May 8, 2015 East Colfax/East Montclair Neighborhood News

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East Colfax / East Montclair Neighborhood News - May 8, 2015



Celebrate Asian-Pacific American Heritage Month in May!

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Asian Market in the
East Colfax/East Montclair Neighborhood!


Located at 8800 East Colfax Avenue at Xenia Street is a unique family market that sells unique Asian food items, many of them Burmese. If you have not stopped in you need to check it out! Step out of your comfort zone and experience a whole other side of cooking!
Here is what some folks have been saying about the market online!

"The Burmese-owned grocery called Family Asia Market will tantalize you with its Southeast Asian delights. In the corner, bags of crackers made from shrimp and Cybium (a group of fish including the Wahoo) beckon softly to you. On the rows of neatly-arranged shelves, jars of mimosa and tamarind leaves and bamboo shoots (available with or without Yanang leaf extract) share space with bottles of dark, rich fish sauces and pastes. And in the freezer case, mullets and mackerels play nicely with such quintessentially Burmese products as Su Pout Ywet (acacia leaves), Da Nyin Thee (Jengkol or Luk Niang nuts) and Kaukswe (egg noodles).



The Asian Pacific Development Center of Colorado (APDC) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization supporting the Asian American Pacific Islander community. For 30 years we have been committed to providing culturally appropriate health, mental health, and related services to our communities. We employ a holistic approach to address the total well-being of individuals and families. APDC also understands that there continue to be barriers of language, culture, and generational issues underlying social determinants that impact well-being. So, when we begin to address poverty, education, employment, and access to a plethora of different support systems, we contribute to the empowerment and overall health of everyone. Our vision is for our communities to be healthy and empowered.



Neighborhood History!


The Colfax Electric Subdivision!

Of all the original subdivision names in our East Colfax/East Montclair Neighborhood the coolest name must go to the "Colfax Electric" subdivision which encompasses East 16th Avenue to East 17th Avenue between Wabash street and Verbena street!

Past resident Phyllis E. Garcia and her husband Robert M. Garcia lived at 1644 Verbena Street for 46 years from 1948 to 1994. She recalled the neighborhood in an interview that is below!

By June or July 1949 there were eight houses built and they were two different floorplans available. They also built the one right behind us then they build two on down. At that time there were young families with small children living on the street. My husband was working at the dolly Madison store and later he went to colonial dairy which was on Oneida and Colfax Avenue.

At that time of the trolley just went to the loop at Poplar and he's Colfax and then you took a bus on eastward on Colfax. In those days people just have one car. As the families grew quite a few left the neighborhood and move to larger homes. My husband built onto our house feeling we could afford that so we just stayed here. There have been a lot of times you wonder if you should have moved but we are still here.

The little house that is second from the corner is still there on verbena and 17th on the side of the street. The little house that had been added to on the corner of 16th St. was there. There was a lot of space between the houses that were here. The house that was like our plan across the alley to E. 16th St. was vacant and that is where the flying Tiger plane crashed. That would be between Verbena and Wabash.

The one unit that is next to the vacant area in the next block of Urbina next to Colfax Avenue was where Dr. Phillips had his office. Those apartments on verbena off Colfax were nice very nice and kept up and painted and professional people lived in them in the 50s and 60s. They usually had a manager. When the I 70 was built that's when those apartments started to get rundown. Before 1964 Colfax was the main highway through Denver. The manager couple at the sand and Sage motel had a daughter and A young son and they were good friends with our daughter. The husband got a job with the state of Colorado so they sold it. It was family owned and they lived on the premises. Our daughter worked at the Rocky built hamburger joint" back and East Colfax. She worked there one summer and through the fall at night. Her father would pick her up after work. Stedmans had a shoe repair shop across the street and when it was tore down Stedman moved over to the Mayfair North neighborhood and the people who bought it kept the name Stedman. I think the Stedman's moved back to Kansas.

Where Midtown motors is now used to be the western driving. Right across from the hanger bar was a Burns filling station. They did a lot of repair work for a long time. We kept track of them because their daughter and her husband and the two small children lived in the house to the south of us. Then he got A good job. One of the sons worked as an auditor for the state.

Where the Evergreen Apartments is there was a national Jewish sanatorium. My daughter said she was pretty sure it was a national Jewish facility. The summer she worked there the Hope Center was there. Then they moved to around 34th and Holly. it was sort of a workshop for retired and disabled people. What is now Spruce St East was a Shakey pizza place. There was a chain of them.

Before my husband went into the service we lived on a dairy farm on Smith Road almost to Tower Road. About once a year I drive out that way. The house we lived in is still there but it isn't the dairy farm anymore


Neighborhood News!

