May 18, 2015 East Colfax/East Montclair Neighborhood News

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East Colfax / East Montclair Neighborhood News - May 18, 2015



Tomorrow's Monthly Community Meeting!
May 19, 2015

6:30 PM - Review of Meeting Agenda
               - Introduction of Guests

6:35 PM - Denver Police Department 
              - Updates and Q & A

6:50 PM - Tim Roberts & Julie Carr
               - Counter Path Press
                 7935 East 14th Avenue 
               - They will discuss plans for
                  press, bookstore and
                  community events.
               - Q&A

7:20 PM - Board Member Updates

7:30 PM - Member Vote on 7-Eleven
                 6596 E. Colfax
                 Liquor License Request
                - Member Vote on Change of 
                  use for 6740 East 14th Ave.

7:45 PM   - Community Roundtable

8:00 PM End of Meeting

Great Information on Community Planning & Development, Board of Adjustment and Construction and Zoning in Denver!

Click HERE to read an overview of CPD!

Click HERE to read about Board of Adjustment Hearing Process!

Construction and Planning in Denver Click HERE!

Neighborhood News!




New Coffee Shop in the
East Colfax/East Montclair Neighborhood!


There is a new coffee shop in the neighborhood, Quince Essential Coffee! Their website, Facebook, etc. is just now being developed so please be patient. Located on Quince Street between E. 14th Ave. and East Colfax at 1447 Quince Street.

Here are a few words from the owners via Nextdoor:

Hello Neighbors!

We've had the pleasure of meeting many of you and look forward to meeting many more! Our official full open day is June 3rd from 6am to 8pm. Until then, we will be open this Thursday and Friday 4 to 8pm, next week Monday through Friday 4 to 8pm and weekends from 8am to 7pm.

We proudly serve Kaladi Coffee, as well as other hot and cold drinks, snacks, and Happy Leaf Kombucha.

are kiddo and dog friendly and eagerly anticipate becoming an integral part of the community.

Babette & Michelle


New Mexican Restaurant coming to the Neighborhood!!!


The owner of the old Pisco Sour Restaurant and Lounge property just got back with us and he has leased the space to a restaurant firm. They are going to open a Mexican restaurant at that location at 8501 East Colfax Ave. (Wabash). They currently own three other successful restaurants. As more information becomes available we will let everyone know.

New Neighborhood Medical Marijuana Dispensary Opens in Neighborhood!

The former Green Light Garden Supply building has been reopened by another owner as Organica, a medical marijuana dispensary.

It's a transfer of location from a previous place in Denver. They applied for the license transfer last year, and recently completed inspections to open at this new location. It's only a medical center, and the city does not have public hearings for medical establishments. If they apply for a retail/recreational license in the future, there would be a public hearing.


Plans for a small publisher, gallery, event space, and bookstore

7935 East 14th Avenue (Tamarac & East 14th Avenue) the "Goal Oriented" gas station building.

Tim Roberts, owner of Counter Path Press a small publishing company has filed an application with Community Planning and Development (CPD) for using the site for a retail book store.
The East Montclair Neighborhood Association and Councilwoman Susman's office have reached out to the owner to find out more.
Below are links to the Counter Path Press Website and a Westword article on the business
 To View the Application  CLICK HERE!

 To View the Site Plan  CLICK HERE!

 To View the Site Map CLICK HERE!


May 8, 2015
CITY COUNCILMEMBER:  Mary Beth Susman, Deborah Ortega, and Robin Kniech.
Denver Neighborhood Association, Inc., East Montclair Neighborhood Association, Fax Partnership, and Inter-Neighborhood Cooperation (INC)
RE: 7935 E 14th Ave   Log # 2015U00252
Dear Sir/ Madam:
This office has received an application from Dan Grunfeld/Tim Roberts to operate a retail book store at 7935 E 14th Ave, in the E-TU-B zone district.
Please review the details of this application, and determine your organization’s position on this proposal.  Any objections to this application must be in writing and forwarded to this office prior to June 7, 2015 .  Zoning Administration will review all written comments, evaluate the proposed child care home on the basis of the ordinance criteria, and either approve or deny the application.
Please also review the attached application.  Please be advised that if these criteria are met, Zoning Administration is compelled to approve the use exception.  Therefore, all comments must be pertinent to this use.
In the event your organization submits a written objection to the proposal and Zoning Administration approves the proposal, a notice will be posted on the property explaining the Administration’s decision and giving instructions for appealing that decision to the Board of Adjustment-Zoning.
If you have any questions regarding this application or this review procedure, please call the Zoning Office at 720-865-3000 or contact us by e-mail at
Please refer all questions and written comments to Log # 2015U00252.
For the Zoning Administrator,
Vince Gomez-Ferrer
Associate Development Project Coordinator

