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Monday 1st November, 2021
Good Morning All

We trust this November Newsmagazine finds you all fit and well?

Unbelievably, I am going to keep my intro short, as there is so much to read in this issue  :-)

Suffice to say, a big thank as always, to our contributors - without you, we wouldn't actually be here.

Take really good care until next month and remember most importantly, to be kind to yourselves.

Warmest regards

Non Cosmetic Liposuction for Lipoedema - Recovery Enhanced with Vodder MLD and Deep Oscillation
With thanks to
Maxine McGinley
Certified Dr. Vodder Manual Lymph Drainage Therapist and
Deep Oscillation Practitioner

Endeavour Soft Tissue Therapy Plymouth


"Mrs M is 48 years of age diagnosed with Lipoedema Stage 3 Type 4 in both arms and legs.  Other family members are also affected.

After having complex liposuction and skin removal on both arms Mrs M approached me for Post Op treatment on her arms after being advised that MLD was highly recommended. She was already familiar with Deep Oscillation as she owns her own device which she currently uses on her legs.
Surgery commenced on 18 Aug 21 and treatment began on 24 Aug 21.  She arrived with extensive inflammation and bruising on both arms as well as pain and tenderness.  Treatment consisted of MLD (Dr Vodder)  and Deep Oscillation therapy, carried out 3 times a week for the first 2 weeks followed by weekly visits.  Each visit there have been noticeable improvements in the reduction of pain, inflammation and scar healing.  Mrs M was very committed to her treatment and recovery and carried out SLD when she was unable to book in for treatment."
Lipoedema and a Misdiagnosis of Ovarian Cancer
Jackie Smith was recently diagnosed with Lipoedema Stage 3 Type 1/2 in her knees, upper and inner thighs, hips, buttocks and arms. This diagnosis has given Jackie a better understanding of her body but the diagnosis, as for many women, has been a long time coming. In Jackie's case with some heartbreaking healthcare misdiagnosis along the way.  Thank you so much to Jackie for sharing her story with us. 

"I was 18 and I was going through that awful stage of trying to fit in; trying to get rid of the puppy fat’ as my Mum called it. I went to Art College, where it was easy to hide behind the ‘art college student image’ as in any image goes.

Meeting a guy for the first time wasn’t easy, my legs had already begun to show signs of Lipoedema. You think it’s YOU! Your weight is about what you eat and your genetics. But none of my Sisters had great big lumpy inner thighs or sore aching legs. It wasn’t as if I was unfit, I played rounders, netball, top of the class! But try get me climbing ropes, no. Absolutely not. Or jump. Or jog. No. I could whack a ball for miles and I had great score skills in netball, but the muscles in my legs were just rubbish. 
In the first year at college I did meet a guy, but I really struggled a lot with self-loathing. So, I dieted. To the point I became a borderline Anorexic. I wasn’t aware that I was. But it pretty much was the case, with only eating 3 digestive biscuits a day. Only when my kidneys were struggling, did my Doctor to a home visit and a stone blockage was suggested. I was put on morphine for the night and was to get scans next day. I was diagnosed with Gallstones, a symptom of anorexia: these are hard cholesterol deposits that can cause nausea and abdominal pain.

It was only then that my Doctor said to Mum “Get her to eat, she’s is on the verge of Anorexia”. Yet! I weighed 10 stone and I’m 5ft 4", I was a size 12 to 14. And I still had these lumps in my inner thighs. Which, when I mentioned to my GP she said. “Oh, we all have them” being young I believed that and I thought ‘well my Dad has them, so it must be so’. 
"Regrets in Life? Just The One - Delaying The Purchase of a Deep Oscillation Personal Unit for Lymphoedema"
"I am 63 years old and recently retired. Just over 10 years ago, I was diagnosed with neck cancer when after a heavy cold I noticed a lump in my neck. I faced six months of treatment and in modern language, my journey began... within weeks, my tonsils and wisdom teeth had both gone, in preparation for the chemotherapy and in late December I was admitted for surgery.

The cheerful nurse informed us that this procedure normally took a couple of hours, so heavens knows what my then partner (now wife) went through, when I still hadn’t reappeared some seven hours later.  But ultimately the surgery was a success and I emerged with lymph nodes removed and fifty odd staples holding my neck together and was released home on Christmas Day morning, as they tried to empty the hospital with an enthusiasm bordering on hysterical, to be honest, I’d had better Christmases!

The New Year brought on further procedures and treatments, I had a feeding tube fitted ready for the radiotherapy to begin and also started the chemotherapy, which while mind numbingly boring, gave me an opportunity to improve my Angry Bird skills!