Neddra Niblet
Solid Waste Management/Keep Denver Beautiful
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                                       MAY 7, 2015
Bring Your Unwanted Items to The Great Denver Cleanup
DENVER, CO ­—Clean out your closets, make room in your garage, tidy up the yard and spruce up your street! It’s time for Denver residents to take advantage of the Great Denver Cleanup on Saturday, May 9 from 9am to 2pm! Denver Public Works will offer free drop-off sites for your unwanted household items, yard waste and goodwill donations.
·         Acceptable Items: furniture, bicycles, appliances (without Freon), yard waste, trash, scrap metal, toys, rigid plastics, mattresses and box springs, carpet and clothing
·         Unacceptable Items: NO televisions, tree stumps, household hazardous waste, auto parts (including tires) or building materials
Bring unwanted items to any of the following 11 locations:
·         Ashley Elementary School 19th & Syracuse (Spruce St. parking lot)
·         Cherry Creek Transfer Station 7301 E. Jewell Ave. & S. Quebec
·         Manual High School 1700 E. 28th Ave. (parking lot on 26th Ave.)
·         Evie Dennis Campus Green Valley Ranch Blvd. & Walden St.
·         Cory Elementary School 1550 S. Steele St.
·         The Denver Coliseum 4600 Humboldt St.(Main Parking Lot West)
·         Colorado Driver’s License Office 1865 W. Mississippi & S. Raritan
·         Greenlee Elementary School 1150 Lipan St.
·         Lincoln High School 2285 S. Federal Blvd. & Iliff Ave.
·         North High School W. 32nd Ave. & Eliot St.
·         Kepner Middle School 911 S. Hazel Ct.
For more information, contact Keep Denver Beautiful by calling 3-1-1 or visit

Meeting with new 7-Eleven Owner!

The president of the East Montclair Neighborhood Association along with the presidents of the surrounding registered neighborhood organizations will be meeting soon with the owner of the 7-Eleven that is being built at 6596 East Colfax Avenue (Colfax & Magnolia). The meeting has been put together and will be facilitated by Councilwoman Mary Beth Susman's office.

We plan on having a discussion on the project and expressing concerns that residents have. After the meeting a overview of the talks will be posted  here.

Possible Plans for a small publisher, gallery, event space, and bookstore

7935 East 14th Avenue (Tamarac & East 14th Avenue) the "Goal Oriented" gas station building.

Tim Roberts, owner of Counter Path Press a small publishing company has filed an application with Community Planning and Development (CPD) for using the site for a retail book store.
The East Montclair Neighborhood Association and Councilwoman Susman's office have reached out to the owner to find out more.
Below are links to the Counter Path Press Website and a Westword article on the business
 To View the Application  CLICK HERE!

 To View the Site Plan  CLICK HERE!

 To View the Site Map CLICK HERE!


May 8, 2015
CITY COUNCILMEMBER:  Mary Beth Susman, Deborah Ortega, and Robin Kniech.
Denver Neighborhood Association, Inc., East Montclair Neighborhood Association, Fax Partnership, and Inter-Neighborhood Cooperation (INC)
RE: 7935 E 14th Ave   Log # 2015U00252
Dear Sir/ Madam:
This office has received an application from Dan Grunfeld/Tim Roberts to operate a retail book store at 7935 E 14th Ave, in the E-TU-B zone district.
Please review the details of this application, and determine your organization’s position on this proposal.  Any objections to this application must be in writing and forwarded to this office prior to June 7, 2015 .  Zoning Administration will review all written comments, evaluate the proposed child care home on the basis of the ordinance criteria, and either approve or deny the application.
Please also review the attached application.  Please be advised that if these criteria are met, Zoning Administration is compelled to approve the use exception.  Therefore, all comments must be pertinent to this use.
In the event your organization submits a written objection to the proposal and Zoning Administration approves the proposal, a notice will be posted on the property explaining the Administration’s decision and giving instructions for appealing that decision to the Board of Adjustment-Zoning.
If you have any questions regarding this application or this review procedure, please call the Zoning Office at 720-865-3000 or contact us by e-mail at
Please refer all questions and written comments to Log # 2015U00252.
For the Zoning Administrator,
Vince Gomez-Ferrer
Associate Development Project Coordinator

  Vince Gomez-Ferrer  |  Associate Development Project Coordinator
Community Planning & Development | City and County of Denver
720.865.2721 Phone | | @DenverCPD | Take our Survey


Plans for 7900 East Colfax Avenue

Pamlico Investments have opted to abandon the 7900 East Colfax Avenue site for a 5 story self-storage facility and not apply for rezoning.

The Community Planning and Development Board (CPD) is hesitant to change zoning for the site to allow self storage and more than 3 stories. If any other plans for the site come up we will let you know.

Neighborhood Paving!

