beth Susman supported a resident request for variance in order to build a driveway in front of a home located at 1301 North Syracuse Street. Letters were delivered to the Zoning Board in support of the project by both the President of the association and Mary Beth Susman.

The tree was removed from the front of the residence and work will begin shortly on the driveway.


Click HERE to view the decision!!!!

We Need Volunteers to Assist With The Historic East Colfax Cleanup!!!

We Have Only Had a Few Folks Sign Up To Help. Please Help Us for Just 3 Hours to Clean Up Our Historic Avenue!!!

You Can Email Us at

or Sign-Up Online By CLICKING HERE to sign-up!

We are using Eventbrite to know how many volunteers we will have that day. Please use the link to let us know you will be helping.

Help clean the "Longest Street in the USA!

The East Montclair Neighborhood Association is taking part in the East Colfax Cleanup!

We will be supplied with trash bags and litter grabbers, volunteers will clean East  Colfax Avenue between Quebec and Yosemite and will hand out disposable ashtrays and litter bags to help keep litter off of our streets.  The more volunteers we have  – the more of East Colfax we can cover.

If you have a business on Colfax, this is a great opportunity to put together a team to tidy up around your property, pick up litter, sweep the sidewalk, or wipe off graffiti on your block!!!

There’s plenty to do to get Colfax Ave. ready to welcome the spring and summer visitors shopping, eating, touring, running – or just driving down “the Gateway to the Rockies.”

Volunteers from Aurora will spruce up Colfax Avenue east of the Denver/Aurora border. 

We will be meeting at 8:30 AM at the vacant lot at 7900 East Colfax Avenue, next to Trailer World located at Trenton Street on the south sidevof East Colfax Avenue. You can park in the lot!

We will than separate into 4 groups where your groups will take either the south side or north side of East Colfax and start cleaning up working our way to both Quebec and Yosemite. We will meet back at our starting point and those that wish can meet afterwards at the Historic Hangar Bar to celebrate our success! We will finalize the event at our monthly neighborhood meeting on Tuesday, April 21, 2015.

Hope you will be a part of the cleanup of “Longest Street in the USA”

We are using eventbrite to know how many volunteers we will have that day. Please use the link to let us know you will be helping.

To volunteer to help us please CLICK HERE to sign-up!

We Have Neighborhood Survey!!! We Need to Hear From YOU!!!!

We have only heard from 8 of you! We would love to know about how you feel about the neighborhood, the RNO (Registered Neighborhood Association) and where we go from here!

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The East Montclair Neighborhood Association is now on Twitter!!! #EastMontclair

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Denver Police Department District 2 Latest News & Updates



Forty-three years ago, Denver Police District 2 Captain Doral Smith went into roll call and asked his officers if any of them played an instrument. The year was 1972, and the northeast part of the city was in the midst of racial tensions. Captain Smith’s intentions were to connect with the city’s youth through music. With that, a band made up of Denver Police officers was formed. The band was called “Squad IV” and included Officer Paige Lyda on gu...itar, Officer Dave Kechter on bass, Officer Wulf Krokel on drums, and the multi-talented Officer Mike Gargarro on guitar and keyboard; all four officers sang. Squad IV played their first gig in December of 1972 at the District 2 holiday party. They went on to record two albums, played a show for Engelbert Humperdinck, opened for various artists, including BB King, the Oak Ridge Boys, the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band, and T-Rex, and narrowly missed out on playing on the Tonight Show with Johnny Carson. The show’s producers decided against it, in fear of seeming too pro-police. Squad IV’s affiliation with the department ended in 1985, but they never disbanded. All retired now, the band members continue play shows in the Denver-Metro area.

The Denver Police Department District 2 Leadership Team led by Lieutenant Ernie Martinez had over 70 residents attend a 2 hour training, where we divided into 7 language-based sub-groups to teach about being safe and proactive in their neighborhood. Denver District 2 Officers Sheldon Doell, Reyes Trujillo, Dan Greene, Sergeant’s Jurgen Mohr and Doug Brandl had a great time collaborating with the community along with Assistant City Attorney Chris Gaddis. We were able to speak directly to resident questions about the legal process, safety issues/awareness, and City Council Aid Luke Palmisano spoke about local leadership and what we all can offer them, The Colorado Refugee Services Program was also able to attend and support this first-ever DPD/City local training. We will conduct subsequent sessions each quarter.