  Vince Gomez-Ferrer  |  Associate Development Project Coordinator
Community Planning & Development | City and County of Denver
720.865.2721 Phone | | @DenverCPD | Take our Survey


New 7-Eleven at Monaco & East Colfax

Kay Stallworthy, Associate Developer of Cadence Capital Investments and David Stensby, Senior Real Estate Rep for 7-Eleven Rocky Mountain Zone met with leadership of the Historic Montclair Community Association, Mayfair Neighbors, Greater Park Hill and The East Montclair Neighborhood Association. The meeting was facilitated by District 5 City Councilwoman Mary Beth Susman.

During the conversation the following items were discussed:

The property has been vacant for over 100 years.

Cadence Capital is the developer of the store and than they along with 7-Eleven will find a franchise owner that is the right fit for the store.


The daughter of the property owner of the "Christmas Tree" lot
has leased the property to Cadence Capital with an attached "declaration" or "covenant" on the property that it can not be used to develop or build adult bookstores, marijuana dispensaries, strip clubs, liquor stores, car dealerships, etc. Retail establishments such as 7-Eleven are however approved. This "declaration" or "covenant" stays with the property if it is sold at a later time.

The christmas tree lot owners daughter owns the house directly to the south of the 7-Eleven property.

Construction is already underway

Design renderings will be provided shortly

It will be a 24 hour store

A 22 ft "pole" sign will be on East Colfax side

Additional kighted signage will be attached to the building on the north west and east side of the building.

One overhead street/parking light will be in the rear of the building (the amount allowed by the city) Lighting will also be on the building and will adhere to the Denver "dark skys" municipial code.

They have applied for a 3.2 Malt beverage/beer liquor license.

Neighborhood groups will most likely oppse the sale of liquor at the location.

They have 7 parking stalls in the rear of the building (the most allowed by the city)

Food/Bevearge deliveries will only be allowed from 6 PM - 9 PM

Stay tuned for more details as they are provided. 


Asian Market in the
East Colfax/East Montclair Neighborhood!


Located at 8800 East Colfax Avenue at Xenia Street is a unique family market that sells unique Asian food items, many of them Burmese. If you have not stopped in you need to check it out! Step out of your comfort zone and experience a whole other side of cooking!
Here is what some folks have been saying about the market online!

"The Burmese-owned grocery called Family Asia Market will tantalize you with its Southeast Asian delights. In the corner, bags of crackers made from shrimp and Cybium (a group of fish including the Wahoo) beckon softly to you. On the rows of neatly-arranged shelves, jars of mimosa and tamarind leaves and bamboo shoots (available with or without Yanang leaf extract) share space with bottles of dark, rich fish sauces and pastes. And in the freezer case, mullets and mackerels play nicely with such quintessentially Burmese products as Su Pout Ywet (acacia leaves), Da Nyin Thee (Jengkol or Luk Niang nuts) and Kaukswe (egg noodles).



Plans for 7900 East Colfax Avenue

Pamlico Investments have opted to abandon the 7900 East Colfax Avenue site for a 5 story self-storage facility and not apply for rezoning.

The Community Planning and Development Board (CPD) is hesitant to change zoning for the site to allow self storage and more than 3 stories. If any other plans for the site come up we will let you know.

Neighborhood Paving!