Denver Public Works
Heather Burke
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                                         
Street Maintenance Crews Move Into Berkeley
DENVER, CO ­— Monday, May 4, 2015 – Denver Public Works crews continue to roll out on the roadways for their paving operations. Below is our anticipated paving schedule for the week May 4, weather permitting.
Denver Public Works Street Maintenance paving operations are weather dependent. Should we experience bad weather – heavy rain, snow, wind, or freezing temperatures, the schedules below will change based on those conditions.
  • One Street Maintenance crew will begin paving in the Berkeley neighborhood from 38th to 46th and Tennyson to Sheridan Blvd.
  • Another Street Maintenance crew will continue paving select alleys north of City Park Golf Course between 29th and 32nd from University to Steele. The work is part of the city's unimproved alley paving program.
  • A contracted Hot-In-Place-Recycle crew will continue to pave Lowell from 19th to 44th Avenues.
Curbs and Pedestrian Ramps
Contracted crews are doing curb and pedestrian ramp repairs/installation in:
  • Congress Park: concrete, asphalt and landscape work from 10th to 9th Ave./Cook to Harrison St.
  • Harvey Park South: Jewell to Yale/Tennyson to Sherman
  • Hampden South: Hampden to Quincy/Yosemite to Tamarac
  • Park Hill: Colorado to Dahlia/25th to Montview Blvd.
  • If the schedule allows, crews may also move into East Colfax: Quebec to Ulster/Montview Blvd. to Colfax Ave.
Visit our website for more information on these programs.
“No Parking” signs are placed on affected blocks in advance of work to let residents know that we need them to move their vehicles; unmoved vehicles may be towed to allow paving work to proceed. The “No Parking” signs ask that no vehicles be parked on the street on weekdays, Monday-Friday, from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m.

April 2015 Treasurer Report

Click HERE

History of Sidewalks in the Neighborhood


Bonna Gayhart put together these points on our sidewalks or "lack of" in the East Colfax/East Montclair Neighborhood!

Just a bit of background re the lack of sidewalks in parts of East Montclair:
(1)     As you probably know, payment for sidewalks around the apartments between Syracuse & Uinta; 11th to 12th was the basis for formation of our neighborhood association.  That complex was originally The Kensington.  Homeowners along the west and north sides were going to be assessed for sidewalks!  Our protest resulted in the owners of the complex paying for them.
(2)    Since this was the farm area that provided chickens, eggs, milk, and produce for the Town of Montclair, as well as the City of Denver – many of the present day homes were here during that time.  Everyone either walked, rode horseback, drove a horse-drawn carriage or (later) a Model T Ford!  Roads (not yet “streets”) were dirt, later gravel.  Who ever heard of sidewalks in the farming community?  As developers came in just before, during and after WWII, they put sidewalks along the frontage of the homes, but not along the sides.  Even during this time, it was still perfectly safe to walk or bike in the street!
(3)    Now, I’m sure you’ve noticed that it is primarily corner properties without sidewalks – or properties that were originally corner properties – that have no sidewalks.  Many of these at one time belonged to senior citizens.  First of all, they would have been required to pay for the sidewalk.  But that was only the beginning of cost.  In the winter, they now had to hire someone to shovel the snow every time it snowed!
I’ll let your imagination take it from there!  But I hope this gives you a bit of background on how the situation came to be!  Now that every family not only has “a car in every garage”, but often “a car for every person age 16 & older in the driveway or street”, lack of sidewalks becomes more of a problem! 



Denver Police Department District 2 Latest News & Updates


Neighborhood Crime Report April 24th - May 8, 2015

Click HERE to view a log of all crimes within 1 mile of 8000 East Colfax Avenue form April 24- May 8, 2015


1520 N. Trenton Abatement Notice


Click HERE to view the notice



Every day, countless man hours are exhausted in an attempt to reduce violence in our city. Our men and women take to the streets, conducting proactive patrols on a daily basis because we have zero tolerance for violence. This week, Gang Unit officers made six arrests – each arrestee is a convicted felon and was found in possession of a firearm (POWPO).

Five of those arrests came on May 4th, 2015, and all were a result of traffic stops initiated by var...ious traffic violations. Suspect, 29 year-old Charles Brooks was arrested in the 2800 block of Champa Street. Suspect, 28 year-old Lee Deleon was arrested in the 5200 block of E. 35th Avenue. Suspects, 27 year-old Barry Lewis and 44 year-old Steven Williams were arrested in the area of E. Bruce Randolph Avenue and N. Lafayette Street. The last arrest on this day was made in the 1800 block of Logan Street and the suspect was identified as 32 year-old Gary Cutchlow. The sixth arrest was made on May 5, 2015. The suspect was identified as 39 year-old Ronald Newson. Newson was arrested after officers on patrol saw him involved in a physical altercation in the 8400 block of E Colfax Avenue.



Powered by the volunteers from the Volunteers In Police Service at the Denver Police Department program, the 16th Street Mall Kiosk is your one-stop shop for all your downtown needs. The Kiosk officially opened on April 10, 2015, and on this day our amazing volunteers handed out 400 bottles of water, 375 brochures, 30 DPD chap-sticks, and chatted with 157 people!

The volunteers at the kiosk are a fantastic resource for anyone visiting the city, or ...anyone just hanging out downtown for the day. They answer questions, distribute information for the police department, help monitor the mall, assist with police-related matters, and can even point you to the nearest restroom. The Kiosk is open Monday through Thursday, 10 AM to 2 PM, and Friday through Sunday, 10 AM to 6 PM. If you’re interested in volunteering, call 720-913-6877

Dear Neighbors,

We still continue to see burglaries occurring because of overhead or side garage doors left open or unsecured. We understand that sometimes garage doors automatically open back up because of the safety sensors, so please stick around before driving off to make sure your garage door is completely closed or, we also suggest utilizing some type of automatic garage door closer. There are several different manufactures of these devices and the DPD does not endorse any but wanted to give you some ideas. Some examples include, The Garage Butler, Garage Guardian, and Magic Closer, all of which can be purchased on line. Most of the devices give you some options as to how long the door stays open with simple programming. The controller typically wires into the inside button to activate the door.