~ Lieutenant Ernie Martinez

We believe going forward in the future it is important to get our refugee neighbors involved in our community meetings, gatherings, police and neighborhood association meetings. In particularly in verbena park discussions, including changes or community garden installation because they are probably the biggest users of the park. We are going to to find a bilingual spokeperson in each community and see if they will come to the EMNA and DPD 2CAB meetings to educate their unique communities on neighborhood issues, concerns and improvements. Below are some links regarding their community garden at E. 13th Ave. at Westerly Creek. The refugees from Burma do not like being called Burmese since that is the regime that oppressed them before coming to our country, they are called the "Karen" people and some of the Somali refugees are called the "Bantu". We of course also have Ethiopian, Bhutanese and Vietnamese Hmong people and many more within our neighborhood too.


On Thursday night, April 9, 2015 at approximately East 16th Avenue & Trenton Street a suspect was reportedly firing a weapon several times and DPD was called by area residents. After District 2 Officers arrived they were in pursuit of the suspect with the weapon when the suspect threw the weapon over a fence. The suspect was caught and arrested and the weapon found. The suspect is a previous offender and is facing many years in prison. Thank you to District 2 officers for keeping us safe and catching the suspect promptly!!

Neighborhood Crime Report April 1st - April 11th, 2015


Click HERE to view a breakdown of crimes!

Don't Forget the next Citizen Advisory Board Meeting is on April 29, 2015 at 6:00 PM at Denver Police District 2 Headquarters!!!

Denver City Council Updates!

City Council Meeting, April 13, 2015

Meeting Schedule and Agenda

Click HERE!!!

Public hearing postponed
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Denver Zoo building plan public hearing postponed

The required public hearing for the Denver Zoo building plan will be postponed until Monday, April 20. The delay is to allow time for Park and Rec to notify more neighborhood groups about the plan. 

Council District 5 RNO Presidents Meeting with Councilwoman Mary Beth Susman!

Councilwoman Mary Beth Susman held her annual Registered Neighborhood Organization President Reception on Friday, April 10th 2015.

Mary Beth thanked all those present for what they do for their neighborhoods and it was a great time to meet many of the new presidents in the surrounding area!


Neighborhood and Surrounding Area News


Please join Mayor Michael B. Hancock, his Cabinet and department heads as they come together for their quarterly neighborhood Cabinet meeting. Hear a first-hand account of what is happening in your community and around the city. Following the meeting, all attendees will have the unique opportunity to engage in a one-on-one dialogue with the Mayor and his leadership team.

WHAT: Mayor Hancock’s Cabinet in the Community
WHO: Denver residents
WHERE: Hill Middle School, 451 Clermont St., Denver, CO 80220
WHEN: Saturday, April 18, 2015
TIME: 9:00 a.m. – 11:00 a.m. Free continental breakfast!
SPECIAL FEATURES: Pet Adoption and Job Fair

For questions or to request that a specific municipal issue be addressed at this meeting, email or call Breena Alderete at or 720-865-9044

Sign Language Interpreter available upon request with three business days notice. To request a Sign Language Interpreter, please email


Cabinet in the Community is a unique opportunity for members of the community to come and hear brief presentations by Mayor Michael B. Hancock, as well as his cabinet members on important issues pertaining to their neighborhood, District 5, and the City and County of Denver. Community members will be given an opportunity to speak face-to-face with the Mayor and members of his cabinet following the presentations. Continental breakfast will be available. There will be a ‘Community Fair’ as well, with demonstrations from Denver Fire Department, Denver Police Department, Animal Care and Control Pet Adoption and JOB FAIR!
Accepting Applications for NDLW 2015
Applications are open for Northeast Denver Leadership Week
If you or someone you know would enjoy this opportunity, please apply here. Students in grades 9,10, and 11 who live or go to school in Northeast Denver are eligible. Forward this email to anyone who might be interested. Applications are due April 19th.
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City Council President Christopher Herndon
Denver District 11   720-337-7711
Spring Application and the Spring Learning Community
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Opening April 15th: Spring Application!
Denver Environmental Health is soliciting applications from residents and neighborhood organizations for Denver’s Sustainable Neighborhoods Program. The spring application round will open on April 15th. Applications will be due on May 29th.