Denver Public Works
Heather Burke
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                                         
DENVER, CO ­— Monday, May 18, 2015 – Denver Public Works crews continue to roll out for their paving operations! Below is our anticipated paving schedule for the week May 18, weather permitting.
Denver Public Works Street Maintenance paving operations are weather dependent. Should we experience bad weather – heavy rain, snow, wind, or freezing temperatures, the schedules below will change based on those conditions.
  • One Street Maintenance crew will continue paving Lowell from 38th to 44th and continue work in the Berkeley neighborhood from 38th to 46th and Tennyson to Sheridan Blvd.
  • Another Street Maintenance crew will begin paving West Warren Ave. from Clay to Federal Blvd.
  • A contracted Hot-In-Place-Recycle crew will continue paving in the Barnum neighborhood from Federal Blvd. to Perry and 1st Ave. to 6th Ave.
Curbs and Pedestrian Ramps
Contracted crews are doing curb and pedestrian ramp repairs/installation in:
  • Congress Park: 9th Ave./Steele to Harrison St. and 7th Ave./Steele to Harrison St.
  • If the schedule allows, crews will move into Cory-Merrill: Mississippi/University Blvd. to Clayton St.
  • Hampden South: Quebec to Yosemite/Mansfield to Union
  • East Colfax: Quebec to Ulster/Montview Blvd. to Colfax Ave.
  • Green Valley Ranch: landscape repairs
Visit our website for more information on these programs.
“No Parking” signs are placed on affected blocks in advance of work to let residents know that we need them to move their vehicles; unmoved vehicles may be towed to allow paving work to proceed. The “No Parking” signs ask that no vehicles be parked on the street on weekdays, Monday-Friday, from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Denver Police Department District 2 Latest News & Updates


8400 East Colfax Avenue
7-Star Motel

Abatement Notice


Click HERE to view the notice

Save the Date:  COB Quarterly Public Forum 6.4.15
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Citizen Oversight Board

Quarterly Public Forum


Thursday, June 4, 2015
6:30 PM

Cory Elementary School

1550 S. Steele Street
Denver, CO  80210
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Citizen Oversight Board


The Citizen Oversight Board (COB) consists of seven citizens appointed by the Mayor and confirmed by City Council to assess the effectiveness of the Monitor's Office; to make policy-level recommendations regarding discipline, use of force and other policies, rules, hiring, training, community relations and the complaint process; to address any other issues of concern to the community, the COB, the Monitor, the Manager of Safety, the Chief of Police, the Undersheriff or the Fire Chief; and to review and make recommendations as to closed Internal Affairs cases where the findings were not sustained, as appropriate.

The Board meets twice monthly (1st and 3rd Friday of the month, 12th floor conference room of the Office of the Independent Monitor) and holds quarterly Public Forums throughout the City and County of Denver. Please see the links for specific information.




Don't Forget the next Community Advisory Board Meeting is on June 24th, 2015 at 6:00 PM at Denver Police District 2 Headquarters!!!

Denver City Council Updates!
Agendas and meeting schedule.
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Click here to view agendas & meeting schedule.

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Room 451
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Phone: 720.337.5555

Council District 5


Council Aides:
Genny Kline
Luke Palmisano

Office Hours Change of Location
Dear neighbors,

I host regular “Office Hours” in my district the first three Thursdays of each month from 10 am – 12 pm. In March, I started hosting my “Office Hours” in a new location at Windsor Gardens the second Thursday of each month. For May, June and July I will be in the Centerpoint West Community Room located at 595 S. Clinton St. in the Centerpoint Community Center.

The locations for the first and third Thursday Office Hours will remain the same. Times for all three events are 10 am – 12 pm.

  • First Thursday: Café Steep, 4100 E 8th Ave
  • Second Thursday: *NEW LOCATION* Centerpoint West Community Room, 595 S. Clinton St
  • Third Thursday: Einstein’s Café, Lowry Towne Center

No appointment necessary. Just drop in to chat if you like.


New Recycling Center

Many of you have contacted my office with questions about the new recycling drop-off center that opened at Quebec and Cherry Creek Drive South. There is no limit to the amount material you can bring however this service is only available for residents of Denver, not commercial contractors. You may bring yard waste such as food waste, leaves and grass clippings to the site, but the material will need to be emptied out of any plastic bags and into one of the green compost carts at the center. Plastic bags are not accepted at all. You can use brown paper bags for yard waste as they are compostable.