Automatic door closer are recommended for use with garage door openers that comply with the latest government safety requirements (those with automatic reversing mechanisms and electronic photo eye sensors that detect obstructions). If the safeties are not in place the door could close on someone. If the door does not have the reversing mechanism it is recommended that the auto closers are not used.

Thank you and please share this information with your neighbors.

Behind the Badge - Denver Sheriff Department Newsletter
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Roslyn Building

Profiles of our people

Our people are our strength. And to highlight the folks who work so hard to make DSD great, we will be posting their profiles on social media and the internet. Click on stories on Adele Angers, Melissa Barbash and Tony Gehring (left).

May 2015


New drug dog, Buddy, begins work.

Gender equity at the Sheriff Department.

See deputies at work in the community on Facebook.

Follow us on Twitter @DenverSheriff.

May 8: Learning for Life Adventure Day, Sloan's Lake.

May 11: Annual memorial ceremony for fallen officers/Dedication of new K-9 memorial.

May 18 - 22: Exhibition of photos of city employees, Webb Building.

June 5: Academy graduation ceremony.



Denver jails praised by auditors

An auditing team from the American Correctional Association (ACA) last week graded our jails near perfect, after completing a week-long inspection. To ensure the Department is adhering to best-practice, our facilities must meet 360 standards based on operating procedures, on everything from quality of life to key control, at both the Downtown Detention Center and the County Jail. The DDC met 100% of its mandatory standards and 99.6% of its non-mandatory standards. County met 100% of its mandatory standards and 99.3% of its non-mandatory standards.

Sheriff Diggins given senior national roles

In related news, Sheriff Diggins, a long-time ACA commissioner and auditor, has been honored by his association peers who selected him to be the ACA's Chairman of the Commission on Accrediation for Corrections. Our Department will go before the same Commission in Indianapolis in the fall to learn if we've been re-accredited. However, Sheriff Diggins will excuse himself from the proceeding when it comes to Denver. Sheriff Diggins has also been elected as 3rd Vice President of the American Jail Association, meaning he will ascend to the presidency in 2019.

New memorial stone for K-9s

A new memorial stone for that Department's K-9s who have passed away is being set beside the fallen officers' stone at the County Jail. The stone will be dedicated during the annual fallen deputies ceremony on May 11. Erection of the new stone follows the death of K-9 Jack, who passed away in January. Our new dog, K-9 Buddy, a handsome back labrador, has been certififed and has taken over drug detection duties from Jack.

Green Chili Cook Off winners named

Sylvia Montoya has been named department Grand Champion in our first Green Chili Cook Off. Judged on flavor, texture, consistency, aroma and color, her chili came out on top at the County Jail and then took out the overall prize. Major Jodi Blair won at the Downtown Division and Andrea Arellano won at Support Services.

Staff in photos to be honored by city


Photos of Deputy Robert Pablo, our recruiter, and Melissa Ortega, executive assistant to the Sheriff, have been selected by Project Denver Delivers (PDD) to be displayed prominently in city buildings. PDD recognizes hard working city employees. A mayoral reception for folks in the photos will be held at the Webb Building, on Court Place, on May 21, while an exhibition of the photos will be held there between May 18 and 22.

Report on reform due in coming weeks

The independent consultants Hillard Heintze and OIR Group currently reviewing the Department will handdown their final report in coming weeks. City leaders will use the findings in the report to make any necessary changes. A nation-wide search for a new sherff will begin once the report is handed down. The report follows the city's own report on Sheriff Department reform released in October.

Junker cars to be sold at auction

The Department's Vehicle Impound Facility (VIF) will begin a pilot program this week, selling junker cars at auction rather than as scrap. Typically junker cars (worth less than $500) only bring $125 as scrap metal. The City hopes it can get more at the Department's fornightly vehicle auctions, where abandoned vehicles are sold. In the 2014, the VIF raised $6.9 million for the City through auctions and fees.

See new pictures on the Staff Blog

Our new blog carries informal information and photos, about staff, for staff. It is only available through a DSD computer. Take a look at recent photos of officer promotions, employee awards, staff events, retirements, helpful information and a new item, #PeopleOfDSD. Staff, retired officers and stakeholders are encouraged to send in pictures and information for the blog. Email


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Don't Forget the next Community Advisory Board Meeting is on June 24th, 2015 at 6:00 PM at Denver Police District 2 Headquarters!!!