Come April and I was given the all-clear and although there were regular check-ups with my surgeon, I was left to my own devices in terms of further treatment. The surgery had left me with limited neck movement, a swollen chin and nerve damage down one side of my neck and across the shoulder, I was referred to the Hospital Lymphedema clinic where they tried Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD), but bless them, they had no funding for the extra training required for my complex condition and their efforts, if anything, made things worse.

I was lucky, a colleague at work had introduced me to my now good friend Tony, who had gone through a similar cancer diagnosis and treatment some eighteen months ahead of me, he in turn put me in contact with Sue Oliver; a Lymphedema and MLD specialist close to me. I have been seeing Sue monthly, almost continuously since then, and some five years ago she acquired a PhysioPod machine and this became part of our regular treatments...

Head and Neck Lymphoedema (HNL) and Deep Oscillation

GoFundMe for Steve Bradburn
Head and Neck Lymphoedema


"In June 2020, during the worst health crisis of our lives I picked up the telephone to hear my big brother breakdown and cry.

At only 59 years old, he had just been told that he had extensive cancer of his larynx (voice box) and lymph nodes in his neck and without surgery he may die within 3 months. If that was not bad enough, they then told him that even if he chose to have the significant life changing surgery it may be too risky to operate as he would not survive if exposed to covid. He still braved to ask, “how life changing?” The reply, “you will never speak again, you may not be able to eat or drink normally, you will have to breathe through a hole in your neck, you are likely to lose your teeth and your hair, and you may also lose the ability to raise your arm!”

My independent, hard-working brother who had learnt from a very young age to cope with every challenge that was thrown at him, suddenly was at a complete loss, how could he decide…how could he go on… will he be given the opportunity to decide…. how can he be there to support those he loves? So many fears and it felt like such an impossible decision to make, the surgery could kill him, covid could kill him, but so could the cancer so eventually the decision was made and with love and support of family and friends he went for the operation in July 2020. (This story continues here)

BUT the nightmare for him now is LYMPHOEDEMA – a common complication caused by the removal of the lymph nodes where an excess of fluid collects in the tissues causing excessive swelling. For Steve this swelling:

  • reduces the effectiveness of the electrolarynx making it difficult for his speech to be understood
  • presses onto his throat making swallowing really difficult and painful and so reducing how much he can eat and drink
  • reduces the size of the hole which he breathes through – can you even begin to imagine how scary this is?
  • reduces his movement in his shoulders and arms and causes significant pain when even doing the smallest of tasks

"In last month’s Newsmagazine myself and other contributors talked about change. Had there been any over the last 20 years or eight years from L-W-O’s point of view. There are those who will argue that there has been no change. However, I do see change, yes at times it seems frustratingly slow but the awareness of information and education both amongst Health Care Professionals and Patients is growing and community engagement is key.

This was evident at the BLS 2021 Conference, which I feel privileged as a patient advocate to have attended for the fourth year running.

There were many different topics covered from ‘The roles of lymphatic fluid flow in immune system function’ and engineered technologies for prevention and treatment of Lymphoedema by Professor James E Moore and I could have listened to him all day. 

We are seeing more on Lymphoedema and heart failure which is of special interest to me as both my husband and son live with chronic heart failure (CHF) although neither have Lymphoedema but several of our support group members do live with CHF and Lymphoedema.


The other day I was chatting to the delightful Rosemary Petch, Lymphoedema Specialist Private Practitioner, about grants that are available. Here's a round up of those that we know about with links... if you know of anymore please don't hesitate to let us know...
Look out for our special videos & articles in social media this month which embrace and promote self care 
Complex Analgesia (Infiltrations and Deep Oscillation) in Patients with Stump Pain and Phantom Pain after Lower Limb Amputation (Double-blind Randomised Controlled Trial of Efficacy)

"Most of amputees feel residual limb (stump) pain, phantom sensations and phantom pain. Our purpose was to remind the wide public of the impact of rehabilitation (including the modern physical modality Deep Oscillation - DO) in the pain management of amputees."  SEE VIDEO BELOW..

Effect of exercise mode on physical function and quality of life in breast cancer-related lymphedema: a randomized trial
Support Care Cancer. 2021 Oct 20. doi: 10.1007/s00520-021-06559-1. Epub ahead of print. PMID: 34669036.


Purpose: This study aimed to compare the effects of virtual reality (VR) training and resistance exercises training on lymphedema symptom severity as well as physical functioning and QoL in women with breast cancer-related lymphedema (BCRL).