There are limitations on the size of the branches that can be dropped off. Branches must be no longer than 4 ft. in length, no wider than 4 inches in diameter and weigh no more than 50 pounds. If you have lost an entire mature tree the recycling center cannot take it all and you should hire a tree service. If you have lost branches, Denver Recycling will gladly take them.

The recycling drop-off center does not take any electronics or recycle any batteries. Here is a list of all accepted recyclable materials. Additionally, here you can find information here on what materials can be composted.
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Council District 5


Council Aides:
Genny Kline
Luke Palmisano

Broken Branches? Here's what to do with them!
Dear neighbors,

There’s a new place to recycle your broken branches from last weekend’s storm, as well as bottles, paper and cans! Just in time to help residents deal with tree damage, Denver Public Works is marking the opening of its first recycling drop-off center, located at Quebec and Cherry Creek Drive South. The center opens Tuesday and accepts recyclables, yard waste and organics.

Hours of the new recycling drop-off center are:

  •          Tuesday - Friday from 11 am to 5:30 pm
  •          Saturdays from 9 am to 3 pm
The opening of the drop-off recycling center marks another milestone toward implementation of Denver’s Solid Waste Master Plan. It also provides more options for apartment dwellers who are ineligible to participate in the City’s recycling program, as well as Denver residents who would like to compost, but do not have composting offered in their neighborhood as of yet.
More tree branch disposal options:
Denver also provides limited branch pickup through its regular trash collection service:

Trash cart and manual service customers can tie loose branches in bundles no longer than 4 feet in length and weighing no more than 50 pounds. No branches may exceed 4 inches in diameter. A maximum of 10 branch bundles per household will be collected per the overflow collection cycle (every 3 weeks). Do not place branches in your city issued black trash cart and place at least 2 feet away from black cart when setting bundles out for collection.

Dumpster service customers can tie loose branches in bundles no longer than 4 feet in length and in bundles weighing no more than 50 pounds. No branches may exceed 4 inches in diameter. A maximum of 5 bundles of branches can be placed in dumpsters at a time. Customers with more branches should hold those branches for their next LIP collection. During LIP week, residents may place up to 10 branch bundles (meeting the above standard) in the alley, at least 4 feet from their dumpster. Note: branches picked up through regular trash collection service will not be recycled.

More on broken branches:
Property owners are responsible for cleanup of debris from trees on private property and from trees within the public right of way adjacent to their property. Property owners are responsible for the pruning needs of private property trees and the pruning needs of trees within the public right-of-way adjacent to their property. If you have general questions about the condition of a public-right-of way tree, you can contact Denver Forestry for an opinion at 

For trees on private property, citizens can visit for a list of licensed and insured tree care contractors.  It’s a wise practice to make sure any tree care contractor is licensed and insured. If emergency removal of a fallen branch is needed to clear a street, the city can assist though an established on-call contract; however, the cost of the work will be billed to the responsible property owner.

Please feel free to contact me office with any questions.

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join WalkDenver for an evening celebration.
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WalkDenver E-News

Save the Date! 
I Walk Colfax on July 30, 2015

Please join WalkDenver for an evening celebrating the good the bad and the changes coming, for all of us who Walk Colfax. There will be prizes. There will be contests. There will be food, fun, and other festivities. Share this 'Save The Date' with your co-workers, friends, family, and anyone who is interested in making Colfax a safe and inspiring place to walk!

WalkDenver is seeking an Events & Development Intern
Apply by May 22, 2015

Part time (15 hours/week), May - August, unpaid
Supervision: Development Director

The ideal candidate for this position is someone that is skilled at organizing events, and comfortable working with different people in person, by phone, and through email. You will work closely with the WalkDenver Development Director, the volunteer board of directors and other volunteers. Your primary responsibility will be to help WalkDenver increase its funding base and connections to VIPs in the community. The most important component for this is our July 30 Gala at the Sie Film Center on Colfax. At the event we will have a video contest, speakers, food, drinks, and networking. This will help WalkDenver achieve its mission of making Denver the most walkable city in the country.