Denver City Council Updates!
Weekly meeting schedule and agendas
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Meeting schedule and agendas

There will be a special meeting of the Finance & Services Committee this week. See the meeting schedule for more details.
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May 2015
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A Message from Councilman Herndon
A message to the Dominguez family on the frame of their new home from Operation Finally Home.
There are only a few more days to exercise our civic duty and vote in the municipal elections. Election Day is May 5, with a potential runoff in June. These elections have not had the fanfare of the 2011 cycle but please don't take that to mean they are less important. Although Denver weathered one of the worst recessions in decades, the next four years are critical for our city. Please take the time to research candidates and vote.
In April, I had the honor of writing a personal message to Sgt. Marco Dominguez on the frame of his new home in Stapleton. Sgt. Dominguez served two tours in Iraq and was injured when his vehicle was hit with explosives. He received a Purple Heart for his service and is now receiving a new home thanks to Operation Finally HomeMore 
Free "Learn to Compost" Classes

Denver Recycles and Denver Urban Gardens are offering free "Learn to Compost" classes through the middle of October at the Denver Compost Demonstration Site, located in the Gove Community Garden at 13th and Colorado Blvd. Participants will learn how easy it is to make organic compost from food scraps and yard waste. More

Mountain Fresh Market Opens in Park Hill
A look inside the Mountain Fresh Market.

In mid December, Mountain Fresh Market joined the Park Hill neighborhood at 38th and Forest. Owned by Joshua Johnson, President of the wholesale brokerage company Ringer and Son, the store specializes in low-priced fruits and vegetables and is looking to expand by possibly including a meat counter as well as a larger variety of grocery essentials. More

DAS Offering Free Parvovirus Vaccines in May

Canine parvovirus is a severely contagious but easily preventable disease that affects many dogs. Last year, Denver Animal Shelter (DAS) saw more than 50 cases of this disease.

To help prevent the spread of this deadly virus, DAS is offering free parvovirus vaccinations for all dogs less than one year old for the entire month of May. Vaccinations are available Monday through Friday from 10:30 a.m. to 6 p.m., Saturday and Sunday from 10 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.


District 11 Council Office
4685 Peoria St.
Suite 245
Denver, CO 80239


HelpColoradoNow Newsletter | May 2015
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May 2015 Issue
The most effective way to help is through financial contributions to organizations helping in disasters. Learn more here!
If you have material items you would like to donate, please click here for information on where and how. Please donate ONLY items specifically requested by authorities and bring them to official designated collection centers.
To find other ways to help, click here!
Keep woods stacks in a safe place, especially in fire prone areas. Woodpiles are very susceptible to ember ignition and burn with a great deal of energy. They can also become ladder fuel and carry fire to the crowns of the trees and threaten buildings. Stack wood in small piles at least 30ft from any structure and 15ft away from the outermost edge of nearby tree crowns.
The West's Forest Fire Problem Costs More Every Year... Read full article here!

Colorado Considers System to Predict Flood and Fire... Read full article here!

Fungi thrived in flooded homes for months after waters receeded... Read full article here!

Boulder County
The State sought local comments on Monday night for distribution of $58.2 million of federal aid to individuals and communities recovering from the 2013 floods... Read full article here!

El Paso County
Waldo Canyon fire recovery is slow, but progressing with 15% vegetation regrowth to date... Read full article here!

Black Forest Fire updates: (1) watch for key insurance deadlines as two-year anniversary approaches, (2) new help is available for fire-affected businesses, (3) seedling tree pickup instructions are available... Read full article here!
(Alphabetical by County)


Bringing Beauty Back to Jamestown
Individual or Group Opportunity: Both
Time Commitment: One-time event and Ongoing 
Groups will assist residents with a variety of outdoor tasks including: yard cleanup - removing debris and rocks, soil preparation, landscaping - laying paths, building planters, and planting - plants, grass seed, and trees.

Jamestown Flood ReBuild
Individual or Group Opportunity: Both
Time Commitment: One-time event and Ongoing
Assist Flatirons Habitat for Humanity in all aspects of rebuilding a home residence in Jamestown.

Rebuild and New Construction 
Individual or Group Opportunity: Both 
Time Commitment: One-time and Ongoing
Help homeowners affected by the floods repair and rebuild their homes and low-income families to build simple, decent affordable homes.

Saturday Volunteers 
Individual or Group Opportunity: Both 
Time Commitment: One-time and Ongoing 
Every Saturday, Lyons Volunteers meet at 9am at Lyons Depot, the former location of the Lyons Library, where we organize, equip, and deploy. Come by and join the rebuilding efforts!

Group/Team Projects
Individual or Group Opportunity: Group
Time Commitment: One-time event and Ongoing
If your group would like to help fire survivors with debris cleanup, reforestation, erosion control, or other work, please contact Black Forest Together at 719-495-2445 or blackforesttogether [at] gmail [dot] com.

Resource Center Volunteers
Individual or Group Opportunity: Individual
Time Commitment: Ongoing
Assist the Black Forest community recovery by staffing the Resource Center. Duties include: returning phone calls, responding to emails, issuing discount cards, and calling clients to verify ongoing needs.

