What Are Pending Transactions?


If you’ve ever logged in to view your online credit card statement, you’ve likely noticed two separate totals that — when combined — are subtracted from your available credit. These totals are labeled as your “current balance” and “pending transactions.”

You might wonder upon seeing this, “What are pending transactions?” and “Why are they separated from my current balance if they both factor into my available credit?”

Pending transactions are authorized credit card charges that have not been batched. Businesses batch at different frequencies and times, ranging from the same day to over 48 hours after the transaction is processed. Businesses that extend their batches past this period can suffer from Interchange downgrades, noted as EIRFs on their statements, that increase their transaction rates. More on that later.

So why are pending transactions noted on your credit card statements? They help you keep tabs on your outstanding account withdrawals and available funds. That said, these transactions are subject to change.

What are some reasons for a transaction to sit in the pending stage or be altered? Click Here

The Effects of BPA in Paper Receipts
The Effects of BPA in Paper Receipts
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