Methods: In a single blinded randomized trial, women diagnosed with unilateral BCRL were randomly divided into two groups: the Xbox Kinect group received VR Kinect-based games (n = 30) and resistance exercise group received resistance training (n = 30). In addition, both groups received complex decongestive physiotherapy (manual lymphatic drainage, compression bandages, skin care, and exercises). The intervention was conducted five sessions per week for 8 weeks. The outcome measures included excessive limb volume, visual analogue scale (VAS), the Disability of the Arm, Shoulder, and Hand (DASH) questionnaire, shoulder range of motion (ROM), shoulder muscles strength, hand grip strength, and Study Short-Form (SF-36). The outcomes were evaluated pre and post intervention (week 8).

Results: Statistical significant differences were recorded in VAS (pain intensity), DASH, shoulder ROM (p < 0.001), bodily pain (p = 0.002), general health (p < 0.001), and vitality (p = 0.006) in favor of the Xbox Kinect group. However, there were statistically significant differences in shoulder flexion strength (p = 0.002), external rotation strength (p = 0.004), and abduction strength and handgrip strength (p < 0.001) in favor of the resistance exercise group.

Conclusions: The VR training was superior to resistance exercises training in BCRL management. The empirical findings support the VR as a new effective and encouraging intervention modality which can assist in improving physical functioning and quality of life in women with BCRL.


The Dorset Golf Resort, Hyde Road, Dorset, BH20 7NT
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All LSN subject topics in alphabetical order can be looked up here or hop on to the excellent LSN you tube channel to watch their latest excellent videos.

Well done LSN (as always) - great initiative.  
"Together, we need to have open conversations to raise awareness of the harmful effects of workplace bullying on both organisations and their employees, and accept that there is a need for change. For this conference, we are bringing together experts, influencers and practitioners from the business world and beyond, to share ideas, thoughts, experiences and solutions to help us all move closer to our goals.
Join us during anti-bullying week 2021.  As well as keynote presentations, there will be panel discussions for sharing ideas and answering your questions, alongside a mix of webinars and stories from people who have been courageous enough to share their experiences of workplace bullying, and how they have Moved On.

Delegates will enjoy access to all keynote presentations and Panels and will be able to post questions.

They will also have unlimited access to recordings of all Keynotes, Panels, Webinars, Moving On stories, Voices for Change and Supplier Showcases for 6 months after the event.

Delegate Rates  - all proceeds will go towards the work of the charity, Conduct Change Foundation:

·     Business £75 
·     Charities/Not for Profit/Individual £35
Our website links are: 
If you’re not already following us, these are our pages:

Twitter @Conduct_Change
Facebook @conductchangefoundation

Best wishes
Nicki Eyre FRSA
Managing Director
Conduct Change Ltd
Harrogate, North Yorkshire
MAGCELL® is a portable hand device for electrode-free electrotherapy. Magnetic alternating fields are produced over rotation by permanent magnets. A sinusoidal pulsating electromagnetic field (PEMF) is generated over the special magnet arrangement and device function principle.

The following effects of electrode-free electrotherapy with MAGCELL® are clinically recorded:

  • Pain alleviation and movement stimulation e.g. in the case of osteoarthritis
  • Substantial improvement in circulation
  • Reduction of sensory neurotoxicities (polyneuropathy)
  • Recently studies showed a very good result by BPH


1. Patellofemoral pain syndrome (PFPS) Alleviated With Magcell Microcirc
Testimonial From Chris Boynes, Consultant Chartered Sports and Spinal Physiotherapist

"I’ve been interested in the Magcell for some time, so was very happy to be given the opportunity try it with my own patellofemoral pain that was always reducing my deep squat loading and very much my ability to do a repetitive single leg pistol exercise.

For the Magcell to be effective it has to be used 4-6 x a session and do 4 sessions a day which is very much along the lines of what Mary had recommended.

Well it works - my pain reduced over 3 days and I’m now able to load again with far less pain. I have been so impressed that I have purchased one and I will continue to use it on my other painful areas when needed. Here's just a little video to show application, I hope it is useful"

2. Magcell Microcirc: Chronic Shoulder Pain Reduced and ROM Improved in Three Weeks

A normal working week for Terry Buck begins early on a Monday morning with a 4 hour round trip to Grimsby to get a week’s worth of seafood to supply back home in Nottinghamshire. Each day the van is meticulously cleaned, a job Terry prides himself upon and on a Saturday he cleans the entire van out, taking around five hours. It is a physical job and one that he has done for the last 40 years.