Team Lead
Individual or Group Opportunity: Individual
Time Commitment: Ongoing
Liaison between Black Forest residents and the volunteer teams helping with cleanup and/or mitigation. Duties include: working with residents to understand the work being undertaken, oversight of volunteer teams, and other troubleshooting as needed.

Team Member
Individual or Group Opportunity: Both
Time Commitment: One-time event and Ongoing
Participate in teams helping with cleanup and/or mitigation. Duties include: moving/loading burnt wood or other debris, and creating defensible space around homes.

Emergency Disaster Services 
Individual or Group Opportunity: Individual 
Time Commitment: One-time event 
Volunteers will be contacted for EDS deployment at the time of disaster only. EDS volunteers help prepare meals, transport food to the place of disaster, serve meals, water and hygiene items at the place of disaster; solicit and pick up donations of food and hygiene items; provide logistics support from the office.

H.E.L.P. International
Individual or Group Opportunity: Individual 
Time Commitment: One-time event and Ongoing 
Volunteers are needed 9am - 4pm, Monday - Thursday, 6 - 9pm Thursday evenings, and some weekends to sort and pack donations, pick-up and deliver goods to the local community, assist in the shipment of items abroad, and complete office tasks. H.E.L.P. International identified, collects, and distributes humanitarian aid, medical supplies, and equipment to those in need in times of peace, war, or disaster, and assists each community to sustain itself through the development of micro-businesses.

Memory Preservation 
Individual or Group Opportunity: Individual 
Time Commitment: One-time event or Ongoing 
Help flood survivors reclaim their memories. Volunteers will assist at washing and drying stations for wet or muddy photos, videos or memorabilia; scanning stations; and provide recommendations and referrals for other recovery services. No special skills required and NO film developing chemicals used to wash and dry. Protective gloves and masks are provided. Contact Noelle Maestas to volunteer: 720-466-5260 or

Poudre River Clean-Up 
Individual or Group Opportunity: Both 
Time Commitment: One-time event 
Join Mountain Whitewash Descents rafting company and the City of Fort Collins Natural Areas Department for the annual spring clean-up. All you need are gloves, sunscreen, and the desire to make a difference.

Restoration Corps 
Individual or Group Opportunity: Both 
Time Commitment: Ongoing 
Get your hands dirty and give back by assisting with creating habitat and restoring natural areas on a regular basis. Projects such as weeding, planting, watering, and trail maintenance will be offered weekly. UPCOMING: May 2nd, 9am - 12pm.
2-1-1 Information and Referral Volunteer
Individual or Group Opportunity: Individual
Time Commitment: Ongoing
Provide general assistance to 2-1-1 staff. As the work entails information and referral services, the majority of the position will be spent on the phone. Duties include: answering phones, complete and track phone surveys, and other clerical duties.
Want your disaster volunteer opportunity to appear
in this newsletter?
Please contact: Daniel England | dengland [at] metrovolunteers [dot] org
The website was created in partnership between the Colorado Voluntary Organizations Active on Disaster (COVOAD) and the Donation and Volunteer Coordination Team (DVCT), in cooperation with Colorado's Division of Homeland Security and Emergency Management (DHSEM). This website aims to provide guidance to the public on how to best help communities recover following a disaster.
For more information on HelpColoradoNow, visit!
To learn more about your local Colorado VOADs, visit!
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Just 9 more days until Rock the Co-op II!
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Co-ops Rock!

Join us May 17 for bluegrass, brews, & fun

Celebrate a great year of cooperation with the Northeast Community Co-op Market, as we host our 2nd edition of Rock the Food Co-op. This year, our free event will feature bluegrass music, food trucks, gardening resources, lawn games, a beer and wine garden, and much, much more. Come out for what promises to be a great party and the biggest event ever seen at Conservatory Green!

Get Involved!

NCCM is the work of a very dedicated group of volunteers - it takes a lot of hands to make light work.  We want you to be involved w/ Rocking the Co-op on May 17!  Here's what you can do:
Tell your friends, tell your family, invite everyone you know.  Facebook, tweet, instagram about the event (before, during and after) using the hastag #CoopsRock!  
Before, during, and after the event we need help making this a fantastic affair.  Volunteer to hang posters, lend us a table, sell memberships, screenprint, or even pour beer.  Sign up for a volunteer slot at
This one is easy.  Just come to the event.  Check out our incredible vendors, grab a meal at the food trucks, or boogie on down with our bluegrass bands.  If you are on Facebook, RSVP on the event page.  
We are nothing without our members - it takes cooperation to build a co-op!  Convince your friends and neighbors to join - together we can bring a community-owned grocer to NE Denver.

Featuring Musical Performances by:

That Damn Sasquatch
Modern Whiskey Market

Other Featured Vendors

The Bike Depot | Yai's Thai​ | With Love Ivan​ | Stapleton Family Karate | Share Denver | Happy Ladybug​ | Grown Home | Happy Leaf Kombucha | Salve' Body Limited | Modern Gingham Preserves | Pressery | The Urban Farm at Stapleton | Stapleton Roasters | Infinite Harvest | Equal Exchange | Slow Food Denver​ | ReMixx Fitness | and more.
Sun., May 17th
3:00pm - 7:00pm
Conservatory Green
E. 49th Pl @ Valentia
Denver 80238

Featured Microbrewery


Our Sponsors

Food Trucks


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    Denver Digs Trees - Canvassing Volunteer Experience - Spring 2015    

Hello Valued Denver Digs Trees Volunteer,

We really appreciate your help this year, THANKS A MILLION! we are always looking for ways to ensure that our volunteers have the best experience possible, so we're conducting a survey and would like to invite your valuable input. Please click the button below to start the survey. Thank you for your participation!