What you will learn

  • Fundraising for nonprofits
  • Building lasting relationships with VIPs
  • Working with local businesses, city agencies, and other leaders
  • Event organizing with a strong connection to programmatic activities
What we require
  • Strong communication skills via phone, in-person conversations, and by email
  • An ability to stay focused on tasks and be detailed oriented
  • Proficiency with Google Drive, spreadsheets, and other products
  • Experience organizing and training volunteers
To apply, send a resume and cover letter to Frank Locantore at by Friday, May 22.  
Copyright © 2015 WalkDenver, All rights reserved.
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City and County of Denver

Waste Collection Reminder

The following will be picked up on May 19, 2015:

One Day Delay in Collections Next Week

Due to the Memorial Day holiday on Monday, May 25th, there is a one day delay in all collections next week. Your reminder for next week will reflect this schedule modification.

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In This Issue
Historic District Walking Tours


Just in time for Preservation Month, Historic Denver has announced a new schedule of walking tours in LoDo and Capitol Hill! These history and architecture walking tours are led by passionate docents who are experts in all things Denver. Learn more at Historic Denver's website.

Stories from
Larimer Square

larimer square

Larimer Square is celebrating the 50th anniversary of its preservation with a speaker series, "Stories from the Square." Their May 28 event is focused on preservation architecture and adaptive reuse. Learn more and RSVP at their website.

Quick Links
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Preservation endures in Denver
580 Gilpin
The interior of 580 Gilpin. 
Click image to view more.
Denver is the fastest-growing city in the West; today we're seeing booming population growth and near-record building permit volume. Although the current wave of growth won't last forever, our city will continue to grow and change in tune with demographic and economic changes, and in line with our adopted plans.

Fortunately, through all our city's changes over the last 48 years, our community-supported landmark preservation program has ensured Denver's greatest historic treasures remain. While our landmarked buildings and historic districts can and will be adaptively reused in modern ways, they will always retain their historic character.

Denver is full of great examples of historic preservation. In robust economies like today's, more projects spring up to breathe new life into long-forgotten buildings. Take Tres Birds Workshop's recent renovation of 580 Gilpin, a 1927 auto garage located in the Driving Park Historic District. The outside remains a utilitarian brick, while the interior has become a light, modern office and art studio. The building is energy-positive (it produces more energy than it uses). It, like many others, exemplifies modern, creative adaptive reuse and responsible preservation.

Over the last few years, Denver Community Planning and Development has taken steps to modernize and improve our landmark preservation program. Last year we worked with historic-property owners to create new design guidelines for all the city's historic districts, with a "how-to" approach to design, as well as guidance on modern energy-efficiency improvements. And today we're proud to be in partnership with Historic Denver, leading the Discover Denver citywide building survey to identify key buildings that help tell Denver's story.

In Denver, preservation is a community-driven effort. If you know of a building or district that merits landmark preservation, please visit our website and learn more about how you can preserve and protect Denver's historic treasures.
Project Spotlight: Epworth Church
Epworth Church
Epworth Church in the 1920s.
Image courtesy Denver Public Library.
The Epworth Church building at 1130 31st St., designated a historic landmark in 1999, will soon house a restaurant and offices. The church, built in 1915 by the Denver Methodist Extension Society, was integral to the development of the Curtis Park neighborhood and served as Denver's first community center.

The key architectural features of this Renaissance-Revival building include masonry, 52 windows and an iconic metal "welcome" sign framing the entry.

Developer Larry Nelson of 620 Corp, Inc., estimates that the church has stood vacant for the last 35 years. Nelson, an active preservationist and former chair of the Lower Downtown Design Review Board, saw its potential.

"It's quite a spectacular space," Nelson said of the church's sanctuary, a high-volume space with a domed top and stained-glass skylight. "It makes a perfect gathering place -- again."
Discover Denver Launches Citywide Survey in Jefferson Park
Houses on River Drive in Jefferson Park
Houses on River Drive in Jefferson Park
Discover Denver, a project to identify historic and architecturally significant structures citywide, will begin its full citywide survey in the Jefferson Park neighborhood.