The Sustainable Neighborhoods Program encourages and supports residents in designing and leading community projects that enhance the environmental and social strength of their neighborhoods. Neighborhoods earn credits for these projects with the potential of achieving City Sustainable Neighborhood designation.
Two neighborhoods will be selected to participate this spring. They will join the 5 participating neighborhoods: West Colfax, North City Park, Chaffee Park-Regis, Barnum, and Villa Park. Participating Sustainable Neighborhoods will earn credits for achieving sustainability goals by completing projects such as offering recycling workshops, promoting a local community garden, installing artwork in neighborhood alleys, or getting neighbors to commit to making their homes more energy efficient.
Depending on the number of credits earned in a given year, neighborhoods can be designated as a “Participating Sustainable Neighborhood” or an “Outstanding Sustainable Neighborhood.”
Neighborhoods receive in-kind support from the City, in the form of outreach materials, printing, venue fees, food, and staff time to assist with outreach and project development.
To learn more about the program and the application process visit
For more information, please contact Taylor Moellers at or 720-865-5477.
We look forward to your application and to the next round of Sustainable Neighborhoods!


Photos from the program's first year, with our awesome neighbors in West Colfax, North City Park, and Chaffee Park-Regis!
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Our mailing address is:
Denver Environmental Health
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Take Action Sunday in Denver
Host: Mikel W.

Where: Coffee at the Point, Five Points 

When: Sunday at 6:00 p.m.

What: Our law enforcement community seems to feel that the anger that has recently been expressed toward them is undeserved. Join us to meet with DPD leadership and hear how they feel about the issue and share stories of community members who have experienced trauma at the hands of the police. We'll describe the impacts that these traumas have, not only on the individuals involved, but to their families and our community as a whole. 
Can you join us in Denver on Sunday?

Denver Days is an initiative Mayor Michael B. Hancock
created in 2013 to help neighbors get to know neighbors
and get involved with their communities by hosting block
parties, social events and service projects. The concept and
message behind Denver Days quickly caught on with Denver
residents and this August 1st-9th marks Denver Days third year.
To register your event or to find more information on planning
an event, please visit or email
You can read, watch, and share the latest from Denver Days and
use the hashtag ‪#DenverDays2015 on social media as you begin
planning your Denver Days 2015 event.
Twitter: @DenverDays2015
You are all community stewards and the Denver Days planning
team would be so grateful for your participation and assistance
spreading the word about Denver Days 2015.
Thanks so much!
Jessica Jessica Jorgensen, M.P.P.
Special Projects Coordinator|Denver Asian
Pacific American Commission Staff Liaison
Human Rights & Community Partnerships
City and County of Denver
720.913.1704 o|720.235.7271 c
Please like HRCP on Facebook ZA102637861 
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Bee JP" on May 16th
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WalkDenver E-News

Volunteers needed May 16th

Help make northwest Denver more walkable!


Great Paths: The Boulevard at Jefferson Park is a WalkDenver project aimed at promoting neighborhood amenities and walking in northwest Denver through pedestrian improvements. Last fall, community members came together to identify the top destinations for walking in the neighborhood, a priority path that links these destinations, and low-cost improvements that would enhance the priority path. Now we need volunteers to help install some of the improvements: pedestrian wayfinding signs that indicate how long it takes (in minutes) to walk to top destinations in the neighborhood, as well as stencils on the sidewalk marking the priority path.  

Installation of the signs and stencils will take about an hour, and will be followed immediately by a community celebration called "Bee JP" that will include Horseshoe Market artisan vendors, a seedling sale, live music, food vendors, walking tours, and walk-to-eat specials at local restaurants.  Volunteers will receive t-shirts with the Bee JP bumblebee design that community members selected to grace the pedestrian wayfinding signs and stencils.