Cheers and Thanks!

Leah Jean Shafer
Program Manager

The Park People
1510 S. Grant St.
303.722.8812 (f)

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Study links auto-oriented roads with less walking and biking.
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WalkDenver E-News

Is Stapleton living up to its potential?

Study links auto-oriented roads with less walking and biking


Syracuse Street: Is this the sort of street you imagine in a New Urbanist Development?


By Jenny Neimann, WalkDenver Policy Committee Member

Has Stapleton lived up to its potential? This major urban infill project was designed as a New Urbanist community, which prioritizes walkable neighborhoods, mixed-use development, and a compact, livable street network. CU Denver Professor Wes Marshall, who lives in Stapleton, was motivated by the high-speed travel he sees on Stapleton’s roads every day to study whether the community has actually lived up to this ideal. Marshall frames it simply: New Urbanist neighborhoods shouldn’t be divided by “streets you don’t want to walk across.”

Marshall examined Stapleton’s street design, traffic, and travel behaviors and found examples where New Urbanist ideals conflicted with the conventional traffic engineering standards of the City and County of Denver. Compromises were made, and the result was a neighborhood with wider roads designed for higher speeds and a less-walkable community that in some ways functions more like a traditional, auto-oriented suburb.

One example of this is Beeler Street, a collector street with housing on one side and open space on the other. The street is 38 feet wide due to on-street parking on both sides. Because homes in Stapleton have one or two off-street parking spaces, these on-street parking spaces are rarely occupied: a road with one lane in each direction ends up feeling instead like a four-lane road built for high speeds. Not surprisingly, drivers take the visual cue of a wide-open street and drive much more quickly than they would on a street crowded with parked cars on both sides - imagine residential streets in Capital Hill or Washington Park.


The character of Stapleton’s transportation network affects the daily travel choices of residents. Even though Stapleton has outstanding sidewalk quality, multiple mixed-use paths, and great access to parks and open space, Marshall found that walking and biking rates are lower than in Denver’s older neighborhoods: 92% of trips by Stapleton residents are taken by car, versus 66 to 77% in traditional Denver neighborhoods such as Highlands, Cherry Creek, and East Colfax. Marshall wasn’t able to attribute these differences to commute distances, demographics, or parking availability. 
Luckily, Stapleton is still being built: “Now is the time to change this,” and create a better environment in Stapleton’s developing areas, says Marshall. He recommends looking back to the goals of Stapleton’s Green Book, built off of New Urbanism principles, to inspire the next phase of development in Stapleton. “Transportation is key to getting new urbanism right.” Marshall also advocates for tactical urbanism - experimentation with small-scale interventions that test out “road diets” or walkability projects on a short-term basis and that don’t take a huge budget.

Residents in Stapleton have already tried their own interventions: A Beeler Street resident parked a trailer and an SUV on the street to narrow the roadway, aiming to slow traffic speeds. He also hung a banner announcing: “Drive like your kids live here” to try to raise awareness and slow down cars. But permanent change will take partnerships between the City and residents: it would great to see the City looking into ways it can work with residents to implement temporary measures that test how safety can be improved. The same interventions can be used throughout Denver: transportation design is a key component of walkable, livable communities – whether it is a New Urbanist community or not. 


Welcome to Denver, Streetsblog!

WalkDenver is thrilled to welcome Streetsblog to the Mile High City.  The Streetsblog network was founded in New York City in 2006 and has since expanded to Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Chicago, where it is widely recognized for intelligent reporting and commentary that makes the case for safe, efficient, equitable streets. Streetsblog Denver's inaugural article, published this past Monday, called on the City and County of Denver to "Get Serious About Street Safety and Adopt Vision Zero."   

One of Streetsblog Denver’s goals is to ensure that our streets are safe enough for everyone to walk or bike without getting killed in traffic. Toward this end, they will be tracking and updating traffic fatality cases to better illuminate the sources of danger and how to prevent deaths in the future.

We look forward to partnering with David Sachs, Streetsblog Denver’s editor and main reporter, to advocate for more walkable and bikable streets, better public transportation serving Denver’s urban neighborhoods, and to help Denver continue to grow and prosper with an exceptional transportation system designed for people, not just cars.