The citywide survey of 160,000 buildings comes on the heels of three recently completed pilot projects. Like the pilots, the citywide survey will gather information about buildings using public records, neighborhood canvassing, academic research, and tips from the public. Findings from this first-ever citywide survey of Denver will eventually be accessible online so that everyone from property owners to history buffs to real estate agents can learn about our city's past -- building by building.

Historic Denver, Inc. and the City and County of Denver are leading this collaborative project, funded mainly by a grant from History Colorado's State Historical Fund.

Learn more at DiscoverDenver.CO.
View Preservation Cases Online
LPC website
Click to visit LPC page

Interested in upcoming cases at the Landmark Preservation Commission? Along with the meeting agenda, you can now view demolition and design-review applications and staff reports.


Applications and reports are posted in advance of each commission meeting. Just go to our Landmark Preservation Commission page and look under "Agendas."

Project Spotlight: Z Block in LoDo

On Monday, May 11, developers broke ground on the Z Block project in the heart of the Lower Downtown Historic District. The project is a nearly full-block, mixed-use office, hotel and retail redevelopment between 18th and 19th and Wazee and Blake streets. 


Three historic buildings on Blake will remain. They include the Windsor Dairy at 1855 Blake St., a 1918 building designed by locally-prominent architects Fisher and Fisher; a two-story building at 1801 Blake Street, ca. 1915; and a 3-story building at 1821 Blake St. ca. 1900. 

Based on its location in the LoDo Historic District, the Z Block project required design approval by the Lower Downtown Design Review Board. 

The project is a partnership between McWhinney, Grand American and Sage Hospitality. Learn more at  


Z Block on Blake
Rendering of Z Block on Blake Street, showing existing historic buildings
"New" Name for an Old Historic District

City Council recently approved the name change of the Welton Street Historic Cultural District to the Five Points Historic Cultural District to more accurately reflect the district and its significance. 

"The Five Points community advocated for this change, and we wholeheartedly support it," said Brad Buchanan, executive director of Denver Community Planning and Development.

Along with the name change, the district's period of significance was expanded to include the era prior to and including 1964 -- encompassing the full historic period of African-American business and cultural development along the Welton Street corridor.

In addition, two buildings on Welton Street (2559 and 2801 Welton) were designated as contributing to the district's historical significance, giving them additional protections.
This summer, historic districts signs with the new name will go up along Welton Street. 

About Us
Landmark Preservation is an important function of the Department of Community Planning and Development. Denver City Council enacted the Denver Landmark Ordinance in 1967 to foster the protection, enhancement, perpetuation and use of structures and districts of historical, architectural and/or geographic significance.


Landmark Preservation staff and two landmark boards carry out that mission through design review, historic surveys and landmark designations. Staff also assists owners of historic properties by providing guidance and resources for preserving, maintaining and rehabilitating historic buildings and properties. You can learn more about Denver's Landmark Preservation efforts on our website.
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We're tweeting about everything under the sun in Denver: our news, events and public meetings, as well as neighborhoods, preservation, zoning and job openings. Follow us! We're going places...



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Plan. Prepare. Prevail.
A disaster financial readiness and recovery program

Disasters strike families and businesses every day.  Locating and gathering important financial documents and information in the weeks and months following a flood, fire, tornado or other disaster can be a frustrating process.  The Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City has introduced Plan. Prepare. Prevail. - resources to assist you or your stakeholders.Image Left
These resources offer a convenient way for individuals, families and small business owners to learn about what financial documents and records they need to have available in case of an emergency.

As a trusted adviser in the community, the Federal Reserve hopes you share the Plan. Prepare. Prevail resources with your constituents. The goal is to provide you with the tools, resources
 and materials to help others prepare a record of their financial information (also available in Spanish).  The program includes:

-  An extensive website containing disaster-preparedness information

-  Personal and small business financial inventory forms

-  Quick checklists to identify and organize key financial records

-  Links to other valuable resources and materials

Take action and begin the process of being prepared by visiting the website.  For more information, contact Ariel Cisneros, 303-572-2601.
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Surrounding Neighborhoods


May 2015
Introducing the Colfax Mayfair BID!