Date: Saturday, May 16th
Location: 25th and Eliot
Volunteer shift: 9 am - 10 am
Community celebration: 10 am - 2 pm

To sign up, please fill out this online form.  If you have any questions, please contact Jill Locantore at

This Great Paths project was made possible through a crowdfunding campaign on ioby (“in our back yard”), a Kickstarter-like platform focused on community projects.  Local donors contributed $4,828, which was matched with $4,000 from the TransitCenter.  WalkDenver’s partners on the project include the Federal Blvd Business Improvement District and PartnershipJefferson Park United Neighbors,  Sloan’s Lake Citizens Group, and Walk2Connect.


Copyright © 2015 WalkDenver, All rights reserved.
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Surrounding Neighborhoods



Attention All Lowry Homeowners:

Everything you need to know about caring for your trees.

Spring has sprung!  Did you know that Lowry homeowners are required to prune their trees regularly, especially "tree lawn trees", to promote an attractive and shady street and sidewalk canopy, and to replace dead trees in their yards and tree lawns?  Did you know that there are species of trees that the City of Denver doesn't allow to be planted?  That new trees have to be a certain size?  It's that time of year for tree pruning / replacement letters to go out to homeowners, so read on for more information.

This Week:

Join the Fun: Kickball in Lowry.
Take the kids to: Robotics at Wings Over the Rockies.
Keep your:  Dogs On A Leash!

April 2015

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Denver Decides- Final Election Forum April 11

The regular INC Delegation meeting on Sat April 11th will be devoted to a forum in preparation for the very important May 5 municipal election

Location: University Park United Methodist Church, 2180 South University 
The program features City Council District 6 (south central Denver), Auditor, City Council-at-Large Candidates, and starts at 8:30 AM         MORE INFO

DENVER DECIDES        Municipal Election 2015 Video Library

Council District 6/ Auditor/At Large Denver Decides Candidate Forum @ University Park United Methodist Church
Apr 11 @ 9:00 am – 10:30 am

Executive Committee Meeting @ Daniels Foundation Building
Apr 13 @ 6:00 pm – 8:00 pm
INC Parks and Rec Committee @ Brookdale University Park formerly called Heritage Club
Apr 21 @ 6:00 pm – 8:00 pm

INC Zoning and Planning Committee @ 1201 Williams Street – 19th floor 
Apr 25 @ 9:30 am – 11:00 am

INC Safety Committee Meeting
Apr 28 @6:00 pm – 7:30 pm
Committee Corner


Meeting Summary

Crash Study

RTD Fare Proposal

State Transportation Plan


Meeting Summary

Public Safety

Meeting Announcement


Denver INC Executive Committee

click 4 meeting minutes

Neighborhoods work better when they work together


From the President

Larry's photo

Larry Ambrose

Development Developments

We can’t say that neighborhood issues are not taking the spotlight during the past couple of months. Seems like the rest of Denver is catching up to what many in INC have noticed for several years. There has been a lot of “buzz” recently about people’s reaction to development in Denver.Continue reading 

INC Meeting of Delegates and Neighborhood Leaders
INC met Saturday, March 14 at Police Dist. 3 Station. during which we held our annual officer elections, voted on a ZAP resolution for potential "shared economy" legislation. and received a brief lesson in election law...
Read  full minutes
Loretta Koehler wanted more time to report to her Baker RNO, but the resolution passed.

Letters from Dollar Dictionary Students

Denver INC recently received forty-seven ‘well written’ letters from Ms. Walters’ third grade class of Slavens Elementary School. A sampling is shared here:

Thank you for the useful dictionary. I did not know it had most of the English words. I especially loved the braille. Also, the longest word in the English language is cool. I would not read the best if I did not have that dictionary. READ MORE


Neighborhood Stars Make The News

Teller Elementary program helps hungry kids at home READ STORY 

Our Current Members
Membership Message

Thank you for being involved in your neighborhood RNO.   We, INC, have put a large amount of effort into organizing these Denver Decides Candidate forums with the League of Women Voters and Historic Denver. Our primary goal is to assist Denver residents in making an informed decision when they mail or turn in their ballot. Continue reading 
membership application forms


2015 Mayfair Neighbors Easter Egg Hunt!

Click HERE to read the latest issue!!!