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Surrounding Neighborhoods


In this month's issue of the Greater Park Hill Newspaper:
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Greater Park Hill News Banner

GPHC Meetings

On the first Thursday of every month at  at 6:30 p.m. at 2823 Fairfax St., Denver



A community leader who specializes in zoning says there are likely to be more controversial zoning decisions in Denver’s future.“If you think Park Hill’s quiet residential neighborhoods are protected from high-density development now clogging residential areas from Cherry Creek North to Sloan’s Lake, think again,” says attorney Greg Kerwin.
Kerwin is co-chair of the Inter-Neighborhood Cooperation’s Planning and Zoning Committee, and author of a recent published commentary, “Take Our City Back.” More...



Turtle Park at the southeast corner of 23rd Avenue and Dexter Street is the heart of Park Hill. The evolution of the small gathering place reflects the uneven development of the area during the first three quarters of the 20th century. It has since been an iconic defining spot.Early on, Park Hill emphasized that it was an elite, isolated suburb. Restrictive covenants stipulated there was to be no retail in the area. 



This letter is to appeal to Denver Public Schools for authentic engagement with the Greater Park Hill and Stapleton communities to resolve current issues in achieving the DPS goal of “Great Schools in Every Neighborhood.”In early April, DPS invited parents and community representatives from Stapleton and Greater Park Hill to discuss significant concerns about school choice. More...



The creation of City Park’s notable historical features started in the 1890s, with Mayor Speer’s endorsement of the City Beautiful movement. During this time, many of the historical entrances to the park were constructed, and a tradition of free concerts provided by the Denver Municipal Band – the oldest continuous professional concert band in the United States – was created. More...

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May 2015

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May 9th Delegate Meeting @ Southwest Improvement Council

This month’s meeting is about spring cleaning and catching our breath. A lot of the work we do to achieve our mission is done through regular meetings of our “Interest-focused” committees. It is a good time to offer an update. The Dollar Dictionary offers INC a proud legacy, but can we more effectively meet our mission with something new?  How can we focus our efforts on supporting the needs of our neighborhoods? Join  us for this important discussion. 8:30 Am @ SWIC, 1000 South Lowell Boulevard      MORE INFO

INC Education Committee Meeting
May 6 @ 6:00 pm – 7:30 pm

INC Delegate Meeting @ South West Improvement Council 
May 9 @ 8:30 am – 11:30 am
INC Executive Committee Meeting @ Daniels Foundation Building
Committee Corner
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Education Legislation


Meeting Notes

Public Safety
Meeting Notes

Upcoming Meeting
 Zoning And

Meeting Notes 


Denver INC Executive Committee

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Our Current Members

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A meeting room with a view
March ZAP Meeting

Neighborhoods work better when they work together


From the President

Larry's photo

Larry Ambrose

Imagine a World Class City...      

"When Denver looks in the mirror, what does it see? WCC! There was a time, not too very long ago, when Denver was content to imagine itself as a “Great City”. But that got old when all we got was a Six Flags amusement park as the main entry into our downtown, a new airport that looks like cool tents, and a road to them named after the great imaginer. But we have heard for at least the past 10 years from our political leaders and planning professionals, that Denver is, should be, will be, or is considered to be a “World Class City”(WCC). "  Read the Column


     ...the runoff

Having anticipated run-off elections in City Council District 2, 7, 10 and 11 races, Denver Decides will present two evenings of run-off candidate forums on May 13 and 14. The Denver Decides forums will be telecast live from the Denver 8 TV studio beginning at 7 p.m. each evening. MORE INFO       ELECTION RESULTS
INC Meeting of Delegates 
The April 11th meeting was combined with the Denver Decides election forum for District 6 (Paul Kashman & Liz Adams), City Auditor (Chris Nevitt & Tim O’Brien)and At-Large City Council candidates(Robin Kneich, Jose Silva, Debbie Ortega, Jeffery Washington, & Kayvan Khalatbari)  Watch the video here     Read Minutes
The Broadway/ I-25
process is underway and your input is needed!   READ MORE


What can Denver learn from LA? New Study on “Sharing Economy” Released  READ ABOUT IT


New Legislation for Distillery Liquor Licenses Signed

A new law creates a new liquor license for spirituous distilleries so that they may operate a pub  on the premises.  The license would be subject to needs and desires.  Requires 15% of food sales.  Governor Hickenlooper signed the legislation on April 24, 2015. READ MORE
2015 Denver Decides Video Library
Always visit for the latest
What Is LUN?
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Lowry United Neighbors

Keeping you informed...

Lowry United Neighborhoods, also known as LUN, is an organization of Lowry neighbors committed to preserving and improving the quality of life in our award-winning neighborhood.  LUN provides a voice to the community and keeps everyone connected through social gatherings. LUN’s Mission: (1) provide integrity and oversight for responsible development; (2) unite neighborhood skills for the greater good; and (3) promote open, responsive and positive communication on behalf of and between residents.

To learn more about LUN and how to get involved, read the full article on our website.


This Week:

Don't Miss: The Art That Won The War, tonight, 5-7:30P
Attend: District 6 Town Hall Meeting, this Saturday, 10-11:30A
Report a pothole: Denver's 311
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Our mailing address is: Lowry Community Master Association c/o MSI 11002 Benton St. Westminster, CO 80020-3200
Executive Director:  Mary Carr, LCMA Phone:  720-583-5262 email:

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