The new Business Improvement District's mission is to create a better place for people and business through economic development, public improvements, safety and advocacy. 


Last fall, voters approved the formation of the new Colfax Mayfair BID.Today, it is funded by commercial property owners along East Colfax Avenue from Eudora Street to Monaco Boulevard as well as in the Mayfair Town Center area (Colfax to 14th Avenue between Kearney and Leyden streets). Additional funding is provided by Denver's Office of Economic Development.


Our first priority is the Streetscape Design Project to improve safety, ease of access and the overall pedestrian experience. Denver-based Design Workshop will lead the project's planning process. With community input, they will consider elements such as sidewalks, lighting, benches, bus shelters, bicycle racks and gathering spaces. See next article for how you can participate. 


We have also started marketing efforts, including the creation of a new logo, which is a colorful, stylized version of a Krameria flower. (As you know, many of the district streets are named after flowers and trees.) Other efforts include this monthly e-newsletter for updates on new businesses, special events and other developments. A facebook page is up; like us now! Plus, a website will launch later this week as a resource for consumers and businesses alike.


Read more about our progress...


E-survey Coming Your Way
We want your opinion! What's your experience as you walk, bike or drive around the Colfax Mayfair Business Improvement District?
In the next week, we will email a survey to you. It should take a few minutes to complete and will be so helpful for our planning process. Please watch your inbox for it!
Red Octave Moves into Old Cork House

Keep an eye on the former Cork House Restaurant on Colfax and Eudora Street. It will re-open in late June as Red Octave Kitchen and Bar, a contemporary Italian steak house with live music, full bar, and expansive outdoor dining.


Behind it all are Phil Long and David Sanchez (right), co-owners and longtime friends from the Red Lion Restaurant and Vail Resorts. Phil has been a popular musician there for 25 years.


"We've been looking for a location for a long time, and I hadn't been to this part of Colfax in years," said Long. "The typical perception of East Colfax is way off. We're eager to be part of the revolution that is going on here."


Renovations on the 5,000-sf building and large outdoor patio are well underway. In addition, the property includes a small multi-tenant retail building at Colfax and Elm Street. Long is actively recruiting new tenants. To date, a doughnut shop and a flower shop have signed leases and are beginning renovations. 

Koko FitClub Opens in Mayfair Center
A new concept in fitness is now open at Krameria and 14th -- Koko Fitclub.
This digital gym uses technology to create a customized plan for members. With a personal flash drive, they can connect with the gym's equipment to receive instruction, feedback and results as they workout.
Owner Kevin Mercado (right with staff) sees great potential in his new location. "We have had a lot of interest from the neighborhood already!" To get acquainted with the gym, he is offering an introductory special of $30 for 30 days.
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Eat and Shop Locally.
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The Farmers' Market is Almost Here!

Hangar 2 continues to grow as a gathering space for neighbors and friends with the return of the Farmers' Market on Tuesday evenings from 4P to dusk, starting June 4 and continuing through September. Come enjoy a bite to eat like a little ice cream from a crowd favorite, Em’s Ice Cream cart, featuring all handmade and organic ingredients; shop gifts and handmade items like jewelry; stock up on fresh veggies from Miller Farms or snatch up the sweetest fruit from Forte’ Farms.  There is no better way to spend a Tuesday evening than celebrating the bounty of Colorado from fine artisans to the freshest and most colorful foods all right in our own beautiful neighborhood.  The Lowry Farmers' Market is a great way to shop and eat locally!

The market is located in the Hangar 2 parking lot, near the front of the Lowry Beer Garden, at 7581 E. Academy Blvd, Denver.  The nearest intersection is Academy Blvd and Rampart Way.  We are just west of the Wings Over the Rockies Museum, and across the street from 24-Hour Fitness.

It’s not too late to apply to be a vendor.

For most up to date Lowry Farmers' Market news follow the Hangar 2 Farmers Market on Facebook 


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Copyright © 2015 The East Montclair Neighborhood Association, All rights reserved.