In February 2020, Terry noticed that he had a sore and aching right shoulder, with pain in the top and outer side exacerbated when lifting upwards (especially the rear door up on the van, in fact because it ached so much, Terry began to lift the rear door with his left arm). Driving with his right arm rested on top of the steering wheel was also painful. 

Tuesday 3rd August 2021:

The pain had continued for six months when on his usual call to Mary Fickling, (Co-Director at PhysioEquipment) Terry mentioned the shoulder pain when asked how he was.  Not wanting to see him struggling and in pain, Mary asked if he wanted to try the Magcell Microcirc, which can help with “chronic tissue repair” (Funk et al 2014). “I’ll try anything Mary”  Terry said.

After three weeks Terry wrote:

“Having had a sore, aching shoulder literally for months I happened to mention it to Mary.

“Would you like to borrow a small magnetic machine?” Now me being the biggest sceptic on this planet replied “yes” - to just be polite.

Well what can I say? It was an absolute gem! It helped loads. If you want to take that pain away without medication then I recommend using it! I used it 5 x 5 min sessions a day and this worked well for me.  Thanks to Mary for her kindness. She’s even more of a top customer now!

Terry Buck

3. Former Gymnast Discovers Magcell Microcirc For Rotator Cuff Tendonitis

"I have struggled with a tendonitis in my left shoulder since I was a teenager, when I used to represent Great Britain in gymnastics festivals abroad. This involved lots of strenuous activities. I had to lift other gymnasts and do complex tumbles, which involved lots of pressure and weight on my shoulders.  I struggled for years with my left shoulder and at times I was unable to lift my arm above my head; everyday tasks like brushing my hair became very difficult - let alone gymnastics. 

I was eventually diagnosed with rotator cuff shoulder tendonitis and I had to have physiotherapy for over a year. Over a thousand pounds was spent on physiotherapy, this treatment worked for a while, but I was unable to compete in gymnastics anymore so I had to stop, but as I knew I still wanted to be involved in the sport I undertook a coaching qualification and became a gymnastics coach. 

In the summer of 2021, I started to struggle again with shoulder pain, which once again, rendered me unable to carry out everyday activities. I rang my local GP and explained my shoulder history. I was told to take paracetamol and ibuprofen. I was not referred to a physio, just told to take over-the-counter medicine. I took over-the-counter medicine for a few weeks but I was still struggling to properly keep on top of the pain and my movement was restricted.

A mutual friend suggestedI I speak to Mary Fickling who is the Co-director of Physiopod and PhysioEquipment. I reached out to Mary and she was interested to hear about my shoulder and as I was local, said she would lend me a piece of equipment called the Magcell Microcirc to see what results I would get. I was told to use for 3 weeks up to 12 times a day. 

"I started to use the Magcell as instructed by Mary, it is simple and easy to use. It is a small device which you place on the area in pain. I just held it in place on my shoulder, switched it on and it started to work. After 5 minutes I had  completed one round of treatment. I then pressed the device again to receive another 5 minutes of treatment.

After the first week of using the device I was in a lot less pain and I was able to lessen the amount of pain killers I was taking. Mary was fantastic and checked in with me weekly to see how I was getting on with the device. 

By the end of the three weeks, I had completely stopped taking painkillers and was now doing everyday activities pain- free! The Magcell does really work. I wish I had been put in touch with Mary years ago."


“GOLDEN THREADS” - The stories behind the lens of a famous photographer.
"Through the tapestry of my life as a professional photographer, golden threads have been woven through meeting people behind the lens . The golden threads have arisen from the opportunity to engage with some of the most famous and influential  people of our times, getting to know them, absorbing their life stories with a mixture of sadness and laughter, creating fond and everlasting memories...

Whilst under pressure, during the production of my books from the 1980’s- 1990’s.- 2000’s, I would look forward to relaxing after a demanding day - in some cases laughing out loud, reminiscing over the unexpected aspects of the photographic sessions, which were totally unpredictable.

Through this book, I would like to share some of these rich and precious golden threads, the human connection - that enabled me to create the photographs you see. A photograph captures a moment - a second - in someone’s life that is preserved forever.  Here, I reveal the emotions, compassion and laughter behind the picture that speaks a thousand thoughts.

All proceeds from this publication go towards Lymphoedema Research, managed by St George’s Hospital Charity. Lymphoedema, a chronic lifelong disease without a cure, is one of the most  neglected conditions in Health Care today."

Gemma Levine. FRSA


Final Reflections..
"Portugal is my new favourtist place!"
See you next month, Julie and Mary x
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